WindRider2501 written fanfiction.

This was a fanfic idea I've had for a while. At first, I officially scrapped the idea, but after a few bits of editing, I went ahead and made it.


Pyrrhia is ready. War against them and the scavengers is coming. Scorching 2 is ready to wipe out one of the races. The Scavengers are more advanced in technology. Pyrrhians are making the prophesied 'Opposites'. Three dragons with two tribes' virtues are ready to select the outcome. 


Seven to decide,

And Five to conquer.

Three are chosen

Another scorching is coming,

To destroy us

Or save us.

To save our world,

Take one of Sand and Ice,

Another of Sky and Sea,

The final is Rain and Mud.

Cross together in one,

And make the Opposites come.

With the new here,

We could endear,

This awful war of cold,

To a warm world of tales old.

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