Titan is a corrupt male SeaWing high guard. He is an antagonist in the fanfiction Eternally Forever


Titan, like many dragons with a high position in a palace, doesn't like to work with anyone under a lower rank. Consider him a cocky alpha figure.

He really didn't like the way everything was organized in the SeaWing Kingdom. After the massacre, he defects to another group, claiming that "He sticks with the strongest". He was basically a good dragonet when he was young, with the dream to be a "one" to change the world and such. Titan was influenced by his friends, who shared the same dream. Soon, realizing that no matter how many heroes existed, there would always exist a villian. This led him to losing the meaning of his dream, and he concentrated on the prize ahead instead.

A typical Seawing. Art by Joy Ang.

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