Welcome to the Inspiration Box! This is a community page dedicated to storing and suggesting public ideas. Anyone can add to it or use any of the ideas if they want!

Writing Challenges

These are very stripped prompts, offering a lot of creativity. "Bonus Points" are added optional criteria to make it a bit more interesting and challenging to write.

  • Write a story about being a warrior.
  • Bonus points if no actual fighting occurs.
  • Write a story about a secret.
  • Bonus points if many people know it.

Write a story about being a SkyWing racer

  • Bonus points if no racing happens

Write a story about being a necromancer

  • Bonus points if no raising the dead happens

Write a story about a blind dragon

  • Bonus points if there are vivid descriptions of the environment and dragons.

Plot Starter Prompts

These are simple prompts to give you an idea for a plot for a fanfic if you are having some trouble with writer's block.

  • The light blacked out. Someone was gone, with only bloody numbers all around the house in 204 or something like that. They can't leave the building their in, and they must choose if its an hallucination... or not.
  • Someone had an idea that wrecked the world.
  • A cat ran away and now the owner must find it.
  • A escaping slave
  • A dragon become scavenger
  • an egg fell into the stream, gone forever. Or is it?
  • a deformed dragon trying to fit in with society.
  • A meteor storm destroys two of pyrrhia's moons
  • A non-NightWing tells a prophecy
  • The daughter of two well-respected/amazing soldiers/etc. has to live up to expectations
  • a dragon wakes up with no memory at all
  • haunted things/ evil spirits (wreaking the hero/villain)
  • A new item/materiel was found. Now its in the market
  • The person/dragon gets caught
  • A dragon goes to restaurant and is attracted to the waiter/waitress, but they're already married
  • A dragonet in each of the different tribes can see the dead spirits of dragons
  • A Dragon is turned into a scavenger, and goes into a scavenger settlement to spy on them.
  • Mama dragon releases her dragonets into the wild
  • A dragon with immortally meets someone who understands their problems.
  • a dragon starts hearing strange thoughts, and trys not to go into the mental hospital before they find the mind intruder.
  • A dragon who has lived in an illegal lab all their life has escaped and now is trying to cope with the outside.
  • A dragon loves someone but is kidnapped(because of a rival) and mentally tortured into almost insanity. The story is about her going through the tortures and over time they take their toll. When they are found she has to put in a mental ward to cope(a second one about what happens in the hospital?)
  • at night when everyone is asleep, a horrible earthquake wrecks their world.
  • A clone of a highly historian figure who was raised in a safe environment all their life must now not get caught by the authorities, rebels or criminals while learning to survive in this big new world with out their caretakers.
  • An animus dragonet runs away from home and travels through pyrrhia
  • A blind dragon wounds up on a lost continent and becomes a prisoner of bandits. They slowly become the leader of this gang with many misadventures along the way. Maybe as a sequel they return to Pyrrhia and see what's changed.
  • A dragon from the future goes into another dimension. Many misadventures ensues trying to get back to their own dimension.
  • A dragon is born in the middle of a war, and his/her parents are on different sides, but still love each other. He/She struggles, and his/her parents are never there when he/she needs them. He/She runs away, trying to escape the struggle their life was, but finds that life is just as hard, and it's even worse without his/her family.
  • An anicent civilization left great ruins strewn around the land, and a archaeologist is determind to explore it before they fall into traps.
  • Your protagonist, a couple, several dragonets, and an elderly dragon are trapped somewhere during an attack on their city. They must remain there, or at least use it as their base, until help arrives.
  • A dragon grows up wingless
  • five dragonets are lost on an island and have to form a new tribe amongst themselves with no link to civilization and no way home.


Some sample titles for a fanfic. These may also help spark some inspiration for a plot or character.

