Author's notes

A gift to Quarx,just catching up on christmas presents. The three crossovers will be Sonic, Crash, and a special one :3 (Yay secrets!) I won't put in much silliness, just tellin' you.

First part - Sonic

The dragonets landed in a forest, the forest was still wet from Storms a couple of days ago.

"It's muddy." Glory said, digusted.

"I heard this forest is legend." Starflight pointed out.

Sonic, Tails, Shadow, and Silver hid behind trees.

"Sonic, where are we?" Tails questioned.

"I dunno."

Tails felt talons up against his side. He was being grabbed by Sunny.

"Look what I found! Isn't it cute!" Sunny said.

"Woah.." Starflight said.

"S-sonic.." Tails nervously said.

'Who is Sonic? Whoever he is. You look good." Clay's stomach grumbled.

"SONIC!!!" Tails yelled.

The dragonets say three hedgehogs jump out from thetrees, one was blue, he other black and red, theother white.

"Don't eat him!" Sonic yelled.

"Whatever." Glory said.

"I'll  crush you!" Tsunami yelled.

Silver pyschically picked Starflight. "Tell your friend to stop." He yelled.

Tsunami tried to bite

Silver let go of Starflight, "PYSCHIC KNIFE!" Silver shouted, making a knife shape pyschic wave travel Tsunami.

Tsunami tried to run, bu the knife hit her  in the chest, she roared in pain.

"CHAOS CONTROL!" Shadow shouted. A green outline formed around Clay, and he was transported somewhere.

"Clay!" Sunny yelled. She gave Tails to Starflight. H-hi." Tails stammered.

I am goingto continue later. :)