Thornbush is my OC. I'll let you use her only if you ask me first.


Thornbush is a RainWing that was cursed by an animus while she was still an egg. Many RainWings say she's weird, or evil, even. This curse has given her these weird symptoms:

her venom is blood red

If she tries to change her scale color, then it will be a washed-out shade of that color (Ex. If she turns green, then the scales will be washed-out green)

Eating fruit gives her awful stomach pains, but she thinks tarantulas, bats, and macaws are delicious.

Spending long periods of time in the sun will give her a nasty rash.

Thornbush also has a shack in the woods in the Rainforest in which she lives. Because of the curse, she kills random dragons in a certain way: Thornbush will persuade and bribe a dragon to come with her to her shack for a once-in-a-lifetime experience, ask them to wait outside the shack a moment, and then slaughter them with her bare claws.