  • Into the Chasm
  • The Wall will Fall
  • Can you hear the Trees Whisper?
  • Winds are Whispering
  • Sea Coves and Bells
  • Rain is Falling on the Leaves
  • The Girl with the Tye Dye Scales
  • Crumbling Hope
  • A Flying Sky
  • Degus Rule
  • A Crushing Edge
  • The Cursed Prophecy
  • Dapper Ocean
  • Queen of the Lonely
  • On The Edge Of Life And Death
  • Requiem of Ghosts
  • Redeeming Souls
  • Last Argument of Queens
  • Preying Upon Princesses
  • Devouring Among Dragons
  • The Thief's Path
  • The Traitor's Queen
  • The Tyrant's Reign
  • Two Cursed, One Ravaged
  • The Surprisingly Odd Lightness of Egg-Tending
  • Red Forgiveness
  • Tongues and Talons
  • The Falcon's Flight
  • Before They Are Burned
  • By Blood, A King
  • The Claw Incites
  • The Highly Honest History of a Hero
  • Marching the Marshes
  • More Out There Than Here, I Bet
  • He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not...
  • Banners of The Sky Queen
  • Ten Ways to (Not) Get a Dragon
  • Stones Among Shadows
  • The Water Study
  • Obelisk of Deeds
  • Prince of Necessity
  • Half a Dragonet
  • Half a Dragoness
  • Half a Dragon
  • Taste of Duty
  • A Bronzed Bitterness
  • The Choice of Queenmaking
  • The Past, Present, and Future Queen
  • One for Everything
  • Breathe
  • Sick of Life
  • The Little Things Though
  • H   e   l   p...
  • Just a LAB RAT
  • The Cute Cat in Your Lap
  • Scavengers are Wasted
  • Flyingthroughthesky
  • Pyrrhia's Dire Time
  • R.I.P...  But Not Even God Wants You
  • Day Seven
  • Queen of Dust
  • Inspiration Manifestation
  • Quick Lightning
  • Sand to Sand
  • Sleeping in the Rain
  • The Anti-social Boy
  • The Little Dragonet That Thinks He/She's Big
  • Canaries Fly for You My Love
  • The Dead Sea Froze Over
  • Though The Winds Change, I'll Still Be Here
  • I'm Lost, Can You Help Me?
  • What's Fake and What's Real?
  • Nevermore
  • In The End
  • Don't Judge A Dragon By Its Scales
  • I Swore I'd Never Leave You...
  • The Queen of Nothing
  • On the Evening of the Final Day
  • Uncaged, Untamed, Unbroken
  • What Lurks in The Shadow
  • The Jewel of The Mud Kingdom
  • Maybe I can learn too
  • The Time of Her Life
  • What We Shared
  • The Day Time Stood Still
  • Do or Die
  • Chasing Storms
  • Why Little Dragonets Shouldn't Have Firecrackers
  • The Blade of Silence
  • The Light on the Horizon
  • The Glitter in Their Eyes
  • Cuts Like a Knife
  • It was a Simple Thing, Really...
  • The Ringing of The Bells
  • The Song of The Snow
  • The Stone Eaters
  • The Temple of Fire 
  • The Light of the West
  • Inherit the Fire
  • When Lightning Strikes
  • Dancing with Dragons
  • Summer is Coming
  • A Sandstorm of SandWings
  • A Game of Scales
  • Thrones for Grabs
  • Winterstorm Mysteries
  • Living shadows
  • The song of immortality
  • Shining moons
  • The True War has Started
  • The Hybrid Runaway
  • Fade into the Shadows
  • The Shadows Dance
  • A Journey of Greatness
  • It has Awoken
  • Lord of the GoneWings
  • Black Storm
  • Demon of Souls
  • Circus of Doom
  • Look under the Waterfall


These are some names up for grabs! These ones have some sample character ideas, but you can do whatever you want with the name!

  • Nightlight (Phobic dragonet? NightWing)
  • Dustswirl (Bipolar emo sandwing maybe?)
  • Bonereader (grave digger or traveling fortune teller maybe? NightWing)
  • Shoalwater (SeaWing, maybe spends time in lakes rather than the ocean)
  • Boldface (random nightwing? maybe really proud or something?)
  • Conch (SeaWing)
  • Aardwolf (SandWing)
  • Leaffall (a dragon with broken wings)
  • Sandsuger(a sandwing who thinks she/he is another dragon tribe)
  • Desert (a rainwing who has been rasied in the desert her entire life.)
  • Seawolf (a great warrior who was a scapegoat, and is now trying to court that he is not a traitor to his race.)
  • Cucumber/Sea Cucumber (A silly, laidback SeaWing)
  • Destinyweaver (NightWing, can see the future, scared and shy)
  • Greatlight
  • Silentcurse
  • Nightface
  • Lilyfish
  • Skyroar
  • Nightwings (His/her parents were a RainWing and a MudWing, but he/she grew up in the night kingdom, not knowing them)
  • Look up underwater ruins for Seawing names. (It helps)
  • Dire
  • Casowary (bitter RainWing, victim of being experimented on)
  • GoldenFlame (Skywing/Flamewing Hybrid)
  • Brutetail (NightWing with extra powerful tail)

