Timber sorry if she looks weird

Timber the SandWing


Timber is a light gold female SandWing with darker gold along the tips of her wings. She has Hazel eyes and tan claws.


Timber is very very brave! She is a quick-thinking kind of dragon and would die to protect the things she loves. Certain topics can make her edgy, like the fact that she has no parents, or her odd coloring. But at the end of the day she is the most loyal dragon you could meet.

A typical SandWing. Art by Joy Ang.


Timber got her name from her first battle with some timber rattlesnakes. Her grandmother was very proud so she named the dragonet Timber. Her parents had died due to blood loss protecting the hatchery from a group of rogue dragons. Timber always misses them and wondered what they were like. At dragon school she was a great student and never picked fights. But the reason she never picked fights was because someone spread rumors about her being boastful so nobody went near her. She finally found a friend who understands her and is now training to be a soldier.


Like all the other SandWings she can hide amongst sand, go a long time without water, And of course stab enemies with her tail.

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