• QueenClam (SeaWing) COLOURED

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Clam- dark blue SeaWing with a pearl engraved fish on her wing and pearl earrings.

  • Watermover- A dark blue Animus dragon which is Clam's older sister. She has darker  blue scales then Clam but with less jewelry (except her ring) and has yellow eyes. She was born by herself.
  • Dolphin- Clam's younger sister, she is light grayish blue with blue eyes. She is Clam's younger sister born by herself.
  • Bonita- Clam's mother, she has blue/ green scales with blue eyes and with a ton of jewelry and a crown made out of pearls and several pearl engravings near her eyes.
  • Bubble- A timid gray blue SeaWing with green eyes but is really intellegent.  
  • Shade- A gray NightWing with barely any stars on his wings. Old with age and with gray eyes. The tips of his wings are gradient black.
  • Cod- Clam's brother who was born with her in the same nest. He has green blue scales and green eyes. 
  • Coral- A light blue SeaWing with bright blue eyes. 
  • Island- A skinny green sand SeaWing with green eyes.
  • Wave- A dark blue SeaWing with blue eyes and yellow stripes running along his scales.
  • Talapia- A dark purple/ blue SeaWing with bright green eyes.
  • Perch- Coral's cousin who looks like her. 
  • Shearwater 
  • Urchin 


A dark blue SeaWing rose out of the ocean over looking an island. Water droplets dripping from it's face. The island was that of ash and smoke. It glowed of strange orange light and smoke rose from the peaks. The SeaWing went back down into the water covering it's head. A few seconds later it dragged itself to the shore and shook off droplets then waited. She wondered how any dragon can live here and wondered why the NightWings didn't go to another island which was cleaner.

A few minuets later a roar cut the air and the SeaWing jerked her head up to see a gray NightWing. His flying was jerky and the SeaWing can hear him breathing from the shore. Soon the NightWing landed and raised his tired head to the SeaWing. "So you come back I see" he said with a creaky voice. The SeaWing nodded her head, "Yes, I have thought long and hard and decided that I shall learn from you" 

The NightWing nodded his head, "And you didn't tell anyone correct?" 

"No, I told no one" 

"Good good. We can start right now if you like."

"Yes I would love to" 

The NightWing then turned toward a volcano then with viscous flaps of his wings accended into the sky with the blue SeaWing behind him. "Where are we going?" The SeaWing asked. 

"To the library, I want to show you some things." 

The NightWing then desended and landed right in front of a cave. The SeaWing's eyes glowed as she looked inside the dark cave with her night vision. It separated out into three main tunnels. "This way" the NightWing said going to the center one." The SeaWing followed hesitantly. After a few seconds the NightWing went to a wall then put a talon into a small hole. 

The wall then moved and the SeaWing's face was in shock as the wall moved to the side with a grinding sound and there was another cave but was lit with torches. "Dragonelles first" said the NightWing chuckling weakly. The SeaWing nodded and went inside looking around. The cave was with shelves and shelves full of scrolls. 

"This is my secret library, only for me to use." After a moment he said, "And my apprentice"

The SeaWing nodded and sat down on a nearby boulder with animal hides on top. "So what do you want to show me?" 

"This" the NightWing went to a table, got a scroll and put it in front of the SeaWing. "This is a book made by an animus SkyWing. Sadly, his tribe was able to kill him by sneaking poison into his food. For some reason he never thought of being immune to poison. This scroll is about how an animus can use his or her powers to manipulate and rule over dragons"

Chapter 1

Clam woke up slowly opening her eyes to the rain forest. She sat up feeling nice wet and warm from the humidity. She yawned showing all her teeth. Her breath smelled of fruit and she started earning for fish. She opened and closed it tasting the mangos she ate last night. 

Suddenly a dragon bolted into the hut. "CLAM CLAM GUESS WHAT?" Came the excited voice of Lime. "What Lime? Find another sloth to be your friend?" She asked noticing that Lime had the same look when she found a baby sloth. "No even better" Clam shrugged still sleepy. "Hit me"

"Hit you?"

"It's a saying meaning go for it"

"Oh I see well..."

Lime took a big breath and Clam's ears went down. She never really saw Lime this excited in her life. "I HAD EGGS!" 

"You- huh?"

Clam said thinking that she was dreaming. "YES I HAD EGGS!"

"How many?" 

"Three! I can't believe it!"

"Oh you and Canopy I suppose"

"Yes yes, come Clam you should see them!"

Clam heaved herself up and went to the enterence of her hut noticing that Lime was already in the sky flapping away. She opened her wings feeling the warm humid air then lifted off following the bright green dashing RainWing. Lime smashed into a RainWing holding friutes and he glanced back at her, "HEY!"

"Sorry sorry!" Lime cried then shot down toward her hut. Clam landed on the vine pavillion right in front of it then walked to the enterence. Inside there was Canopy nudging the three eggs inside. "Aren't they beautiful Clam?" Lime asked. "They look like RainWing eggs." Clam said not seeing any real beautiy in three identical multicolored eggs. "But their colors!" Said Lime and she nudged a nearby egg. 

Clam went up to one and touched it. "Hey! Easy there" Canopy growled. "It's okay Canopy, she can touch them"

Clam then closed her eyes then put her ear towards the egg. She did the same to the other two touching then hearing.

She pulled back her head and looked at Lime. "Yes, three healthy eggs. They're too young for me to notice their genders of coarse but a good guess would be that one is a boy" she pointed to the first one she touched, "and the other two are girls"

"Oh how wonderful!" Lime cried and said, "How did you figure that out?" she asked. Clam knew she always asked these questions and Canopy grunted saying, "I'm going to get some food."

"Well easy, any dragon can do it." Clam said feeling helpful. "You check their temperature. Males are hotter than Females. And you can just check the heart beat to see if they're healthy. Loud, strong and slow means a good healthy heart. Fast means that it's having trouble and slow and weak means that it's sick." Clam said not wanting to use, "Dyeing" as a word. 

"But be careful, there is no medical treatment for a sick egg." Clam finally said trying not to smile at the worried Lime. "Oh, I do hope nothing bad becomes of them." 

"It's alright they're all healthy."

"Oh and Clam, one last thing... I can't work anymore"

"Why not?"

"I have to watch over my dragonets!"

"They're not due until a few moons."

"Yes but, I want to be near them. Our job as investigators is dangerous and if something happens to me, I can't be here to watch them."

"You mean if you die!" Clam was about to say but thought better than it. Instead she turned away and said, "Anyway, I need to go back to the Sea Kingdom to see how my family's going. I won't be back for a while" Clam said wanting to give the news to Lime. "I was thinking of going tommorow."

"Oh that's perfectly fine. I know that you didn't see them in a while" Clam nodded. She also stopped getting mail from her sister Dolphin for some reason too and she wanted to know why. 

"I feel glad for you" Clam said to Lime. "And start to think of names for them too."

"Okay I will." Lime said and Clam jumped onto the pavillion for spring and leapt into the forest air. Knowing that it won't be a while until she can come back here. She lived here for four years and it has become like a second home for her. But now it was time to go back to her REAL home.

Chapter 2

Clam waved her talon goodbye to Lime and Canopy and all the other RainWings she befriended and those she made enemies of. Even though they had a grudge against her they still came to say goodbye. Clam turned her head away and raised higher to gain altitude to go higher over the canopy.

Once up high over the tallest trees she looked below seeing the beautiful flowered trees with monkies swinging in the vines. She caught sight of two blue macaws soaring lower than her. Bugs with many colors were also buzzing around the trees but never got as high as over the canopy where Clam was at. 

She hugged her satchel full of her waterproof scrolls and research she did about RainWing life and other things too. Then she started wondering what Lime's dragonets would be like. Angry and strong like their father or happy and free like their mother? Maybe the girls will be like their mother and the boy like the father. Or the opposite, or the mix of both. Clam couldn't wait to come back and see them again.

Then she started thinking of her family. Bubble her father, Watermover her sister, Dolphin, Cod, Bonita. she also remembers her friends: Coral, Shark, Talapia. Oh and Wave... Clam's wings seemed to slow down as she saw in her minds eye the handsome dark blue SeaWing like her but with yellow streaks down his side which looked to Clam as very attractive. 

Many SeaWings liked him and Clam's friend Coral also thought of him as attractive. Clam shook her head. If another dragon heard her thoughts they would think of her as stupid. She always said that she didn't like males and acted like she didn't care. If Coral knew Clam liked Wave they would probably get into a fight and Clam hated the drama of fighting for a male.

Ugh, Love. So overdosed. Clam said to herself seeing Canopy and Lime together. She wrinkled her nose. Why did Lime choose a dragon like that? Her ears went down at the thought but then imagined her and Wave having a nest together. Impossible! Clam yelled in her brain and forced the thought to go away. 

Love is not her thing. Soon the Rain Forest started thinning out and in front of Clam came the MudWing kingdom. After a few hours of dull mud the ocean appeared in front of her. She smiled as she smelled the fresh salty air. Her home. She waited until the water below her turned a dark blue and angled her wings down to dive into the deeper water. She concentrated on her form remembering her dragonet-hood days when her mentor Ocean teaching them how to dive.

"Now Hatchlings, remember to gain height and angle your head down like a sea bird getting fish. Put your hind talons close to your body and straighten your tail. Don't flail around like a duck. If you do you will hit the water with so much impact that if would be like hitting solid ground."

His voice seemed so new as her memory recaled her dragonet-hood. She then flipped sideways in the air and at the same time did an upside down loop. Smiling at her agility she pointed her snout to the ocean and let the gravity pull her down. It seemed to go in slow motion as her body spun like a bird and her body stayed straight with her wings pinned to her back.

She landed into the ocean with a neat splash and she dissapeared into the deep. Her eyes soon ajusted and they glowed along with her scales for light. She was over a beautiful blue ocean with no end. She looked down and smiled. It was dark blue and had no bottom. It made her have a sense of mystery as she floated above the abyss. She breathed in the fresh salty water in her gills and opened her mouth letting the water run into her mouth and out her gills. She sniffed the water smelling algae and other ocean life. 

BEAUTIFUL! Simply amazing. She was glad that she was a SeaWing to experience this. Then suddenly a sound hit her ears and she twitched them. What was that sound? It was a high piched sound. Or was it low pitched? She didn't know. But her memory recalled something. Whales! She moved her ears to ditect where the sounds were coming from. Clam was glad that she was under water to hear this. Sound traveled faster and louder underwater than above. 

She soon detected the whales and swam toward them. Whales in this ocean were the sperm whales and were friendly to dragons and in exchange dragons were friendly to them. Soon Clam can see the pod of humpback whales singing with their big family. She smiled at the pod and called out a greeting. 

