I WILL BE GLAD TO ASK A ADMIN IF YOU COPY THIS (you May use if you get my allowance)


Much long ago before the scorching amnius scavengers created the 5 crystals. Forged in a volcano with the amnius scavengers magic in the crystals. They where hidden away from the world. Only the true scavengers will find the 5.

Powers and crystals

Thunder crystal Power to use thunder ( if you are hit by it ) Is slightly faster than average scavengers ( or dragon if you wear it ) You can channel electricity into you weapon ( or claw )

Bow crystal Is 100 % to hit your target with any range things ( including dragon breath ) Much more faster than than scavengers ( or dragons )

Sword crystal This crystal needs you to be good with swords ( or claws ) or this crystal will be useless! Gives you very high acrobatic powers enough to do a high jump and a flip easily ( or flying extremely fast)

Speech crystal Able to speak to diffrent creatures like dragons ( or scavengers if your a dragon) Able to speak at any tone

Life crystal Able to live 100 years longer then you would normally live for regardless of how unhealthy you are Endurance will become much higher


The locations where they where is unknown These crystals are protected by a force field only the 5 scavengers can get into

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