"I have completed my task for Coral." said Spark Light, "Here. One more task completed and you're in on the game." said a pale green SeaWing.

"No thanks. I'll just work for coin."

"Well, you can always change your mind, Sparky..." said the pale green SeaWing named Shark Tide. Spark Light had always liked him. He had been kind to her ever since she had gone to the SeaWings. "I'll be going home now," said Spark Light.

After a few hours of sleep, Spark Light saw a pale orange SkyWing. She growled at the dragon, it was a male. The SkyWing walked towards her and said, "You're Spark Light. The one who betrayed us."

"Who else would it be, punk?"

"I recongised the color of your scales. No other SkyWing would have cerise scales."

"Tell me your name!"

"I am Kyro."

"Have you come to imprison me, Kyro?

"No. I have come to warn you."

"About what?" asked Spark Light, "Scarlet wants to kill you. She didn't want you foiling her plans." answered Kyro. He had fear in his voice. Spark Light remembered Kyro. She had always despised him, for he was very mean to her in her younger years. She wanted to slash his eyes out, and devour his corpse. Instead, she replied, "Why would that idiot Scarlet want to kill me? Three moons." she then left to go back to the Sea Kingdom.

"Ah, Sparky! You're here!" said Shark Tide, "Plan an invasion. Imprison Scarlet." said Spark Light, "Good idea, Sparky. I will inform Queen Coral of your plan." said Shark Tide, and left. Ugh, Kyro. When I get my talons on him, I'll destroy him! thought Spark Light. She had wanted to kill Kyro for being cruel to her.