SeaWings could communicate with whales but it took a lot of voice and it was a very skilled talent which Clam took a lot of time to practice, and it's pretty rare to see another SeaWing to do the same thing. It wasn't necessarily a language really but low or high sounds. Clam screamed a note which got the attention of the whales and they turned to her but realised she was a dragon and went back to their path. 

Clam recognized that they were migrating to the northern seas and was going the direction Clam was going so she decided to join them. She easily slipped into the pod and they ignored her most of the time. But soon a small whale went up to Clam and butted her side. Clam laughed and flashed her stripes and the baby gave a high note of delight. The mother soon came and moved the baby aside away from Clam with her fin. 

A few hours later the whales started talking a lot to each other and Clam could hear something faintly. Fish! She twitched her talons at the thought of eating fish and the whales started swimming faster. She also picked up her speed noticing how hungry she was. Soon she can see the fish in the blue sea and saw herring.

She saw the gray fish and her mouth moved wanting to gulp them into her mouth. The pod surrounded the frightened herring herding them. Some then went straight through the middle opening their mouths as hundreds of fish were gulped down. A silver caught Clam's eye and she whipped her neck and clamped down on silver scales. Fish at last! In the jungle she didn't eat fish often and quickly gulped down the fish without chewing feeling the scales go down her throat.

For the rest of the day the whales and her hunted and she was full of food. When night came the whales tipped their heads down and slept. Clam couldn't do the same so she kept going not saying good bye to the sleeping whales. Soon underneath her came the reef which came up from a slow mountain of sand. On the top was a reef which was 60 talons lenths under water. (pretty deep)

Clam then settled down into a space in the reef with no coral and just sand and curled herself into a ball but couldn't sleep. Her eyes stayed open looking at the moonlight coming through the water. Then suddenly Clam saw a little animal come in front of her and glowed. Phosphorescence soon started to glow around her and Clam's stripes also glowed blue. Around her plankton was slowing bright blue and a squid passed her glowing a dark orange glow. This made Clam calm down and she finally closed her eyes in sleep.

Bright ocean light touched her face and she lifted her head to behold a beautiful morning. A manta ray swam beautifully through the water and Clam looked up at the magnificiant thing. Around her all sorts of fish were waking up to the beautiful sun. She soon recognized this place and saw that her and her friends visited here once. This was Little Reef. A place which Clam and her friends went to, to investigate about Marine Biology. 

It was called little reef because it was a small reef which was 60 talons below the surface and was covered in sand on all sides. But it was beautiful, small but beautiful. The reef had many species of fish in one small area and Clam can study them all with this close proximity. Clam yawned and a bubble came out of her mouth. It was time for her to head home. She looked at her water proof satchel and opened it to check on her scrolls. Good, all safe a secure. She then pushed off of the ground and swam north to the under water palace. 

She swam away from the reef and encountered a sand desert full of just sand. Sometimes a crab would be below her or a few strands of seaweed but nothing else. On the way she saw some dragons up ahead flashing their scales and swimming fast. Clam's heart beat seeing other SeaWings and saw that they were hunting something. A giant sword fish! Clam quickly swam up to them and they glared at her. A bright green and orange SeaWing flashed her something, "We are fine here." He said glaring. "Fine, fine I'm just-" Then suddenly her eyes lifted to see a blue green SeaWing with green eyes. "Cod!" Clam signaled. Cod didn't stop and was intent on catching the fish.

"You know Cod?" the orange Blue SeaWing asked. "Of coarse! He's my brother" Clam replied back irritably her scales flashing quickly. "You mean, you're Dolphin?" Clam shook her head getting annoyed. "Um no, I'm Clam." 

"CLAM!" The SeaWing replied and dashed back to the hunting group. Was that fear or excitement? Clam wondered not knowing the SeaWing's expressions. But soon the hunting came back without any fish and Clam saw that Cod was smiling at her. "So it IS you Clam!" He flashed and swam up to her in a big hug. 

"Yes of coarse!" She flashed and hugged her brother back. "I haven't been getting any word from you for months!" 

"Wait what?" Clam asked pushing herself away from her brother. 

He has grown so much and Clam was happy and proud for him. 

"I have been sending letters for weeks now"

"Well, all of us were worried for you and kept sending letters." Clam remembered the RainWing which delivered her letters and snorted. It was probably his doing, losing all those letters.

"It's alright I'm here now" Clam said. "Great! Let's go to the palace and I shall tell mother!" 

Clam then followed Cod and the two swam back to home.

Chapter 3

Clam embraced her mother in a hug then her father next. "Where's Watermover?" Clam asked remembering that her sister stayed with her mother compared to Dolphin and Clam who moved away. "Oh, she goes off." Clam didn't think much about it and said, "I want to visit my friends." Clam said looking around like her friends would appear out of nowhere. "Sure Sure! But come back before the feast!" Bonita said and let Clam go. 

Clam decided to go to Coral. Coral was the scribe's daughtor and was really rich. She had so much jewelry it basically covered her body! Coral was a very beautiful dragon and had beautiful light blue scales which seemed to shimmer in the water and pretty eyes. 

Clam wondered why Coral was even her friend since she always felt jelous of pretty dragonelles. Don't be jelous, just be thankful you're not like that. Clam then swam up to the scribe's place and in there was a dragonet who poked his head out. "Who are you?" He flashed at her. He had light blue scales and blue eyes and Clam held her breath. He looked awefully like Coral. Did Coral have dragonets? 

"Is Coral home?" Clam asked the dragonet. He went away and came back again with Coral. "CLAM! Is it really you?" Clam shivered looking at Coral. She was more beautiful than before. "Uh yeah? It's me." 

Coral then hugged Clam hard, "I thought you weren't coming back! I thought you would stay in the Rain Forest Kingdom forever!" 

"That will NEVER happen. I love this place." Clam replied. 

"And who is this dragonet?" Clam asked Coral. This can be her dragonet. The same blue scales, same blue eyes. "This is my cousin Perch. Say hi to Clam, Perch." 

"Hello" He said and Clam laughed within herself that she thought that Coral had dragonets. 

"So, what has been going on this past four years?" Clam asked and followed Coral inside.

"I've now become a scribe! Isn't that amazing Clam? I still can't beileve that I'm still surprised!" Clam smiled, Coral reminded her of Lime so much.

"Find a mate yet? Any relationships?" Coral's smile went down in a frown, "Um... no" 

"Why not? Just not ready?"

"Well I suppose so. But... I actually wanted Wave."

Clam's heart started to pound. Wave? The Wave which Clam liked? Wait no Coral doesn't have any mates so she couldn't have mated with Wave.

"Oh, and what happened?" Clam asked wanting more.

"Well he never asked me so I guess he wasn't interested in me..."

Instead of feeling jelousy Clam felt sadness for her friend. "Oh, I'm sorry to hear that."

"Oh well... ANYWAY, do you want to visit the others?"

"Like Talapia, Island and the rest?"

"Yes yes! Come!"

Talapia was daughtor or the admiral and her brother was Island. The two were really close and REALLY good fighters like their father. Clam even asked if they can teach her some fighting techniques. 

Talapia embrased Clam with her arms and flashed words. But Clam was too embraced in the hug to see. Her friends! Then she saw Island and hugged him too even though he seemed a little uncomfortable. "So how has life been?" Clam asked. "Oh, it's fine. But nothing has really changed since you stopped sending letters." 

Why is everyone going back to me writing letters? "'I see that the letters must have been very important." 

"Of coarse they were Clam! They were our only way of knowing that you were... um..."


"Yeah, c"uz, your job is really dangerous you know." Talapia said. "Oh, so you're saying that it's safer that you go with me to protect me?" Clam asked. Talapia laughed knowing that it was true. Talapia was strong and Clam wasn't as strong as her and didn't have the proper fighting techniques. But her research in deductive skills helped her in her fighting.

"Where is Wave?" Clam asked Coral. Coral shifted and so did Talapia and Island. "Well, I don't know. He never really hangs out with us since you left." Clam's gills flared. Did Wave really miss her? "OK, do you know where he is now?" 

"I think he is actually in the army now. Leading his own faction." 

Clam thought hard. Wave wasn't a warrior. He liked Science like her! Not a warrior. "When is he coming back?"

"Well you know that for two years right now we're fighting against the SkyWings over the northern islands."

"I still don't understand why they would fight over OUR islands" Coral commented.

Clam nodded with agreement, "The SkyWings have the biggest territory between all the tribes. If I were Queen Russet I wouldn't mess with the SeaWings. They don't even need the islands. They just want them to give a good excuse for war."

"I highly agree." said Island.

"Why do we need those islands anyway?" Coral asked with a questioned look on her face.

"I heard that my father sent troops to some of the islands for outposts." Talapia said.

"My mother says that some lone SeaWings live on the island. You know those who don't follow her law and want to stay away from the main SeaWing community." Clam commented. The three other dragons nodded and Clam was happy that now they can be friends.

"Hey! Wanna swim to The Streamline?" Island asked. "Definately!" Clam answered but Coral shifted, "I have to get back to work. Sorry." 

"It's alright, me, Island and Clam can go." Talapia said winking at Clam. 

Chapter 4

The Streamline was a current which would push a dragon to the other side of the islands and back to the palace grounds. It was a current which would so strong that to swim the opposite way was suicide. Clam's wings and muscles were getting tired not used to swimming with the ocean currents. 

"Are you ready?" Coral asked Clam. The dragons were right in front of the Streamline. When inside it felt really warm as the hot current zipped across the ocean. Remarcably the Streamline was faster than a SkyWing flying above. "I'm ready ANY DAY!" Clam flashed enthusiastically. 

Before she knew it Talapia and Islands flashed before her and the two siblings were swimming down the Streamline at rediculous speed. Coral smiled and went down it flashing things. Clam then went when everyone was down and instantly felt the current tugging her. She didn't even have to try as the hot water pushed her along, warm water stung her eyes and she squinted barely seeing anything.

She was laughing and her scales were flashing unknown words. She didn't remember how fun it was! She screamed her whale cry but could barely hear it in the fast current of water. She was like a bullet slipping past coral reefs and pods of whales. Suddenly something hit her head and she went spinning out of the Streamline into pure blue ocean. What the...

She looked back at the Streamline and saw sea turtles zipping past. A little bit ahead of her Coral, Talapia and Island went out of it too letting the turtles go past. "Ugh, turtles" Island flashed. "Oh Clam, you're bleeding!" Coral said and swam up to her. Clam looked around and saw red blood go into the water. "Oh, it's no big problem. Accidently got rammed into a turtle." She flashed weakly feeling the pain go from her head down her whole body. 

