Tortoiseshell owned by TheTwixCat, you cannot use her without permission.


Tortoiseshell has warm brown scales and light brown underscales, she has a black chin, wrist, and a few black stripes on her back, she has a small nick in her ear. Tortoiseshell has dark green eyes and dark claws, she has a large scar patch on the palm of her left talon, from a fight with an IceWing.



Slough is Tortoiseshell's BigWings, like all of her siblings, Tortoiseshell loves her and would never betray her, Slough is kind and strong, she was unable to save her brother Caiman during a fight with the SeaWings. Slough has dark brown scales, amber underscales, blue eyes, and a white speckled tail. Slough has a scar on her leg, across her tail, and a slice in her wing.


Birch is Tortoiseshell's sister, Birch is strong and fast. Birch is pale brown with white underscales, she has black stripes on her talons, and she has light brown eyes. Birch has a scar on her neck and across her shoulder.


Caiman was Tortoiseshell's oldest brother, he was kind and funny. Caiman was green-brown with gold underscales, he had brown eyes and was missing a claw on his back talon. Caiman had a scar across his nose, a scar on his chest and stomach, and a large piece of his ear was missing.


Maple is Tortoiseshell's sister, Maple is stubborn and fast. Maple is dark amber with light brown underscales, she has gold eyes and a chip in her horn. Maple has a scar running across her forearm.


Tadpole, or big T, is Tortoiseshell's brother, Tadpole is playful and light on his talons. Tadpole is dark brown-yellow with warm amber underscales, he has amber eyes, he is blind in one eye and has three scars on that eye, which were from a SandWing.


Woodpecker is Tortoiseshell's brother, Woodpecker is loud and tough. Woodpecker is dark brown with beige underscales, he has a red stripe on his head and has white spots, speckled across his back and wings. Woodpecker has dark brown eyes, he has a scar across his back talon, and under his chin.