A typical SeaWing. Art by Joy Ang.


Toxinwave is a 6 year-old SeaWing dragonet.


Toxinwave was a healthy, yound SeaWing dragonet. But one day, when wondering around in the reefs, he was stung by a Lionfish, a fish with deadly venom. He ran home very quickly and told his parents everything. They swam to the healer. After a few hours, he came out, but something was different. His glowing stripes were lavender. The healers said it was an effect of the venom, and he would never change, but it would not harm him in any way. When he went to school, he was afraid that the other dragons would make fun of him. But instead, everyone wanted to be his friend. He ended up being even happier than before.


Toxinwave scale's are a light blue/mint green. His underbelly scales are white. His glowing stripes are a soft lavender.



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