She closed her eyes feeling dizzy and light headed. She can feel the talon motions of her friends as they were speaking aquatic to each other. "It's quicker if we get back through the Streamline." Clam replied with her eyes still closed. Suddenly the dragons stopped talking and Coral held Clam in a protective hug and Clam bared her teeth, "I said I'm okay." Clam flashed and pushed Coral aside opening up her eyes. 

Then she knew what they were worried about. Hammerhead sharks were surrounding them from all angles. Down up, side to side. THEY WERE EVERYWHERE. Clam's heart stopped in her body as she looked at the hundred sharks around her. Of coarse they were smaller than dragons but with so many...

"Holy Crab." Coral flashed still hugging Clam. Clam's blood must have brought them. Suddenly they attacked. Clam's pain quickly went away as anger took over. She slashed at the nearest gray shark and flashed quickly, "Swim to the surface!" She didn't know if anyone saw her say it but she quickly was hitting away sharks and swimming up. She felt pain in her tail and saw a shark grabbing hold and shaking. She arched around and bit it in the neck with a crunch.

Blood was now everywhere but it was more from the sharks then dragons. (Clam hoped) Soon she was only a dragon length from the surface and slapped a few sharkes in the face with her tail until she flapped into the air. Fresh air went into her nose and she looked down to see an ocean full of gray sharks. Suddenly beside her came a splash and Coral came out of the water screaming with blood on her. 

When Coral saw Clam she went to her and hugged. "Oh Clam, that was scary!"

Clam looked at the bloody Coral but only saw and smelled shark blood. Afterwards two more splashes and Talapia and Island sprang out. Talapia had a shark bite on her wing and Island was like Coral and was covered in shark blood. 

"Anyone hurt?" Clam asked gruffly feeling pain again through her body. "No, I don't think so." Talapia said sniffing Coral who didn't seemed hurt at all.

"Good we better go back home now and explain ourselves." Clam said. 

"Oh, I hope mother doesn't get mad at me." Coral said. 

The four dragons then flew back the way they came and Clam started to feel sick. Her tail was hurting and so did her head. Talapia didn't seemed too badly injured by the sharks and neither did Coral and Island. Clam was greatful for that and asked. "C-can we rest? I mean, I need to wash off all this blood." Talapia stopped and nodded and decended toward the ocean. The four then cleaned themselves up and Coral was able to get some seaweed to put on Clam the other's wounds.

Then they set off once again back home. Once back at the underground palace a guard went to them and flashed, "What happened! Queen Bonita was looking for you EVERYWHERE!" He irritatedly flashed at them. "We'll explain this to her." Clam said and started swimming to her mother's throne room. 

"CLAM!" Bonita flashed and hugged Clam. Clam winced at her mother's touch but hugged her back. "What happened?" She asked. "We decided to swim at the Streamline but encountered some turtles in there who stopped us and I accidently hit my head on one. We went out and some sharks attacked us because of the blood."

"Well are you okay?"

"Yeah, it stopped bleeding."

"Oh, that's good." Bonita said and Clam liked her mother's calm during big situations like this. Her mother is a roll model to be calm in all situations and not panic. 

"What about your friends?" 

"They're okay too." Clam replied now feeling a bit light headed. "I just need to rest my head."

"But the feast is happening right now. Your sister Watermover will be there." 

Clam's tiredness and light headedness went away as she thought of her older loving sister. She had so much fun with Watermover and the two were close siblings along with Cod.

Bonita then went out off of her throne and swam to the exit with Clam following her. The two went through the long dark hallways of the palace. Then the two then entered a room full of flashing SeaWing and glowing plankton, anemones on the walla and jelleyfish floating on the top making the room illuminate a bluish/ green hue. 

When Bonita came in they all stopped talking and looked up at her. "Hello my royal subjects. As you all know my daughtor Clam has come back to stay here for a while. Welcome her all and let us all enjoy the feast"

After her short speach SeaWings came swimming into the room with covered plates which they put on the long coral table. In unison they all opened the plates at once to behold beautiful seafood delicasies. 

Clam smiled at the feast before her and went to look for her sister. Cod was there and nodded at Clam when she went by. But Watermover wasn't in her sight. Finally she saw her. She was coming in through the enterence and when Clam saw her she swam up, "Watermover! It's good to see you!" Clam said happily.

Instead of smiling and hugging Clam, Watermover nodded and said, "It's good to see you too" And swam in to join the feast. Huh what happened? Watermover always is happy and even when I'm gone for a night she said she missed me. What happened when I was gone? 

Clam sat next to her and got some salmon wrapped in seaweed. "Don't you want some salmon?" She asked her sister. "I prefer shrimp." Her sister replied with a serious face. Wait, Oh, I forgot. She doesn't like salmon. "Well Watermover, did you know that shrimp eat dirt? Yeah, they eat dirt from the ocean including parasites, fish poo, dragon poo. I wouldn't eat it if I were you."

"Gross. Clam we're dragons we can eat everything if we wanted to." Clam smiled at her sister, but when she looked at her face it was still serious and wasn't her old self. What is wrong with her? Clam took a big bite out of the salmon and asked, "Did you miss me?" But it was too late, Watermover moved to another spot at the feast. Clam's ears went down and she took another bite of her salmon.

Suddenly someone tapped her and she turned to see Cod, "Clam wanna join me and my friends?" Clam nodded and swam to where Cod and his friends were. Most of them were that of the royal hunting patrol and Clam recognized the orange blue SeaWing who said, "Sorry, we didn't meet properly. My name is Shark."

"Nice to meet you Shark." Clam said and looked to what Shark was eating, "Did you know that shellfish are molisks so they're basically snails? They are cleaners of the ocean like shrimp and basically eat your poo." Shark wrinkled his nose at his clams. Clam smiled and she felt happy again. Clam did a lot of research in the Rain Kingdom of foods that are healthy and un-healthy and knew that if she became queen she'd not want her hunters hunting for shellfish for her or sharks and dolphins. 

"Clam, you know that wasn't nice." Cod said beside her. "Well you know it's true." Clam said defiantly. Cod shrugged and bit into some kelp. "That's why I don't eat meat overall." He replied. Cod was a vegetarian and never liked meat for his whole life. Clam was a very picky eater and loved to tell other dragons all the facts she knew from her past research and experiences. 


After the tiring feast Clam went into her room. It was basically like any other room in the Sea Kingdom but different. It was like a mini ecosystem. She planted anemones and corals into the stone walls of her room and was surprised to see that the fish were still thriving. In one corner was her bed which was a rock with sand lining the top. It was still there just as she left it. In another corner was her book shelf full of barnacles and encased waterproof scrolls. She went straight for her sandy bed and was surprised to see a sting ray swim from underneath her toward her window. 

Clam's heart slowed down and she sat up and looked at her minature coral reef. Many said it was dirty and unorganized (which it was) but to her it was like art! On the walls she put many different shells and pearls littered the floor along with clam shells (which were her favorite). She then went to her head and took of the bandage wincing and some specks of blood went out into the water. Her tail was fine but her head was still hurting. 

Maybe she should go to the doctor? No, she was tough. She threw the seaweed out of her window and went to her tiny ecosystem where Seaweed grew freely. She plucked long strands which grew since she'd been away and plastered it onto her forehead. Then settled down to sleep as the moonlight entered her room. 

Chapter 5

Clam's dreams were strange and weird and she woke up feeling feverish. Uh huh, should've went to the doctor. She told herself and got up her biten tail feeling stiff. Morning light went into the room and little fish was swimming around her window. Yep definitely time to visit the doctor. When she went to examine the wound she saw that it was puffy and in one teeth mark was something... 

She bent over and painfully pulled out a shark took. She examined it then put it onto her scroll shelf. She wen to the entrance and was encountered by Wave. "Oh my, Wave. It's you!" Wave nodded and looked at her room. Wow, look how much he's grown! Clam thought but quickly shook them from her head. "Huh, can't understand how you can live in here." He said with a smile on his face. 

"Ha! I know. I heard you were in charge of a faction." Wave nodded, "We're patrolling the SkyWing borders to make sure they don't come stomping over and taking things from us." Clam nodded, "I know, pompous SkyWings." Wave laughed and bubbles came from his mouth, "Pompous yourself Clam." Clam looked hurt but it was true and she laughed along with him.   

"So why did you come?" Clam asked. "Just to say welcome back." Wave said and stared at a tiny yellow fish which came into Clam's room. "Do you ever eat them?"   


"Do you ever eat the fish who come into your room?"  

"Of coarse, but usually I let them live and only eat them if I'm lazy to ask for some food."   

"Hmm, that seems like a good idea." Wave said with a thoughtful look. "Well again, welcome back." He said one last time and went back to the exit.   

Clam sat on her bed thinking of the talk then shook her head hard. No no no, Clam don't think about it. He only came here to welcome you not anything else. Don't you dare think those thoughts! After she was done her light headedness came back and she went up to go to the healers.   


The healer carefully took off Clam's seaweed wrapped head then sniffed the wound. "Huh, not that bad."   

"Uh huh, if it was a 'not that bad' I wouldn't be light headed right now."   

The nurse had a hurt look then said, "Yes I'm sorry, well... it's not bleeding but the wound went pretty deep."  

"Yep, never underestimate how hard turtle shells are."   

"What about your tail?"  

"Eh, doesn't really hurt as much as my head. I never knew that sharks were so easy to kill. I mean it took one slash to take one down. And NONE got Coral."  

"Yes yes"  

"But there were hundreds! Never underestimate a dragon as I would say. Actually, never underestimate a SeaWing! If a SandWing or a SkyWing was in the water they'd get eaten RIGHT AWAY. You know what? I'm glad I'm a SeaWing. I mean, I could have been a lizard or a bird, but no! I'm a SeaWing. I wonder if lizards want to be a dragon and if they'd want to be a SeaWing."  

Clam then stopped talking and realized that the only time she really did babble on like that was when she was in a VERY GOOD mood. She wasn't like a dragonet who talked aloud all her thoughts. Was it her encounter with Wave? Again she shook her head and the nurse flashed something with an annoyed look and plastered something on Clam's tail.  

"Hey hey hey, what is that?"  

The nurse with a questioned look said, "A paste made out of some sea plants" Clam nodded. She was very picky with what the healer puts on her and doesn't feel comfortable with the nurse. She looked around the healer's place and saw sharp fish bones and scary knives. Clam had a fear of the doctor's workplace and all the dangerous sharp tools which Clam would wonder if one of those accidentally fell right in her stomach and she trembled feeling like a dragonet afraid of the dark.   

Not that she was afraid of the dark, SeaWings had night vision. Clam wondered why SeaWings had night vision instead of the NightWings. Shouldn't NightWings also have night vision if they're dragons of the night? Once the healer was done and applied the medicine and new bandages Clam went to her brother's Cod's room.   


