"Die, animus scum."
- Torrent

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Torrent is one of the sons of Queen Coral, and a member of the SeaWing royal family. He was born in the Sea Kingdom just after the start of the War of SandWing Succession. After Orca's death in her challenge against Coral, he became an animus-hunter, and has been serving that role since.


Torrent is a muted cerulean, with hints of turquoise along his body. Like all members of the royal family, he has spiral stripes along the underside of his wings. He also has a large burn scar along the left side of his neck, along his gills, which causes him trouble breathing underwater. There are similar burn scars along the left side of his snout.

Torrent is very large for a SeaWing, almost reaching the size of the deceased Princess Burn. His fighting skills are slightly above average, similar to those of most dragons who fought in the war.


Especially to those who don't know him well, Torrent comes off as grumpy, demanding, stubborn, and harsh. He is very direct, even to the point of rudeness. Yet, he is not humorless, and enjoys laughing along with others, especially those he can trust. He is around average dragon intelligence, but knows how to read and write due to his instruction from Whirlpool.

Not having participated in the war himself, and having met many dragons of other tribes since a young age (due to the SeaWing alliances with Blister and the MudWings), and eventually journeying with them, Torrent is relatively tolerant of other tribes. Yet, he is somewhat ambivalent of NightWings, due to their claims of having powers. Torrent also has a strong aversion, even a fear of fireborns, due to him and a companion of his being injured by a fireborn in a fight.

Torrent has a hate of all things magical or supernatural, and this extends to those who those who wield said powers. He believes that all animus dragons need to be destroyed in the shell due to the extreme danger they represent to all dragon-kind, regardless of soul-loss myths, but he is occasionally less harsh to those that are less omnipotent. He attempts to stay out of tribal politics or mundane conflicts to the best of his ability, but has been unable to bring himself to attempt killing his animus relatives, as of yet.

Torrent is dangerously utilitarian, completely willing to harm or even kill innocents just in order to make Pyrrhia a better, or safer, place. His sole purpose in life being to destroy animus magic and its harbringers, Torrent can occasionally be blinded by that purpose, and refuse to listen to logic in favor of destroying magic.


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  • A magical dagger, enchanted to return to Torrent if separated and enchanted to not allow animus enchantments to affect it, anything it's touching, or who it is in the possession of, unless Torrent wills it otherwise. The dagger contains three gemstones embedded within it (although one was stolen at the time of 5012 Post-Scorching):
    • an emerald which when touched, permanently removes all enchantments on items the dagger is directly touching;
    • an amethyst which heats up when the dagger points towards an animus or an animus-touched object, the amount of temperature relative to the distance between the gemstone and the object/dragon, not including the dagger itself or any gemstones attached to it;
    • a black pearl which when touched turns any animus dragon that the dagger cuts to stone (this was stolen by Crystal and re-enchanted by Aurora so that it can turn any dragon to stone if it is attached to a weapon).
  • A map of Pyrrhia, showing the locations of all animus dragons within the continent.
  • A scrollcase containing his map and a scroll by him and Orca containing numerous animus legends.



Family Tree

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Queen Tidepool
Queen Atoll
Commander Shark
Queen Coral
King Gill
Commander Tempest
Princess Moray
Prince Rift
Prince Anglerfish
Prince Fin
Prince Cerulean
Prince Octopus
Prince Turtle
Princess Orca
Princess River
Princess Tsunami
Princess Anemone
Princess Auklet
Prince Torrent


  • His original name was Chlopsid, a type of eel.