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Fanfiction by Lightningstrike. This fanfiction will be put in comic form.

Character Call


SnakeWings, serpentine dragons with no legs, are split into seven warring tribes, the Corals, Cornsnakes, Rattlesnakes, Vipers, Cobras, Pythons and the neutral Silverscales. For years, the tribes have been relentlessly fighting. But now, it is time for a new era...

Blade has lived a normal Silverscale life. Her parents, one of the Vipers and one of the Cobras, have left their own tribes to join Silverscales. She has lived a life of content, relaxation and full of gentle peace. But when the war threatens to overtake the Silverscale Tribe, they must bring back an old legend in order to bring peace again.


"It'll be okay." Saber reassured his mate.

"But what if they catch us? It'll be the end of us." Galena whispered. Her eggs were in a safe pouch, strapped over her shoulders. 

"They won't. If they do, I'll fight them to the death." 

"Don't leave us." 

"I may have to." Saber looked out at the setting sun. "Quickly, before they find us."

Galena nodded and slithered on the ground silently. Saber quickly checked again before following along. The forest was dark and very humid. The couple would have to pass through Python and Cornsnake territory before actually arriving at the Silverscale shelter. As the night settled in, the dragons took to the air. 

Galena looked around the terrain, paranoid out of her mind. Lightning flashed across the sky. With their luck, most SnakeWings would be in their homes, hiding from the storm. However, patrols would sometimes pass through. 

Galena swore she saw dragons illuminated by the flash of lightning. A roll of thunder followed, deep and loud, as if it was trying to say something. Saber gently touched her wingtip with his. 

Then it was clear. a patrol of six Cobras, flying along a V shape, were catching up on the escaping dragons. Before they could react, twin screams pierced the night.

"Tie them down!" a large Cobra yelled. 

Saber lashed out, tearing the rope. "You'll regret this, Bane!"

Bane laughed. "You thought you could get away from the Cobra Tribe general? Pah. I knew you were a traitor."

"Leave him alone!" Galena shreiked. 

"So this is the Viper?" Bane snickered. "Such a shame to waste such a pretty face."

"I am a one-cobra snake!" Galena yelled.

"Sorry, but I will have to kill you." The cobra flared his hood.

Saber flared his hood, hissing. He struck, fangs flared. Bane lashed his tail and deflected the blow, bruising Sabers jaw. "You're weak, and you know it." Bane sneered. Saber growled and launched again. Suddenly one of the patrol dragons leaped up and bit Saber in the tail. As he yowled in pain, Bane struck his neck, injecting the venom.

"Go... Run..." Saber whispered weakly.

"Seize her! No one shall escape!" Bane shouted. Two other dragons grabbed Galena.

Galena spun around, lashing her tail everywhere. She roared a plume of flame at the Cobras, who backed off hissing. She didn't notice the fifth dragon grabbing her pack.

Galena turned around, seeing the Cobra bashing the bag, the sickening sound of cracking eggshell underneath. Galena roared in fury, striking the Cobras neck. He writhed on the ground for a few moments before lying still. She brushed off the dust and grabbed the pack, flying away.

Goodbye, Saber...

PART ONE: Foresight

Chapter 1





Chapter 2



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