"Clam, are you sure you want to hunt?"   

"Yes I'm sure, it's not THAT BAD, the healer said so." She smiled knowing she was telling the truth.   

"Well okay, we're going to the eastern reefs in search for some of that salmon seasonal salmon."   

Clam licked her lips tasting the salmon. "You're not going to eat it though." Cod reminded her and Clam nodded. "Alright, grab this net. This is where you'll put your fish in once you're done hunting." He handed Clam a net.   


The royal hunting patrol headed east and Clam tried to keep up but still felt a little pain in her head. Soon the patrol of seven dragons came upon the young sea salmon and Clam couldn't help thinking of their pink meat. "Alright, I want three to go to the back and three to go to the front. When I say 'go' we charge and get as much as we can." Cod said.   

"Clam, I want you to stay with me." Cod said and Clam shook her head not used to being told what to do by her brother even though it was a simple command. Soon when the hunters were in order Cod gave out the command and Clam dashed for the fish.   

Fins and tails slapped her face and she snapped hard with her mouth tasting blood and crunching bones. She was swished in with the fish current and was hit side by side by the salmon. She looked around and saw that the hunters had better luck. They dived for the fish with such ease and Clam spat the fish into her net and went out of the feud.   

She concentrated at the swirling patterns of the fish and dived like what the hunters were doing. It wasn't as good as what they were doing but it was still okay. She got more fish in her mouth than before and got a fair amount of salmon in her net.   

Cod looked at her amount once she was done and nodded, "You could have done better."

   "Hey, I'm new at this." Clam said with a smudge look on her face. She felt proud of herself and was excited to have salmon for dinner tonight.     

As the hunting group was swimming home Clam went to Cod's side, "Why didn't you choose to be a gatherer? You won't have to taste any meat." She said.   

"Actually, father wanted me to be a hunter."

"Oh dad, where is right now?"   

"Oh, leading a faction on an island."   

Wow, so many dragons leading factions! Clam thought thinking of Wave.   

"Have you ever wanted to lead a faction?"

   "Of coarse! I begged dad AND mom I can lead one. Sadly they both objected for some reason." Cod said with an angry face.     

"I'll talk to them. I'm very persuasive."

 "No you're not."

Clam laughed and flashed her scales playfully. "I'll still talk to them. And who knows, if I become Queen I'll let you be my admiral!" Cod had a serious face and didn't look at Clam. "I don't think you'll be Queen."   

"Why not?"

"Because Watermover will beat you to it."

Was that because she was ignoring her? No! It was probably because she was in a bad mood.

"Oh Cod, you really think that?"

"No, I know. She's changed over the last four years Clam. She's waiting for the right time to become Queen and mother knows that."

Clam stayed quiet the rest of the trip back to the castle and she got to eat a few snacks on the way.

When inside Cod said that he was going to do something and went off. Clam decided to visit the castle gardens. As she swam over she saw dragons planting and arranging the coral and kelp in a neat way. Little fish swam through the coral like bees but less scary.

Clam went to an orange anemone and put her talon to it. It's tentacles sucked on her blue talons and tickled. Suddenly a dragon tapped her and she turned around to see Wave. "Oh, Hello Wave." Clam said with a friendly look on her face. Did he come to ask me out or something?

"So I was wondering, wanna go out for a while?"

Clam tried to hide her laughter and answered, "Yeah! I would love to. I mean, I have nothing better to do."

"Great." Wave said and swam up.

"I think we should go to the outskirts of the city where we won't be disturbed."

Clam's joy built up in her. What a wonderful thing! Maybe Wave did like her.

The two SeaWings swam over rock structures of the royal city and underneath Clam saw schools of colorful fish and was glad that she was back home. It was defiantly more beautiful than the Rain Kingdom or any of the other kingdoms. The Sea Kingdom was unique and different. SeaWings were the only one who can breath underwater and see in the dark. What other dragon can do that!

Sure IceWings had sharp claws and killer ice breath, MudWings had strong muscles and can hold their breath for an hour, SandWings can live in burning hot deserts and have a barbed tail but hey! Who wouldn't like to see this beautiful underwater landscape?

In a few hours the two were far away from the city and Wave led her into an underwater cave. Caves... Clam had a bad experience with caves before. She hated to go into t

But she wouldn't show Wave that she was afraid.

She went in after him and darkness enveloped Clam. Her eyes soon started to get used to the dark and they lit up light blue. She followed Wave's tail going around each bend. In this cave wasn't much seaweed but mostly octopi and sharks. The walls were mostly barren with a few barnacles and crustaceans.

Suddenly Wave was gone. Wait wait wait. Clam said to herself and looked around. It was a narrow tunnel but where can Wave go? Clam then started to feel pain in her head again and remembered that she should go back home. Maybe Wave went back to the entrance. Ha ha! Chicken! Clam said to herself feeling a little less afraid making fun of her friend.

But as she turned around she saw several tunnels which they could have entered. She tried sniffing for her trial but remembered that they were underwater and smell disappeared quickly in water. No no no no no Clam thought and went to each tunnel. She was too wrapped in her thoughts that she didn't recognize any of the surroundings to tell her which one she went through.

As she was looking suddenly something hit her on her on her head wound and she blacked out.

Chapter 6

Clam woke up with pain sheering throughout her whole body. She smelled blood in the water and realized it was her own. She tried opening her eyes but saw just blur. "Come on, just wake up already." Came a voice as clear as day and Clam's head shot up and she looked around her. Yes, she was underwater but what made that sound?

"Oh I see, you're surprised by my new ability. Ingenious isn't it?" Clam then saw a dragon sitting in front of her. Watermover?

"Wait, Watermover? What happened?" Clam flashed.

"We'll get back to that later. I want to talk to you about my new abilities first." Watermover now had a lot of jewelry draped along her neck and talons. Clam never seen her with this much before. "You knew that I was animus and I always ignored it. Until I met this NightWing. He taught me many things which even I couldn't have learned by myself."

Clam was too shocked and hurt to move as Watermover went to a necklace draped around her neck and started to touch it. "This one here lets me read and talk to other minds. This was the first one I enchanted and made another one for you." She went to pick one up off the floor.

"But, maybe later." She said and flung it away. It slowly sank to the bottom. Clam stayed quiet watching intently. "This one allows me to use telekinesis." She said holding a talon with a ring and demonstrated by lifting a nearby rock and flipping it in the air. She moved her talons like she was actually holding the stone "And the list goes on and on."

She emphasized by swaying her talons in the air. "So you want me to get to the point? Fine, I'll hurry up for you. Anyway, the NightWing not only taught me that but also taught me a trick which most animus dragons don't know. Only Darkstalker used this trick. In order not to become like our ancestor Albatross, I made a scroll which I put all of my animus power into."

She bent down and picked up the bag and took out a scroll. It had a strange blue glow to it. "Yes, you guessed right. It's water proof and all you have to do it wright your talon on it what you want it to enchant and it does it for you. When the scroll ends, and filled that means that the number of enchants are filled."

"Okay, so what do you want me to do?"

"Well first let me tell you what I want to do. I want to become Queen of the SeaWings and rule Pyrriah with an iron talon. Clam, I know you wouldn't like this but wouldn't you like to see the SeaWings conquer ALL of Pyrriah? Imagine SeaWings swimming in the north oceans with penguins or even in the Mud Kingdom with crocodiles. Imagine us RULING all of PYRRIAH and making all the tribes do our bidding! Clam, it's amazing."

Yeah, I think the animus affect is already working on ya! Clam thought.

Watermover seemed to hear that and a rock slapped Clam in the face and she turned her face shocked. "Don't underestimate me little sister. I'm giving you this opportunity to either let me rule or suffer what would happen if you try to kill your new Queen."


"Oh you don't see? I'm trying to give you the chance to either not interfere with my leadership with calmness and civilization or your death. It's simple really, if you agree to follow me as my royal servant you will have a peacefull life and rule with the SeaWings or I can kill you right now so that you won't bother me in the future. So which one?"

"Watermover, what happened to you? You're talking like a crazed flounder."

Suddenly out of the shadows came Wave. "Wave?"

"Yes Clammy, me and Wave have decided to become mates. He has agreed with my idea and would help me rule Pyrriah. You have one last chance. Join me or not."

Clam looked to Wave and Watermover. How? What happened to Watermover after she met that NightWing? Is she really crazed by enchanting that scroll? I- I don't understand. Wait calm down, calm down. Let's see, she wants me to rule with her and rule over all the tribes. But that's not what the tribes were made for. They were meant to be separate for a reason! No no no! This was insanity.

"I don't know what happened to you over the last four years but all I can say is **!@#$%^&"

Watermover laughed so much that the bubbles came out like crazy. "You can cuss all you want Clammo but that won't stop me from killing you."

"Yeah, kill me and see what mother thinks about you, you !@#$%^&*"

"HA HA HA! You're so cute when you cuss Clam seriously. If mother saw you right now she would make you work in the restrooms for sure! I have a plan for making you look bad in front of her. But that's a whole other story."

Suddenly Watermover lunged at Clam, but she saw it coming and dipped to the side. Her sister crashed beside her but got up and suddenly Clam felt something around her throat. NO NO NO! Clam yelled in her head and felt an invisible force crushing her gills and throat. "You think I wouldn't kill you in order to get the throne? Did you know that Dolphin already agreed to serve under me?" Was this Hydrokineses?

The force seemed to tighten and Clam's face started to turn red. She tried to scratch at the force or swim to Watermover but it seemed unpenitrable. She soon tried to breath trying to suck un more oxygen but her gills were trapped and she felt like a fish on land trying to breath. When she tried to get air she was actually losing more.

She tried to look at Watermover's face but saw only unforgiving eyes. Her chest was burning and knew this was what dragons felt when drowning. An image came to her head of Watermover going to innocent RainWings and drowning them forcing them to obey her.

That will not happen!

Suddenly her faith dwindled and so did the pain from her chest. Maybe... maybe it will. And there's nothing to do to stop it. This was it. Clam closed her eyes and went limp. Suddenly she was free from the grasp and was thrown hard across the cave and slammed into the wall. Clam slowly went to the bottom of the cave floor barely alive.

But still alive.


Clam woke up coughing into dry air her throat sore and her chest on fire. She was on a sandy floor. Her eyes were blurry and her whole body ached and burned especially for her head. Sounds came to her but were gurgled and distorted.

Finally after a few minuets Clam's senses came back and she hacked up a lot of sea water and mucous. "Ah she's awake." Came an old voice. Clam looked up drowsily to see two VERY dark blue SeaWings. One was old with dark blue and gray scales, while one was young and dark blue with dark blue eyes. Beside them were two SeaWings with what seemed like bamboo tridents.

