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Background Information
Creator Simmer the Skywing
Artist Frostar-of-Windclan on DA
Main Attribute Timid
Elemental Attribute Sand/Sky
Theme Animal Goanna
Theme Color Gold
Character Information
Age 8
Gender Male
Occupation Soldier
Tribe Sky/SandWing
Goal To escape his duty as a soldier
Residence Sand Kingdom
Relatives Simmer (older sister) Thrust(mother) Firejaw (Skywing, father)
Enemies None. Yet
Likes Sleeping, Eating gazelle, sunny days
Dislikes Killing and blood, rain, lizards
Powers and abilities Regular.
Weapons Sandwing tail barb (very weak venom), fire, claws and teeth
Ships None
Quote "If you never try, you'll never reach the destiny you were designed to have.'


Golden scales brushed with a red tint, like someone spray painted him from a distance. Torrid has turquoise blue eyes, strange for both of his parents species. He is missing a horn, from when a playfight with Simmer got a little out of talon. He wears a gold hoop earring in one ear, and two small rings in his sail near his nose. The SandWing sail dulls away at the shoulder and disappears completely before the hind leg. Torrid has a rather long tail, with a small tail barb on its tip. The barb DOES have venom, but it is extremely weak, and unlikely to prove fatal, unless a victim hasn't eaten in a while.

He is of a slim body type, and frankly, weak. Skinny legs like posts somehow hold him up, and he appears malnourished. Torrids claws are blunt from a nervous habit of scraping their tips on rocks. His toungue is not forked. He carries a waterskin strapped to his chest and a spear. His wings appear far too large for his thin body, being huge from his SkyWing side. Torrid has trouble keeping them from dragging on the ground, as their weight is enormous for his weak body. </div>


Sleepy, as if he were part Rainwing. Strangely protective of his siblings, even though he is the youngest. Timid and terrified of his father </div>


Sleeping, Gazelle </div>


Killing, blood and his father Firejaw </div>