The Voice of the Savior

Hello, and before you ask, no, the title is not about christanity. Don't make arguements. And enjoy! And the dark dragons voice actor is mephiles from sonic 06

Chapter 1- Clay's doom is near.

Clay woke up. All he saw were blurred trees and different clored dragons. He slowly pushed himself up, just to find he was being held down by a RainWing tail.

"Sorry, mate!" The australian male voice squeaked. The tail slipped off his middle side. He quickly got up and growled, he lunged towards the RainWing, grabbing his tail inbetween his teeth.

The RainWing shrieked,  "PLEASE, GET OFF!!" He cried.

Clay let his jaw drop, the light green tail fell from his grasp. "I'm sorry!"

"No need too, happens a lot. Oh, I'm so rude! Name's Burmese!" The dragon tipped off his Idiana Jones hat.

"Clay." He stammered. "Where am I, where's my friends!" He panted. Clay was breathing fast. He was hungry, cold and scared. "Am I dead?"

"No silly! If we were in heaven we would be sailin' ships off the coast! I like scavenger ships. And water." Burmese smiled, his teeth were small thin and sharp. The RainWing was sand tan, and his eyes were blue.

Clay sighed, "That's good, Have any food?"

"Yep! And your friends are safe too!" Burmese squeaked. He darted off into leafy trees, vines hung from branches. The thick and big branches shook in the wind.

A dark dragon peeked through vines, his eyes were sharp, and blue fog trailed off from them, he was safely hidden. There was muffled screams behind the dragon, ropes, vines, and seaweed tied his mouth. The creepy dragon laughed, his voice boomed. The scared dragons eyes shook with fear, and more muffled screams came from the dragon.

It was two hours. No dragon came back.

Three hours. No dragon.