"My son found you in the Leviathan Tunnels near our islands." The old one said then suddenly turned to his side and nodded to the younger SeaWing.

"Oh yes, you see, I was on a hunting patrol until I smelled blood. It was dragon's blood and I went to investigate. It looked as though you were flung onto a wall by being chocked by a fellow SeaWing. In my opinion I would say that it would be your sister, trying to eliminate her possible sisters into becoming Queen."

At the last sentence the old SeaWing smacked his son on the side with his tail, "Shearwater, what did I say about too many assumptions?"

"I wanted to see her reaction." Shearwater said pleadingly and looked at Clam. "Am I right?"

"Huh, sure you are kid." Clam said horsely. This SeaWing looks smart. She told herself. He probably knew that because of my mark on my wings and it was a possible assumption that it was Watermover trying to kill me. I guess it was just luck.

"Wait, was that a yes or a no?" Shearwater asked with a tilted face.

"You were right. My sister Watermover attacked me knowing that I'd go against her when she was Queen."

Shearwater's face lit up as he looked at his father. The old SeaWing sighed then said, "My name is Urchin and this is my son Shearwater. May I ask 'daughter of Bonita' what your name is?"

“The name’s Clam.” She replied simply her throat getting cleared out. “Where am I?” She asked. “You’re in what you call the Southern Islands but to us we call them Turtle Fin Islands. Probably because they’re shaped like a turtle’s fin. 

“That’s because they’re shaped like a turtle’s fin.” Shearwater commented reflecting Clam’s thoughts. Clam smiled, she liked this dragon. 

“We live in the outskirts of the Sea Kingdom and the Queen’s laws rarely come here.”


Shearwater looked at Urchin then said, “We are what you call Rogues. We don’t want to follow any Queen except for ourselves.”

Clam was confused. Why in the world would these dragons want to not be apart of a sound system like one ruler? 

Urchin nodded, “Instead we have councils, I’m a council member, I know you don’t agree that we don’t follow your mother, but this is how we keep the peace here. 

Clam nodded not having bad thoughts about their system in the first place. “A council sounds good to have.” She said noticing that her mother didn’t have a council and just made her children and all of the royal family do all the organizing. 

“Well, now that you’re awake we can get you into one of our medicine huts.” Urchin nodded to the two guards and they hauled her up. Not in a rough way but not gentle either. Clam was sure that neither one of their intensions was to harm her. 

She tried to get some of her weight off to help the guards by using her legs but to no prevail. So instead she sagged and let them drag her to the hut. 

Clam fell asleep once inside on a straw made bed.


Clam woke up again feeling relaxed and her body less achey. Shearwater was the only one in the hut and said, “You’re awake. I erm... wanted to ask if you were going home or not.”

Clam shot a quizzical face then remembered something. Her sister would probably kill her for sure if she went home. “You know don’t you?” She asked Shearwater.

“That it’s dangerous to go home and that your sister might kill you for sure before you get to tell your mother? Yes, I know.”

Again Clam felt her insides churned as she thought how smart this dragon was. 

“Mm yes, I don’t think I’ll go home any time soon. And if I know my sister, then I’m pretty sure that she’s probably trying to get the throne right now. She might be the new Queen in no time.”

Shearwater nodded, “We don’t get news from the main islands often only if there’s a new queen in power of a war going on. All I know is that Bonita’s the Queen and right now they’re trying to protect the northern islands from SkyWings. Huh, if I was Queen I would share the islands.”

“Pttah, the SkyWings don’t want to share.”

“How do you know if the Queen never gave them that option?”

“Because it’s futile to ask such things. We already know the answer.”

“Well, it is worth trying isn’t it?” Shearwater asked giving Clam a glance which showed he was waiting for Clam to say something.

Why didn’t mother give the SkyWings that option to share the islands? Maybe the SeaWings are also greedy in keeping that land. 

“It’s our territory and it’s wrong for SkyWings to do that. Discussion ended. There’s nothing I can do about it since I’m never going to be Queen.” Clam said the last sentence with disgust as if being Queen was the worst thing in the world.

“Hmm, if you want to stay with us it’s perfectly fine. The council talked about it and agreed to your stay. When you get better I can tour you around the main islands.”


Clam stayed with the healers for only a week. Her body was really good at healing itself when she had enough rest and food. Shearwater came to her everyday and asked questions and talked about his own life. When she was better and could walk and fly Shearwater took her for a tour. “Our island is at center of the turtle’s fin.” He said pointing down to the pretty big island which Clam was on.

“There’s about a hundred islands dotting the Turtle Fin islands but most are small ones. The biggest are the Sky, Sea, Mud, Sand, Ice, Night and Rain Isles.”

“How convenient that there are enough to name after the tribes.” Clam pointed out. 

“Ha I know, some believe that these islands were a symbol of peace among the tribes. The SeaWings founded these shortly after The Scorching. I’ll teach you all about our customs.” Shearwater said with a grin at Clam.

Clam had a really strong feeling like she liked this SeaWing. Sure he wasn’t as handsome as Wave, but he had a better personality. Plus Wave was already taken by Watermover. Anger came over Clam that Wave betrayed her like that and pulled her right into a trap. Her thoughts were interrupted when Shearwater started to descend onto an island. 

“This is the Mud Isle. It’s where we hold our Fighting festivals. We hold many festivals such as the Fighting which is where we wrestle each other and such. There is also the literature Festival, Fishing Festival, Swimming, Spear throwing and fighting, Pottery and so forth.”

“Wow! You have so many cool stuff. I would love to learn it all.” Clam said. Each festival sounded interesting and she wanted to learn from these foreign SeaWings as much as possible.

When the two landed on the Mud Isle two SeaWings were sparring. Each were eyeing each other and were inside of a sandy circle with dried green rope (probably made out of seaweed) as the border. 

“There job is to push each other out of the circle. No drawing blood is aloud. Only strength. This is the land matches. There’s also under water but they have slightly different rules.”

“Why are we speaking aquatic?” Clam asked. Knowing to flash just in case she did something wrong.

These matches must be held in complete silence. These fights take a lot of concentration.”

Clam watched as the dark green female suddenly lunge at her opponent (a light blue SeaWing male) who then smacked her with his palm. Clam heard a big SMACK and the female rolled to the side. On her shoulder was a big red mark. 

“Is that aloud?”

“If they’re not drawing blood, or killing each other, yes.”

Clam then turned her head to watch again. The female quickly got up ignoring the slap and flapped into the air like lightning and used her tail to smack the male in the face. The male was stunned but instead of falling out of the border he lunged up and flew with the female.

The two were in a lock and were trying to fly each other out of the border. After what seemed forever the male let go of the female and kicked her square in the stomach and she went off flying out of the rank. 

“SNAIL 3, KELP 5!” A dragon off the side called holding a scroll and a pen. “He’s the score keeper. He’s the only one who can talk aloud.” Shearwater flashed. “I also want to show you the underwater fights. They’re held in arenas instead of circles which is much easier.”

He then turned around and headed back to the shore and went into the water.  Clam followed liking the cold water on her scales and missed it after a week. The two swam but it wasn’t long before the sand suddenly dropped into a giant trench. The two went down into the dark and Clam had to adjust her ears to the sudden pressure change. (Thankfully SeaWings were good at that) At the bottom were three big round arenas made out of blue/green rock arranged in a triangle shape with SeaWings all inside. 

Everyone’s practicing now since the Fighting Festival is in a few more days.” Shearwater said in front of Clam. Soon the two approached one arena with more speechless SeaWings facing each other. Instead of the rope around the sand instead there were bowls with huge walls. It seemed like the rules didn’t include a SeaWing pushing one another out of the arena.

The two landed on the pristine rocks and watched the fight along with a few other SeaWings. Some saw Shearwater and nodded their heads toward him. Clam noticed that in the underwater arenas there were more viewers. 

So the rules are easy, the one who flashes ‘DONE’ loses.”

“Huh, let me guess. No killing and no drawing blood.”

“Yep, It seems like this one just started.”

Clam again watched the fight as the two SeaWings swam around each other eyeing and matching up their opponent. This time both were tough big green SeaWings. Suddenly one put on a burst of speed directly at his opponent and the other also swam with talons outstretched. The two fighters then clashed each with their mouths open in pain. 

This mostly has to do with how tough they are and in some senses harder.”

The two wrestled and fought but slapping each other and pinning each other with their strength. Finally the two hit the sand at the bottom and the one on top pinned the bottom one down. The bottom one looked bruised badly and finally his scales said, “DONE” The one on top went off of his opponent and the two faced each other and shook talons.

“Such good sportsmanship.” Clam observed knowing that these dragons were more disciplined then she thought.

Shearwater nodded, “Yes, at a young age we’re all taught about honor. Clam, HONOR is the greatest thing we value here.” He said and looked at her with a serious expression. “Honor for our enemies and honor to ourselves.”

That night Clam slept in a small lagoon with Shearwater and his father. How nice it was to sleep in water again. Her gills still ached from the fight with Watermover but at least she was alive. 

She wondered if she should go back to her home.


The next day Shearwater showed her to the other islands and what arts they learned on them. Clam listened and learned a lot and at the end of the day satisfied knowing that maybe in the future she can share this information with the SeaWings at her home. 

Clam also met new dragons which Shearwater showed her to. It seemed like he knew all the dragons which lived in the islands. She also learned the names of the islands. She came on Sand Isle which Urchin was in charge of. The Sand Isle specialized in Spear throwing and fighting. Clam soon became used to their bamboo spears with giant shark teeth at the eld. They were strange and different than the narwhale spears at home.

Later that day while Clam was eaching a fish by the shore with Shearwater and his father a messenger came up to Urchin that day and later on Urchin went to Clam, “Before I talk to the council about this, I have news for you. Watermover has become Queen.” Clam bent her head knowing that this would happen sometime. “And she also announced that the SeaWings are now allied with the NightWings and are enemies of all the other tribes.

Not only that but I have some worst news. She announced that her sister Clam was convicted of murder and killed her friend Coral for an unknown reason. Proof is her earring found at the event.”

Clam suddenly touched her ear to feel that one of her earrings did come off!

“She said that she’s still alive and if found will have a death penalty.”

Clam held her breath and closed her eyes. That was stupid. Just squid-brained. “Son of a fishhead. That !@#$% will pay for her mistakes. She probably knows I’m alive by going back for my body, but to discover that there was none.” Clam said. Urchin just glared at her and said, “We’ll talk about this at the council and then announce it to the islands. I just wanted you to hear it first before anyone else since she is your sister.”

She then sat there looking at the waves until her thoughts were interrupted by Shearwater. “You can still end this you know.”

“ME?” Clam asked. “I’m stuck. Game over. I can’t go back without getting killed or even worst, tortured. I like it here.”

