The Magnificent Seven are dragons each from the original 7 tribes of Pyrrhia. They are created by Kirby.

Chibi dragons

the Seven credit to Lightning for base!

Tide- A bright sky-blue SeaWing that has dark blue-green eyes (sorta teal-like) and green underscales and wings. He is sorta like Jambu, but less annoying.

Shadow of Abandoned Cave- Also, known as Shadow, this pitch black NightWing has violet eyes and dark plum-colored wings. She is mysterious to strangers, but grows a strong relationship with her friends.

Reed- The "sheep in wolf's clothing." A cowardly MudWing, but always trying to act tough, was nicked-named that. He has dark brown scales and tan wings. His underscales are grey. He loves nothing more than making big holes in the sand, filling them with mud, and laying in them.

Heat- A sandy-yellow SandWing, with gold underscales and yellow wings. She gives off more heat than usual. Her horns are dark, dark red, almost brown. She seems to get cold very, very easily.

Lemon Lime- A nice RainWing who usually keeps her scales neon green. Her ruff never changes color, so it stays orange. Her wings are purple, but often shift to light shades of the color. She seems to like Tide.

Fire of the Angry Volcano- A bright red SkyWing with golden eyes. His wings are orange and his underscales are sandy yellow. He is resistant to fire like a MudWing from a blood-red egg, which makes him very exposed to ice. He is always very serious and doesn't believe in anything magical, extraterrestrial,  or strange / out-of-the-ordinary.

Nayru. :D

I know some of the names are taken. (I think) but I made these characters before I even joined the wiki! I barely decided to add the page when I noticed some pictures of them (they were terrible) in my drawer.

The magnifiectnt svenen

The SEVEN!!!

Thanks, Kirby.


  • they were based off the old western movie, The Magnificent Seven
  •  I remember drinking Sprite while thinking of the character Lemon Lime

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