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Tortoiseshell is a female Mudwing dragonet she has a black wrist, chin, and black patches along her scales, she also has green eyes. She is 3 years old and lives with her sisters Maple, and Fallow, her brother, Mudskipper, her mother Birch, her father Alligator, and her pet Lynx Mandy. Tortoiseshell's family helps injured and orphaned animals get back into the wild. She doesnt live in the mud kingdom, she lives with her big village just on the top of the sky kingdom. She has a scar on her left forearm elbow, three on her left knee, one on her right leg, and one above each of her tendons. She was captured trying to rescue her fellow villagers, she had to fight an icewing from her village but the icewing snapped the wires of the binding of Tortoiseshell's wings and she snapped off the binding of the icewing a and they escaped with a few other villagers. Tortoiseshell also has loop earrings in both ears.


in The caring Mudwing



Alligator is Tortoiseshell's father, she loves him very much and loves to play with him and wrestle him, Alligator is dark brown and black with a few white spots around his Chest and stomach, he has brown eyes, he is 16 years old.


Birch is Tortoiseshell's mother, Tortoiseshell loves her very much, Birch has blue eyes, Carmel scales, with a white chest and gold underbelly, she is 14 years old.


Maple is Tortoiseshell's oldest sister, Tortoiseshell loves her very much, she likes to hang out with her friends, she has blueish green eyes, she has light brown scales, gold under scales and some tiny white spots along her tail, horns, and wings, she is 8 years old.


Fallow is Tortoiseshell's older sister, she is very adventurous with Tortoiseshell, they love to go out in the forest and find creatures, Fallow is light brown with a pale gold underscales, she has large white spots on her back and forehead, her tail was badly scarred that she had to cut it off, so now it's a bit like a deer tail. Fallow's eyes are green, she has a scar on her shoulder and on her chin. Fallow is 7 years old.


Mudskipper is Tortoiseshell's older brother, he will defend his sisters at any cost. He is dark brown with a gold-orange underbelly, he has small spots scattered across his scales, his eyes are dark yellow, Mudskipper also has red patches across his tail and underbelly, he has scars across his back and tiny scars on his tail. Mudskipper is 5 years old.


Mandy is Tortoiseshell's pet Lynx, she came in injured and hungry, when she got back to health she was released but she didn't run off like most others do, she stayed so they took her in as a pet, but they do let her out when she wants to go out, Mandy has yellow-green eyes, she is Carmel coloured with black spots and white chest, she is 6 years old.


*her theme song is Hello Beautiful Life by the Skydiggers

*she is based off my IRL cat, Mandy

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