“Yes but with all the tribes as an enemy to the SeaWings. That means that the whole tribe can be annihilated.”

“This was her plan all along, the NightWing she was working with gave her a deal that if she becomes Queen, the NightWings and SeaWings would rule the tribes together.”

“Yes, and I have a plan. Go back to the kingdom and group up with others who trust you and go kill your sister.”

“KILL her?”

“Yes, it’s the only way to stop her. She’s animus right? That means that no matter what as long as she lives she will use her power to stop you.”

“Unless... Shearwater, I forgot to tell you but she actually doesn’t have any animus power with her. She put it all into a scroll. I don’t have to kill her, instead I can just take her scroll and stones away from her.”

Shearwater’s face lit up and the sun went down turning his dark scales orange. “You can do this Clam... We can do this.”

“You’re coming?”

“Yes, father spoke with me and said that if I want to I can go. He believes in peace and if this is the only way so be it.” 

"Ha ha! You sound so brave." Clam said and stuck her tongue out at him. Shearwater exchanged her look with a smile. "It's a shame I can't stay here long enough to look at more of your cultures. It's very neat, but I have to go before Watermover does anything more extreme." 


Chapter 7

Clam and Shearwater went North toward the city. Clam wore a cloak over her head and her phosphorescent scales were put to low overtime she spoke in-case someone saw her birthmark under her wings. "I can't believe they thought I murdered Coral. Do- do you think Coral was murdered by my sister?"

Clam asked Shearwater as the two were swimming a large expanse of dark deep ocean. "I can't answer that" Shearwater replied after a moment of thinking.

"Alright" Clam replied and kept on swimming. She didn't know how boring this trip would be. Shearwater told Clam that they were going to take the longer route around to avoid many dragons.

Once night time started to come the two came upon a reef with tiny fish. Too small to eat. Suddenly Clam saw up ahead flashing and saw a group of burly SeaWings. “This must be a rest stop for travelers. I see an inn ahead.” Shearwater said beside Clam his scales flashing dimly.

Clam looked around and saw that he was right. This reef didn’t have big fish because the coral was trampled around and scored by talons searching for shell fish and crustaceans. 

Farther up ahead was a giant rock protruding into the ocean from the reef. The rock was picked off of its shell fish and plants. There was a cave in the rock with a giant sign saying “INN” The reef had an eerie feel to it and most of the coral was dyeing. 

“They should at least take care of their reef more.” Clam said with a disgust on her face. 

“Let’s go into the inn. They might have food and there doesn’t seem to be food anywhere near us.” Shearwater said and started to swim to the giant rock. 

There was no light source inside the cave so Clam stayed at he entrance for a bit so that her eyes can adjust. The burly SeaWings were inside talking and eating some lobsters. 

The cave looked small at first but she soon saw tunnels leading off to other rooms. In the corner of the first room was a bar tender at a stone bar. On the rock bar was a sign carved into it which said, ‘BAR’. Behind it was a fat green SeaWing with earrings littered on his ears.

Clam followed Shearwater who was already by the bar talking with the big SeaWing. “Do you have any food?”

“Of coarse we do!” He signed dramatically.

“Not the fanciest of foods of coarse, we get them imported from the Kelp Fields off west from here. We have the basic of foods you know, shrimp, crab, oyster, octopus, shark. All those good stuff.” 

“I’ll get an octopus. Clam you want anything?”

“Do you have anything which has scales?” She asked the bar tender.

“Huh? What do you mean?”

“I don’t eat the things you mentioned. Got anything else?” He started laughing through the water and Clam can hear his booming laugh through the water.

“If you want something different go out and get it yourself missy.”

Shearwater looked at Clam with a sad look. “I’ll get you your food mister. Are you two buying a room?”

“Yes we are.” Shearwater said. 

Clam then went out of the cave thinking of the tender as a little rude. It didn’t bother her though. She swam to the outskirts of the reef to look for any fish but there was only sand. 

She frustratedly started to swim back with the sun making the ocean turn red above her. She looked up to see the sunset through the water and took off her cloak to get a better look.

Suddenly there were ripples above her and she decided to check it out. She stayed slightly away and saw sea birds floating on the waves. Ah ha, I won’t go hungry tonight. Hmm, never had bird in a LONG time. She swam up to the birds and ambushed them like a shark catching them as they flew in the air. 

She didn’t want to go back to Shearwater yet. She will enjoy this time by herself. She ate the bird spitting out the feathers and stared at the sunset. The red sun made the water crimson like blood and stars started to shine up ahead. She then laid on her back like an otter and stared at the sky letting the waves soothe her. 

When tiredness started to come and she was about to go asleep she ducked back down into the dark water toward the cave. The reef still had that eerie stillness and no life to it. No Phosphorescence of plankton and no plants swaying in the current.  

She pushed those thoughts away and put her cloak back on as she entered the cave. "You're friend went to room 4." The tender said and pointed down one tunnel. "Go down left and there should be a number above the cave." Clam nodded and swam to where the bar tender said. 

She went down the hall and once the main cave was out of sight a flash of blue scales went in front of Clam and standing in front of her was one of the burly SeaWings she saw earlier. Behind him were four other SeaWings with giant scars and big muscles. One had an eye patch and another had a broken jaw. The leader had only one horn with a scar going across his head where his horn once was. 

"Good evening gentlemen." Clam said her scales shining brightly not to show that she was afraid. She had her own scars to share. But her heart was pounding loudly.  

"Stop acting kind princess." The leader said and pulled out a wicked looking knife.  

"Yeah, we know that you're the murderer. We saw you take off your cloak. Queen Watermover asked for a high price dead or alive."  

Clam tried not to show any emotion through her face. She was ready for a fight. And a good one. The leader decided to choose his move first and toppled over Clam his four followers also jumping in. Underneath the stinking SeaWings Clam took off her cloak shoved it into ones talons and slipped out of the mess.  

Once out of the fighting SeaWings she turned around to see the five dragons on top of each other. Suddenly one came up with Clam's cloak and pointed to her. She could have went to Shearwater for help, but this was her fight and hers alone.  

The first dragon who came to her was the one with the broken jaw and she swung her talon into his mouth and with a crunch which sounded through the water, moved his jaw the other direction. He screeched his eyes wide open and his talons went to his mouth. Clam slapped him with her tail and he bowled into the other males. To get to Clam they had to go on top of him through the narrow hallway.  

She stayed still her heart pumping with the thrill of the fight. No one will take her down. A scarred young male came at her with a knife and as he lunged for Clam's heart she turned aside so that he clumsily dodged her then she bit his arm holding the knife and he let go.  

Clam suddenly felt weight on her back and she kicked with her hind legs and bucked the male off of her. The force made him bump into the ceiling. The one with the eyepatch quickly swam up to her and she lunged away and bit him in the neck tasting blood. He swam away from her when she let go and she looked at the chaos. The one with the broken jaw came back up again with blood coming from his mouth, the leader was staring with no expression on his face. 

"Your majesty, you still didn't fight me yet." He said with a grin. 

"Did you know that I hate being called that?" Clam asked and lunged toward him. He side stepped which Clam expected so she turned and bit his tail, the most sensitive part in the dragon's body. He whacked her with his wing on the face and stars clouded her eyes for a quick second.  

To defend herself when she was stunned she put her wings in front of her face and whacked her attacker with her tail. She hit him twice but the third she missed and she took her wings away from her face and saw him lunging for her.  

Clam slipped underneath him and heard him hit the wall behind her. He whipped his head around and Clam saw blood streaming from a crack in his head. Rage filled his eyes. He lunged at Clam and held tight to her scales with hooked claws. Clam tried to wiggle away but the claws were deep. So she turned around and slapped him with her wings and yanked his talons out with her mouth. Blood was everywhere and the water tasted like metal.  

Clam and the leader were both exhausted and the two stared at each other. Suddenly a presence was at her side and Shearwater was there, "Clam! What is this?"  

"We need to go Shearwater. These crazy !@#$% were trying to kill me."  

The leader just stood staring at her. He seemed to be defeated. But just in case...  

Clam swung around and hit him in the face with her tail hard and he went un-concouse.  


Clam was tired so at midnight the two slept in a shallow sand bar.  

In the morning Clam woke up by smelling fresh air and she saw that the tide on the sandbar went down. She tried to look for Shearwater and saw him digging in the sand around him. Probably looking for crabs. Ugh, crabs. So gooey and weird. Clam thought, a very picky eater she was.  

She got up with a groan. Not particularly hurt but sore from what happened yesterday. "Oh, you're up." Shearwater said. Clam shake the sand off of her scales then squinted her eyes to look around. The whole ocean was lit up from the sun and Clam suspected that it was noon.  

"Sorry to sleep in" she said drowsily.  

"Nope nope, fine by me." Shearwater said. "I've just been hunting. Found you something to eat." He said pointing to something on the sand. Clam looked and saw a fair sized fish. "How nice of you." Clam said thankfully. "Yeah, I already had mine, and now I'm looking for a snack before we go."  

"Hmm, I forgot my cloak."  

Shearwater went over to Clam and looked at her face, "I see, we need to do something about that. We'll figure out something."  

"Yeah, I took it off for one second and those squid faces saw me."  

Clam and Shearwater ate side by side and Clam tried not to slide away from Shearwater who's "snacks" were smelling.  

When the two were done the dived back into the water.  

They met another group of dragons that day. This time some females out talking. Clam and Shearwater stayed behind them looking at their conversation.  

"I think Watermover will be a good Queen." Said a green SeaWing holding a basket with kelp.  

"Ugh, I don't think so. Remember how she killed her mother? No dignity! No honor. I also don't think she's going to have any daughters any time soon."  

"But hey! We already defeated the SkyWings and not only own the islands off north but also part of their beach areas."  

"Sure that might be a good thing, but didn't you hear what she is doing to the RainWings?"  

Clam and Shearwater looked at each other.

"Well, a little bit."  

"She sent all of the factions there and took a huge chunk of their territory including some prisoners."  

"Out of all tribes, why the RainWings?"  

"I heard that the reason why she went there was to look for her sister Clam."  

"Oh, that seems smart. See, that's one reason why she should be Queen. She tracks down those evil murderors such as her sister." The green SeaWing nodded while talking.  

"Agreed, crazy dragon. Maybe her sister was secretly animus and was taking her craziness out on her friend."  

"Aww, poor Watermover. Did you hear her speech? Her story is so touching. I even bought a scroll of the speech!"  

"It wasn't that impressive."  

"Huh, I think it was nice."  

"Anyway, I was going to tell you something else."  


"Tsunami has three eggs!"  


"Yeah, she-"  

Before they could watch the rest, Clam grabbed Shearwater and the two went another route to talk.  

