Hello ladies, I am back wtih yet another fanfiction! This story is about scavengers and dragons and how to two finally have a chance at cooperation. Yes, the plot sounds A LOT like How to Train Your Dragon, but I'm doing my best to make sure that the two stories differ as much as possible. Anyways, I'm working on my own coverart but I'm open to others' artwork!

The first few chapters are going to switch between Avia the scavenger and Toucan the RainWing. I AM 100001% SORRY IF YOUR CHARACTERS NAME IS ACCIDENTLY IN HERE, TRUST ME IT WAS A COMPLETE COINCEDENCE!


Avia- Female, Scavenger

Phillipa- Female, Scavenger

Augustus- Male, Scavenger

Flynn- Male, Scavenger

King Ferdnan- Male, Scavenger

Petrov- Male, IceWing

Hailstone- Female, IceWIng

Queen Everest- Female, IceWing

Toucan- Avia's dragon, Female, RainWing

Minnow- Phillpa’s dragon, Female, SeaWing

Snowdrift- Flynn's dragon, Male, IceWing

Pharaoh- Augustus's dragon, Male, SandWing

Chapter 1: Avia

(Chapter coming soon!)