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The Midnight Prophecy (Part 1): Aria


Art by Heliosanctus

The Midnight Prophecy (Part 2): Faithless

The events of Part 1 and Part 2 of the Midnight Prophecy story arc occur simultaneously in Pyrrhia. You do not have to read Part 1 in order to start Part 2.


The kingdoms of Pyrrhia rise and fall, but news arrives of the Midnight Prophecy, delivered by Aria the Seer in the throne room of the Sky Palace, foretelling that a dragon who sacrifices the blood of a Seer, an Venom-born, a Fireborn, a Blood-Egg MudWing, a SeaWing of the royal house, and a SandWing with golden scales will reign over all of Pyrrhia.

The foretold six must now battle against deadly foes and destiny itself as they struggle to undo Aria's own terrible prophecy, and save the dragons and all of Pyrrhia from a dark fate. But will she succeed? Or are they, along with the fate of Pyrrhia, already marked for doom?

Midnight falls across these lands

Rainwing Drawing

Aria the Seer


Faithless's concept sketch, will add a better drawing later.

From the eastern sea to the western sands

There is one who will great power wield

As the fate of six others is surely sealed


The first is one whose path is dark as night

Yet her eyes shine with wisdom’s light

Love and kindness vanquish fear

In your darkest hour, seek the Seer


The second is one who does not doubt

Rage and sorrow she lives without

She cannot be touched by flame or fire

Blood-Egg born, she will never tire


The third one’s scales shine golden-bright

As she charges forth to join the fight

She will always see the battle won

As only then may her work be done


The fourth one hails from the plains of sand

Her faithless name feared throughout the land

From the life that she once knew, she is torn

So seek the one who is venom-born


The fifth one, from her past tries to run

A fire-born fighter, she rivals the sun

But on a long and winding path she will start

For behind fiery scales lies the fieriest heart 


The sixth is one whom nightmares chase

In the world, he has not yet found his place

He was born in the ocean’s ebb and flood

Go seek the SeaWing of royal blood


The destinies of six must be fulfilled

And on Jade Mountain their blood be spilled

The one who succeeds is with power blest

As six more souls seek their final rest


The kingdoms of Pyrrhia rise and fall

But the dragon who succeeds will rule them all

The slayer of six reigns over these lands

From the eastern sea to the western sands

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Winter Blue

Summer Storm

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