"We need to go to the Rain Kingdom."  


Shearwater flashed and his eyes narrowed.  

"Yes, I need to see how Lime is doing. They might be hurt. You saw what they said, Watermover took over most of the Rain Kingdom."  

"But there'll be her factions EVERYWHERE!"  

"It's okay. They don't know the Rain Forest like I do. I guarantee that."  

"Stop bragging. We can't!"  

"You can't but I will." Clam said and started swimming up to the surface."  

Shearwater went in front of Clam and stopped her, "You're flying there?"  

"Yeah, why not?"  

"But but but... It isn't logical. You should go straight to the castle and get your sister's scroll and stones. Then you can rule and deal with the RainWings later."  

"But I can't wait that long! I need to go NOW!" Clam said stubbornly and dodged away from Shearwater and swam up into the sky with Shearwater following her to the Rain Kingdom.  

Chapter 8

Clam landed in a giant tree the moon making her scales silver. Shearwater landed beside her shaking the branch. A monkey hooted and ran away from the two strangers. "This place is huge!" Shearwater flashed at Clam. The two staying quiet so they won't be heard.

"Yes, it seems to go on forever sometimes. Come, I'll show you to my hut."

Before Clam can lift off the branch Shearwater grabbed her, "That's a bad idea. News probably went around that, that was the place which you lived in. Guards must be around there."

Clam looked longingly at the direction of her hut and imagined that the guards have rampaged through her belongings and threw them away.

“We came here only to see your friend.” Shearwater reminded her.

“Fine.” Clam said trying to hold back a growl.

Shearwater and Clam flew high underneath the top canopy of the rainforest, but no matter where they flew they might always be seen by the SeaWings.

Strange, Clam never thought she’d be against her own people. 

“See that there?” Clam signed quietly to Shearwater. Through the trees Clam could see the city with many huts made out of leaves and sticks. 

“Come on” Clam flashed and jumped off the tree. Shearwater followed behind her and Clam envied his dark scales which matched the dark shadows. 

Clam did see some guards and dodged into the shadows. She knew it might not help a lot since SeaWings have night vision but she also made sure she was down wind from them. 

After a while Clam saw a scene that shocked her. Some SeaWing guards with spears were harassing an old RainWing carrying mangos. Clam heard the conversation and the guards were wanting the RainWing to give them. The old RainWing refused and the guards looked like they were having fun picking on him.

Clam hissed silently and was flexing her claws in anger. Shearwater put his talon on her shoulder again reminding her not to bother. Clam looked away from the scene angered that her own dragons were doing this to a fellow tribe.

After a while Clam finally came to Lime’s hut. She landed silently with Shearwater beside her and the two went inside. Clam looked at the familiar scene and memories came back to her. Her and Lime studying and talking together.

“Who’s there? Are you one of those monkey faced SeaWings? GET!” Came a voice and Clam reached for the dragon and held his snout in her talons. “Shut up or you’ll literally get me killed” hissed Clam in his ear. 

“Clmm?” Canopy asked and Clam let go of his snout. “Yes it’s me.” Clam said trusting that Canopy would shut his mouth. 

“You- you- you” Canopy hissed looking like he didn’t know what to say. “Yes, I came back to see how Lime is. Is she okay? I heard that Watermover came and took part of their territory. I suspected something was wrong.

Canopy was then silent and a sad look came over his face and Clam could see his scales shifting in the shadows. 

“Who’s there?” A female’s voice called and Clam looked up to see Lime. “It’s me Clam.” Clam said and lit up the scales on her face to show Lime. “Clam? I suspected you were dead.”

“Me? DEAD!?” Clam yelled the last part and Shearwater patiently shushed her. “I thought Watermover made it her excuse to come here to the Rain Forest.” “Did she go to your house yet?”

“Of coarse, that was the first place she went. They came in and... and...”

“And what?” Clam asked seeing that tears started to well up in Lime’s eyes. “THEY KILLED THEM!” Lime wailed and fell into Canopy’s arms. Even the big RainWing looked troubled and distraut. Suddenly Clam knew. They killed Lime’s eggs.

Clam stayed silent as Lime weeped and Shearwater put his wing over Clam. Clam tried all her might not to yell out and blow her cover so instead she sniffled some tears exchanging her anger for sadness knowing that it is a better thing to do. 

A few hours later Clam was getting tired but stayed awake until Lime quieted down. “Clam, they came into here and when I told them I didn’t know where you were she took her anger out on my eggs.”

“Her? You mean Watermover was there?”

“Yes she was”

“Is she still here now? When did this event take place?”

“Yesterday...” Lime whispered.

Yesterday. If only Clam was here a few hours from now... Maybe she could have showed herself to Watermover and saved Lime’s eggs. No, she shouldn’t think in the past and what she could have done. It already happened and there’s nothing she can do about it.

“I see...” Clam whispered back.

“They said you murdered your friend. They called you an animus dragon gone mad. I couldn’t and wouldn’t believe it.”

“Not only that but Watermover is animus.” 

“Ha ha! Everyone knows that. Queen Bonita did a horrible job keeping it a secret.”

Clam was glad that now Lime was having her light hearted attitude. “Agreed. Mother wasn’t really the brains. Anyway, can we sleep here tonight?”

“Sure, do you need some food?” Lime asked then went into a section of her hut with Canopy with Clam and Shearwater. They stayed quiet and when Lime came back with some fruit. Personally, tropical fruit isn’t Clam’s favorite but after living in the Rain Forest for four years she got used to them. 

She grabbed a mango and sliced it neatly with her talon, sticky yellow juice coming out. “What is this?” Shearwater said holding a hairy red fruit. “Those are called rambutan. No need to be afraid, they only eat your eyeballs.” Shearwater let go of the fruit with a gasp and Lime laughed beside Clam. Even Canopy chuckled a bit.

Lime and Canopy went to bed while Clam and Shearwater were eating and when day began the two fell asleep.

Chapter 9

Clam woke up when the sun was going down and wasn't that surprised. Her and Shearwater were better off at night. Clam sat up stretching and yawned. Shearwater was still sleeping on the ground. As the sun was going down the hut was bathed in red light and Clam saw a woven basket with fruits inside.

She settled down and ate some. Shearwater woke up a few minuets later and the two ate their fruits silently not wanting any talk. When Lime and Canopy came home a few minuets later Clam asked where they were.

"Huh, your sister has ordered us all to do work for the SeaWings. I collect their food."

"And I do the building."


"Yeah, your stupid sister wants us all to make these towers for her SeaWings."  

"What happened to the Queen?"  

"Well like what anyone would do. She ran away. Some say that she's in the Mud Kingdom hiding with her allies but I'm not sure. I think she's hiding on an island somewhere."  

"Maybe, I think she'll be okay. I heard that Watermover is allying with the NightWings."  

"You heard?" Shearwater nudged Clam.  

"Sorry, I KNOW that she's allying with them. She told me that her mentor who taught her was a NightWing."  

"Ohh, and they helped her with her animus powers in exchange for an alliance with the SeaWings."  

"And the NightWings probably thought they could rule Pyrriah with her."  

"Huh, like that's going to happen." Canopy said with narrowed eyes.  

“Not if I’ve got anything to do with it.” Clam growled.

“You’re going to kill her?” Lime asked thoughtfully and she can hear a slight growl in her voice.

Clam glanced at Shearwater and he said, “No, Watermover got rid of all her animus powers long ago and enchanted stones and such. We’re gonna steal them from her and take her out of power.”

Lime shook her head, “You know it doesn’t go that way Clam. You have to kill her. She has many followers.”

“I’m NOT going to kill my sister no matter what happens.”

Lime gave Clam a glare and Clam knew that maybe killing her is the only solution. 

She looked away again and turned to Shearwater, “We need to prepare for tonight. Watermover could be here in the Rain Forest and we need to find her. Lime, any idea where she might be?”

“Well no, not right now. But she comes here and there to see the construction of the fortresses.”

“Okay, I have a plan. No one ever saw Shearwater and he can act like a guard and be with Canopy on the building. I’ll be around and hide looking for Watermover. We’ll start this tomorrow. Tonight me and Shearwater will scout out to see if we can see anything. ”

“Okay, and I’ll do my job with collecting fruits and see if she is in the forest somewhere.”

“Yes, and if she isn’t here then me and Shearwater are going back to the Sea Kingdom.”

Lime nodded then said to Canopy, “We should go to bed. We’ve got a long day tomorrow.”

Shearwater and Clam waited till Lime and Canopy were asleep before they went out. The two stayed together avoiding the nightly guards. The two also eavesdropped on a group of guards talking. 

“So where do you think that RainWing queen is right now?”

One said throwing fish bones onto a board on the ground. The game was called Fish Bones. It was simple really, but it wasn’t Clam’s favorite games. She liked puzzles not gambling games.

“I think she’s hiding and is probably using her rainbow scales to hide from us.”

“RainWings are easy to find with practice. I caught a RainWing hiding today. He got in big trouble.”

“Hey, Flounder. How do you do that? You’re the best at finding them, what’s your secret?”

“It’s much harder than you think. I just have a good eye for that kind of stuff. I’m thinking of telling Wave that we should mark the RainWings with some type of thread so that we can find them easier.”

“I would say collars are the best.” Said a yellow/green SeaWing to Flounder.

“Yes, and make it real shiny.”

“No, this forest has many bright colors and we might mistaken it with a flower.” Flounder said thoughtfully.

“Ha ha! Yeah, let’s take out all the flowers.” Said a female SeaWing with rough voice. She was wrapping her tail around Flounder’s. 

“Funny Orca, just funny.” A guard said throwing some bones.

“Guess what guys.”

“What is it this time Cay?”

“I’m guarding the Queen tomorrow.” 

“That’s nice. I have news too.” Flounder said picking up the bones.”

“Oh yes, he has real good news.” Orca said stroking Flounder. “So get on with it.” The Yellow Green SeaWing said.

“I’m getting promoted.” 

“Ohh, to what rank?”

“No, I’m leading The Patrol.”

“Ahh, that’s a perfect job for you. Finding those RainWings are your thing.” Cay said. 

“I say we go get some shut eye right now. We got a long day tomorrow.”  

“Good idea.” Flounder said and started cleaning up the bones.

Clam and Shearwater then went back into the bushes not talking if anyone would see them or hear them. 

Once they were far away and surrounded by the bug noises Clam flashed to Shearwater, “So I know what to do tomorrow. I’ll come back to this area and look for Cay it looks like the place they were at was their sleeping area.”

“Good idea, let’s stop talking in case someone sees us” Shearwater agreed and the two quietly went back to the hut. It was midnight when the two arrive and Clam talked with Shearwater about The Patrol and that it could be a type of patrol who looks out for straying RainWings. And by the sounds of it, The Patrol are chosen by the best to watch out for any camouflaged dragons, that was bad for Clam because her scales are a light blue and can attract their attention so the two need to be very careful.


