ps. azeene will add code eventually


The Venefica's long life has taken its toll. A large scar covers her right eye, blinding her. Half of her ear is torn off. Her nose is broken. The membranes in her wings are ripped up, and scarred. Her figure is deadly skinny from starvation. The Venefica's one eye is a milky blue from cateratics. Her wings have lost the starry pattern in them from old age. Her once happy, and bright, smile is now streaked with malevolence. She's hunched over, and is exactly what the legends tell her to be, a hideous hag. 

A long time ago though, The Venefica (then Mythweaver), was considered one of the most beautiful dragons in the NightWing kingdom. She was slender, with long limbs. All of the scars that are there now, were gone. Her smile was bright. Her wing membranes looked like the galaxy itself. Although her eyes her the color of the night sky, and gorgeous, you could claerly see the sadness behind them.








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