Author's Notes

These two one-shots are made purely out of boredom.

And a strong love for shipping.

Vengeance burns

Burn's claws rubbed away the growing itching feeling on her snout. New scars had appeared on her top jaw. Nothing really seemed wrong.

Except for the obvious fact that Burn was a ghost. A phantom, Burn in a rather spiritual form. Burn could only touch herself. Her talons would go right through the living. Smolder, her brother, had remarked when Burn tried to claw him (A result of Smolder overreacting to her being a ghost), he felt a terrible burning feeling where her claws went right through his SandWing body. Burn had guessed ghosts each had abilities based on their name, although this was surely not true.

Burn really didn't feel pain anymore. The only thing she felt was an occasional itch, and that seemed highly unlikely. Although they just came and went, really.