The next morning the two went their separate ways. Shearwater looked scared since he never did a thing like this before. "Don't worry, I did these things all the time. You'll be fine. Just remember to be smart about it." Clam said knowing that Shearwater was a smart dragon.  

Lime wished Clam luck as all of them separated. Clam tried to avoid as much guards as possible and while going to the guard's sleeping place she decided to give her a disguise. She got mud and smacked it on her face and then over one eye put a vine to look like she lost it. Perfect disguise.   

She went up to the guards who were eating breakfast getting ready for their daily duties. Clam went in and sat down. Many of them Clam saw yesterday but some she didn't. "Huh? Who are you?" Orca asked with narrowed eyes and poked Clam hard with her talon. Clam tried not to growl and she said. "I was sent here to go with Cay to the Queen." Clam said looking at Cay.   

"Wait, no one said having an assistant."   

Clam shrugged, "I didn't want to either."   

"Ugh! What's that on your face?" Orca said touching the mud, "Tell me that's not pooh"   

"Sorry, i was in a little bit of a mess with some pray. The Rain Forest is dangerous and you never know what or not to eat."   

Flounder tossed Clam a fish, "Here have this if you didn't eat."   

"Thanks" Clam said and took a bite out the fish. Don't act suspicious. Remember that.   

"I think we should go now." Clam said when she finished along with Cay.   

"You lead the way." Clam said before Cay could say anything.   

Cay nodded and the two lifted into the air.   

Chapter 10

"So what's your name?" Cay asked. Clam was expecting this and gave a short answer, "Name's Shell"

"Mm" Cay said and gave a look at Clam. "Well Shell, you should clean up before we go to the Queen"


Clam's mind went into panic but quickly a plan started to form. "Yeah sure, you go in before me and don't be late. I'll go wash."

The two then flew again in silence finally they approached a huge castle like structure made out of mossy stone. RainWings were gathered around it with SeaWings too. Some of the RainWings were carrying vines and ropes while some were mashing up mud and carrying rocks.

Clam held her breath as she saw RainWings of all ages doing this tedious work on the spire.

"Look at how amazing it is." Cay said as the two landed.

Clam just nodded then said, "I'll go clean up, you go inside." Cay nodded then walked to the two front guards.

Clam turned her back and walked away into the forest and hid in a bush hearing their conversation. "Name?" The guard asked.

"Cay son of Navy." The guard picked up a scroll and read it and nodded, "Enter in" Without saying anything Cay went inside.

So Clam now knew where Watermover was. And if she can find her room or where she stashed her stones and take them and dispose of them.

She stayed to the forested part and looked at the tower. There! A window. It was the only window she saw so far and there were no guards or RainWings working near there. Looking both ways to see if anyone was watching her she dashed into the air and flung herself into the window.

Once inside Clam saw that she was in a room. There was a cauldron full of water and a bed made out of leaves and vines. Clam also saw a door and opened it slowly. It led to a hallway. She poked her head out and looked left and right.

No one? Good.

She went to the right with her head down in case anyone saw her. No one? Weird. Suddenly the hallway in front of her disappeared. She stepped back and saw that the hallway led to a drop which went to the ground floor and down to a basement.

This place is big, and all built in a few weeks. Clam noted. Watermover probably makes the SeaWings move fast.

Clam saw RaingWings making the final touchings to the stone castle. Suddenly Clam heard noises. Was that laughing? She closed her eyes to hear where the sound was coming from which was hard since the sound was echoing off the walls.

Come on come on!

Finally she located the sound. It was coming from the basement. A party? It sounded like it.

She flew off the ledge and went straight down the hole toward the basement floor dodging working RainWings on the way.

The basement floor had shell tiles which brought Clam a sense of home but quickly put her thoughts away to get onto business. Again there were hallways which branched out to parts of the castle so Clam choose the biggest one which seemed to be emitting the sounds.

And yes, guards. What? a diversion? A distraction? Manipulation? Should she just knock them out?

Clam tried to think what her next move was. Was that the only enterence to the mess hall or wherever the laughter was coming from? She flew back up to the first floor ignoring the strange look of the guards. Clam had a plan.

She grabbed a rock from a nearby RainWing who gave Clam a glare. Clam then aimed for one of the guard's heads and dropped the rock.

She closed her eyes not wanting to see what was next then heard a screech from the other guard. Clam knew what to do next and bolted back down to the basement.

"That stupid RainWing! Clam yelled and bolted to the bloody headed guard. "A-are you okay?" Clam asked. The other guard was looking at him with shocked eyes.

"That stupid RainWing dropped a stone. Huh, landed right on his head." Clam lied then turned to the shocked guard. "You should bring him to the healers."

He nodded and picked up the guard's limp body.

Clam knew she could have killed him and was hoping she didn't, but the chances were slim of him living. If he did live, he would have serious brain problems.

Clam then went into the hallway and saw that inside were laughing talking SeaWings on three long stone tables. The tables were crowded with food and drinks. (Mostly water)

And sitting on the middle table in the center was Watermover. Clam's heart beat as she saw that her sister was littered with her animus jewelry and the only way to get it was to take it off of her. Clam went to a corner of a room and saw that Cay and another guard were standing beside their Queen. Suddenly a SeaWing beside Watermover stood up with a stone cup. It was Wave.

"I want us all to stand up!" Wave announced his handsome face in a grin. Clam stayed in the corner eyes blazing with anger. REVENGE.

"I would like to give a toast to our conquering of the RainWing kingdom and the SkyWing. And next, the MudWings. We will plant the SeaWings all over Pyrriah!"

A cheer went up and Clam was wanting to scream and yell at the crowd to shut up.

Clam decided to play along and took a cup from the table and held it up with all the other SeaWings. "TO WATERMOVER!" Wave yelled. "TO WATERMOVER!" Yelled the crowd and they all drank the glass of water.

Clam drank and looked around. Watermover was smiling with a wing over Wave's back and suddenly Clam's sister turned her head and looked straight at her. Wave was busy talking with some other SeaWings to not see Watermover's hateful glance.

She knows I'm here. She looked and saw that Watermover had the mind reading stone on.

Let's take this somewhere else. Just me and you. Clam said in her thoughts. Her sister looked around then said something to Wave. Clam went outside before Watermover could catch up and went into an abandoned hallway there she found an empty room and went inside trying to be as inconspicuous as possible. A few seconds later Watermover entered the room.

"Are you here to kill me and make a heroic speech saying that you killed a monster?" her sister said with a hiss.

"Actually I was." Clam said with a calm look on her face.

"You've been busy." Watermover said looking at Clam's new scars.

"Thanks to you. I'm here to avenge Lime's eggs."

"Oh Clam, she's a RainWing. You shouldn't care about her or her eggs."

"But I do, so deal with it." Clam hissed and launched herself at her sister with a roar. Watermover was taken unawares when Clam grabbed her mind reading stone and threw it against the wall shattering it. "You fish brained fool!" she yelled and tripped Clam with her talons. Clam struggled to get up but her sister shoved her down. At least her hydrokenises won't work much here. Clam thought and tried to get up.

Her sister smacked her with her talon and Clam felt pain throb through her whole face. Clam's tail hit her sister in the side but the grip on Clam was hard and her sister beat her in many Again she smacked her and again until Clam saw stars and blood pumped out of a scratch in her head.

"Time to kill you once and for all little sister!" Watermover screeched and went down for a killing bite. But a hiss came and a scream and Watermover was reaching for the back of her head. Again another hiss and black goo started to cover her sister's face. Clam took this opportunity and scratched a big gash in her sister's neck, blood gushing out.

She cringed her face at the grosume scene and felt like she was going to barf. Her sister's body fell beside her in a hissing heap of black goo. Behind her stood Lime.

"Lime..." Clam croaked.

"Quiet Clam, it's over"

Chapter 11

"We could have ruled Pyrriah!" Wave growled at Clam who was wrapping herself in leaves to stop the bleeding. "Shut up Wave, you know that that's the wrong thing to do."

"Watermover was our only chance and you killed her! Your own sister! How could you?"

"SHUT UP!" Clam screamed and her wing hit Wave in the head. The two guards stared at horror. "Take him to a dungeon or whatever. I have some talking to do." Clam stood up as the guards went away but Shearwater tried to make her sit down, "No Clam, you're not good. Let's talk to them later."

"No" Clam simply said and got back up.


"I know you think of me as a killer." Clam started staring at the angry glances from the SeaWing soldiers. RainWings too were gathered but with curious faces. "But I never killed anyone until today" Murmurs went up and a SeaWing yelled, "You killed Coral! Your best friend!"

"NO! Watermover did that, so that I won't be welcomed in the Sea Kingdom if I still lived. And see, now you're manipulated by her lies!"


Suddenly the whole crowed was screaming LIER

Clam held up her talon and waited patiently till they calmed down like little dragonets.

"Do you think this is right? Taking over tribes and making them do work for us? We're not a tyrant tribe! Do you want to be known in history as a tribe who evily and selflessly murdered and killed other tribes?"


"I thought so. All of you know what's right and all of you know that this is not the future of dragons, taking over dragon's homes. What if they did that to us? What if we were the ones becoming slaves and being killed? We need to work together and bring peace to Pyrriah or else we're nothing more than lizards with wings or dragons during the scorching. Come on, trust me. We'll make Pyrriah a better place. Together." Clam flashed the last part with her scales but silence commenced.

"HAIL QUEEN CLAM!" Yelled a dragon and Clam looked to see Cay.

"HAIL QUEEN CLAM!" Another dragon yelled until the whole crowd was yelling. Clam couldn't control her emotions, one side was angry and embarrassed while one was proud and achieved like her goal for life was finished.

She looked to Shearwater who nodded and smiled.

A new life, for everyone...


Shade flipped over a table with all his documents and supplies. His new apprentice cowering. "NO! She's DEAD!?" He screeched and blew out fire.

"But-but sir." The male apprentice whispered.


"I have a plan"

"NO PLANS" The old NightWing stomped on papers and swiped away books with his tail.

"Clam's having dragonets!" The apprentice yelled.

Shade stopped, "And how does that have anything to do with this!?"

"R-r-remember that they can carry the genes to become animus? M-m-maybe we can take one in and breed it"

"Like Darkstalker?"

"Like Darkstalker. Part IceWing part NightWing. Instead we'll have part NightWing part SeaWing. We'll have animus dragons again."

"The Queen might not like it. Remember how Darkstalker turned? We don't want another one."

"But this is different..."

"I guess, we don't have to tell the Queen..." Shade whispered.