This is a WIP. Please feel free to add any comments about how to improve this writing, or any characters you might want to add.

On a happier note, I'm glad I finally published this. Thunderstruck clears any confusion on the Hawk side of Firestorm, so you know what happened to Hawk from Hawk's point of view. Enjoy!


Ruby ran through the woods frantically, searching for the cave. She clutched a bundle to her chest, and she kept murmuring in terror.

"Where..." she cried, clawing the earth. A dark shape fluttered in front of her. She shrieked and stumbled back. "Who -" she exclaimed, but it was just a leaf. She breathed a sigh of relief and adjusted the bundle so it was more comfortable.

She finally found the spot - a deep cave that was just small enough for her to crawl into, but not big enough for most other adult dragons. She slid inside, keeping the bundle by her side, and curled up on a nest of branches and moss. She unwrapped the bundle and revealed its contents - a single, shining red SkyWing egg. She carefully examined it for cracks, found none, and wrapped her body around it, warming it the best she could.

"Ruby!" Ruby jolted upright. It was her mother! Thinking quickly, she grimaced and slashed her claws downward on her underbelly. Then she stuffed the egg underneath the moss and clambered outside. "What, mother?" she moaned, pretending to be in horrible pain.

"Three moons, Ruby, what happened to you?" Scarlet shrieked, observing Ruby's scar. "I was, um, attacked!" Ruby lied. "A big, hostile SandWing raced up and raked his claws down my scales!" Scarlet roared to her guards to find this SandWing, then walked with Ruby to the SkyWing palace.

"I hope you're all right," she said. "I should be," Ruby replied, faking her limping. Then she remembaered - her egg! It was alone in the cave with no one to take care of it and raise it.

"Mother, I left something in the woods," Ruby said. Scarlet tutted and kept walking. "Please, mom!" she cried. "I need it!" "You shouldn't have let that SandWing attack you, or I would have let you go get it. She sped up, leaving Ruby alone.

"Crimson, come over here," Ruby whispered to one of her bodyguards. The red SkyWing slithered over. "Yes, princess?" she asked. "I left an egg in a cave around the river," she muttered. "The cave is small and deep, with a nest in it. The egg is tucked underneath the moss of the cave. Could you please take the egg to the Diamond Spray Delta for me?" "Certainly, princess," Crimson replied, and without another word she plunged into the woods.

Ruby breathed a sigh of relief and wiped her forehead. Her egg would be safe in Crimson's paws; her trusted guard would never let anything hurt her egg.

Ruby was given proper treatment for her wound. SkyWings whirled around her, checking her pulse and blood, but she didn't pay them any attention. She kept thinking about her egg, and where it would be safe.

Chapter 1

Whiplash found the glowing red egg by the water's edge. He knew that he shouldn't be this deep in SkyWing territory, but he had seen the red light from a distance with his remarkable eyesight and thought it was a message beacon.

"A SkyWing egg!" he whispered in awe. He reached for it, then stopped. If he took it, then the SkyWings might order attack. But if he returned it to the Sky Kingdom, then Queen Scarlet might take it the wrong way and think that he was trying to steal it in the first place. And he couldn't just leave an egg, lying there... with a baby dragonet inside...

Thinking quickly, he scooped up the egg and rushed off before he could stop himself. He would raise this SkyWing like the son or daughter he never had, teaching him or her in the ways of the SandWing.

He took the egg to his lonely cave. He had never found the right dragon for him, and he never wanted to have a SandWing baby. He despised SandWings, even though he was one, and he loved SkyWings and IceWings so much more for their natural abilities.

Suddenly, the egg shook. He turned to stare at it as a crack appeared in the surface. A tiny shape bobbled in front of the light, and the egg grew warmer. It wiggled frantically. Whiplash leapt back. He had never hatched an egg before. Suddenly, the top split open and out popped a tiny SkyWing dragonet. It was red, with a strangely black underbelly and blue eyes. It had yellow wings, and it gave a little yip of greeting before climbing out of its eggshell.

Whiplash tipped his tail to say hello, then picked it up. It looked like a female, with claws blunter than males, and horns shorter as well. Or maybe that was because she was a dragonet.

The dragonet gave a squeal of surprise and jumped out of Whiplash's paws. Whiplash watched with amusement as the SkyWing bumped into a cave wall, then blundered back. She squeaked and fell in front of Whiplash, who licked her and lifted her upright again.

He tugged in a rabbit he had easily caught after he found her egg and pushed it in front of the SkyWing dragonet, who gobbled it up greedily. Whiplash smiled. "I need to think of a name for you," he said. "How about... Eagle?" He shook his head. The little dragonet didn't look like an eagle. "How about Soar?" But that didn't should right either.

Suddenly a huge bird swooped in and grabbed the dragonet by the arms. Whiplash recognized it immediately as a vulture. "NO!" Whiplash shouted. "She's not even dead!" But his fury turned to surprise as another bird, a hawk, slammed into the vulture. The dragonet fell, shrieking, but the hawk swooped down and plucked her out of the air. Then the hawk soared back into Whiplash's cave and dropped the dragonet like nothing had happened.

"Thank you," Whiplash murmured to the hawk. It landed, and now Whiplash could see something peculiar about this bird. It was huge, standing as tall as him just on its feet. Whiplash clambered back as the hawk stepped forwards, opened its beak, and talked.

"You're welcome," it said in a deep male's voice. "W-who are you?" Whiplash stammered. "The great Pierce, of course!" the hawk said firmly. "I, Pierce the hawk, save any being that is in danger." Whiplash nodded. "Well, thanks again," he muttered as Pierce spread his wings and took off.

Whiplash sighed in relief. His new daughter had almost been carried off by a vulture, but then she was saved by a hawk. He sat up, a new idea coursing through him. That was it! His daughter's new name! Her name would be Hawk.

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