Thistle is ItsCharlooloo's dragonsona, please don't use without his permission! Like, please don't, he is My Child TM.


Thistle has forest green scales with cerulean wing membranes, spots and frills, navy blue spines and those other markings RainWings have, twisted maroon-y red horns, and violet eyes. He has a tall and lanky build with SkyWing wings. He has protruding fangs, but not as long as a normal RainWing's.


Thistle's personality is kind of hard to explain, since he acts differently under different circumstances and with certain dragons. Mainly, he's snarky, sarcastic, joking, and insecure. Around his friends, he's the loudest dragonet you'll ever meet. He's also a dragon of many interests, probably too many honestly. To most, he comes off as arrogant and narcissistic, although he does this to mask his insecurities.


Thistle has large SkyWing wings, SkyWing stamina, firebreath, and colour changing scales, but no venom, not a very prehensile tail and not very flexible in general. He has had minor, extremely vague, and weak visions that come true months later in unexpected ways.


Thistle has lived in the RainWing village for most of his life, therefore he knows everyone there too.


(big ol WIP)


-A thistle is a widely distributed herbaceous plant of the daisy family, which typically has a prickly stem and leaves and rounded heads of purple flowers

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