Lets begin


So the authors so far are me, I love glory. that's one so far! author if you want to help plz leave a message on my wall and don't edit without permision, thank you.

Author's notes

I love glory

As for notes you guys must be wondering what the heck does urdin mean? Well, urdin is blue in basque which is a language which you can guess Urdin is a seawing. 

Part l


Pond had found the cave. No, THE cave. It had twists and turns of rusty, dusty, stairs. It contained a varity of rooms from libraries, to bedrooms. Pond was searching this under-water cave with awe. He started looking at thousands and thousands of old, dusty selfs in the library. Something caught his eye. Something gittered and moved, calling out. Pond removed the scroll of the shelf. it's title was the legends of Urdin part one. It looked interesting enough. Pond sat down on one of the old chair's and began to read. his eye's grew wider with ever word.

After he finished the first part he put the scroll back and tryed to look for the 2nd part. That's when Pond heard something doen the cave. The sound was someone surfacing from water. he had to hide. Someone else had found the cave. He looked around where where where!?!? he thought with panic. And that's when the dragon entered the room

Chapter l

ten-thousand years ago, Pyrrhia was not conected. It was made up of sevral continents. One of each kingdom. Seven continents, one immortal dragon. Urdin sat on the beach. He was in the kindom of sea but had lost his way after a storm. the kingdom of sea was split up into sevral islands al of which were formed in a circle shape. He wasn't sure which one he was on. Alone, hungry, and beat up. He had been alive for 120 years. Still counting he thought. Even though he was 120, he looked as old as a 9 year old dragonet. He didn't know what happened to him but he was immortal, and he hated it.

he was terribly lost and he had no idea were he was. He desided to swim and let all his troubles drift away. He dived into the deep blue, not a care in the world. He kept swiming down and down, losing track of time. i wish it was like this forever he thought peacfully in his mind. 

later on....

he was resting at the bottom of the ocean, right as he found a comfortable spot he laid down and closed his eyes. why me? why did i have to be the one with this miserable curse forever? He finally drifted to sleep.

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