Torrent is a SeaWing and one of Four-Seven-Niner's main characters.


Please don't steal anything relating to this character, or the character itself.


Torrent is an average-sized SeaWing. His scales are a deep cobalt, with silvery-aqua veins of color in them. His glowing markings are a strange and uncharacteristic pale gold colour. The webbing in between Torrent's talons are a lighter variation of his scales, which is the same with his wing membrane and the webbing between his spines. His wings are quite large for a SeaWing. Torrent's eyes are the same pale gold as his glowing markings.


Torrent is more of the careful type, preferring to avoid fights, but won't hesitate to fight if he has to. He mostly tries to be the peacekeeper, but he can still be angered.


  • When Torrent's angered or agitated, the scales along his neck and around his gills can make a quiet rattling noise.

    A typical SeaWing. Art by Joy Ang.

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