• If anyone's familiar with Fate you're good

    But if your not

    Holy Grail Wars: Holy Grail Wars are huge events in which typically 7 *This war could be an exception* magus *Magic users* are chosen to summon a Servant (Mythological characters and Historical people) The winner gets to wish from the Holy Grail. This Grail War is called "The Draconic Grail War".

    Servants: Heroic Spirits * if you want a very basic description, just ask, and only the basic 7 classes are allowed* have Human and Dragon forms.

    Violence: This rp could get very violent, if this bothers you feel free to drop out at any time.


    • Heroics Spirits have to be canon WoF characters or real life legends. Normal Magus don't stand a chance against them.
    • Please don't go too overboard with your characters power's.
    • (Hopefully) Enjoy!
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