Once apon a time, a little dragonet was born. she had scales that shifted, a spirit that lifted other spirits, and a fondness for flowers. her name was Tamarin, and she was blind.

She spent a long dragonet-hood bumping into trees and falling off hammocks. but she eventually grew the most valuable of abilities: a memory. she grew a vast knowledge of everything and everywhere in the rainforest; including a certain dark tree-tunnel leading to somewhere even darker...

Chapter 1: A Tricky Encounter

it had been 3 months since Kinkajou had left the Rainforest Kingdom, and Tamarin was hunting. No, not for food, for flowers. Queen Glory requested a wreath of passionflowers, and Tamarin was helping to fetch them. she smelt water, moss, grass, papaya, tamarin, mango, guava, and finally; ah, passionflower. there was something else too. it was very faint, but radiated a sence of wrongness, if wrongness was some kind of pulse you could feel. But there was nothing more important then pleasing guests, and the Skywings were certainly someone to please. after the Glory vs Scarlet fiasco, the Skywings were half reveling, half rueing the Rainwings. Glory knew that Skywings valued decor over functuality, so a crown was needed. Finally, Tamarin found the passionflower, and reached toward the smell. suddenly, Tamarin slipped, and tumbled down a dark tunnel, of some kind. when she finished tumbling she came into what seemed to be...

clean air. Pandora marveled at how fast the Island of Smoke was becoming, well, less smokey. after the Nightwings ran off, the Trickwings, spicifically her, flocked to the island to perform Opperation Colonise. the Trickwings had been redecorating the island for 3 months, and it was stating to look radient. nothing a little planting and lava removal won't fix. Pandora thought. the Island was cleaner, growthier, and more inhabitable. suddenly the tunnel she was climbing started to tremble, and an object came hutling toward her. she sprayed her illusion venom at the object, hitting what looked like ruffed ears? uh oh. this was a Rainwing, and it had just earned the worst curse a dragon could get.