OC Ideas

These are ideas for characters. They don't have recommended names, but can spark some inspiration

  • A dragon with a super weird food craving that they can't stop.
  • An insane animus cursed herself so she didn't become insane. Instead, she loved her children too much she cursed them.
  • A bird keeper who always loses their birds and spend most of their time trying to track them down
  • A young dragonet's spiral into anorexia and depression
  • is convinced they have a crush on just about every dragon they meet
  • A dragon has dreams there a scavenger
  • a dragon with acrophobia (fear of heights)
  • A dragon with powers to control blood in someone else's veins
  • A dragonet who is half ghost
  • A icewing/skywing hybrid who has firescales
  • A dragon with blindness is bullied and disowned
  • Icewing with neon orange eyes
  • An old wanderer now retired
  • A dragon who already has depression and insomia slowly becomes insane as time repeats itself and the other one who remebers is the one who creates these time paradoxes.
  • An actually likable, charismatic dragon that seems to honestly care about their friends, but has a secret side that no one seemed to know about.
  • An old dragon who has a secret that she must pass on to her children but her friend that is now traitor will stop her at all costs. The old dragon believes that her kids are the chosen ones of an old prophecy that has been their families secret.
  • A overt zealot who's spent a lifetime building up a collection of bad decisions through indecision and base fear. A dragon driven from cowardice to addiction to fanaticism, he now believes in the moons as higher powers from beyond and allows that to submerge any self-doubt in his mind. Having traveled Pyrrhia for any knowledge detailing the idea of the moons, he has conceptualized his own faith, being a 'chosen one'. Through this, he drowns out his doubts and fears in an attempt to erase the dragon he was before. A dragon with no doubt, no remorse, no mercy, thanks to his self-appointed status as 'chosen by the moons', an agent to his own delusions of the moons' wishes.
"Do the tides stop rising when you stop believing in them? No, they rise and fall like the moons shining their light upon us. I am chosen most of all, the one meant for the moons' work, a great plan already shaped in moonstone."
  • A gluttonous savage, a planned usurper with casually disturbing dietary habits, a dragon assumed to be a monster aminus-touched for the red business. A dragoness who has put the fear of her bloody claws into the heart of her kingdom's through rumors and talons... and one who started off a dragonet of a starving family who had to learn to devour anything to survive. Through service with stained nails, she climbed her kingdom's social ladder to rise in status and food quality. Once an obedient servant to her kingdom, she's been burnt-out of duty and is now a traitor. Never one to simply choose wasteful action, she finds herself torn between hard choices while villified a 'beast'.
"I had to eat. Do you know how much meat a baby sheep's bones has? Even a squirrel's legs can start to fill a hole. It tastes sweeter than starvation for certain. Call me beast, I could give less than a snail's worth in meat."
  • A fat prince in a culture that valorizes violence and strength. A self-conscious, fantasizing and down-trodden soul in youth, he had been scorned by his kingdom's citizens as they favored his more martial sister and younger brother. Before, he would have spent all his time eating, reading and indulging in vices to silence the depression in his heart, brought from the snapping voices. One day, his sister, the queen-to-be requested his advice and he complied, showing off his intellect and giving her reason to raise him to a position of power... where he can let loose his darker impulses. A prince who loves his family dearly, but a dragon who's petty and vindictive, risen above his tormentors.
"You all know me as the first prince. A dragon surrounded by laughter, but make no mistake, you all... dare make light of my duty and service, I'll peel off your lips and your tongue will be next. There'll be no more laughter now!"
  • A recently widowed mother of three dragons. An earnest, sincere, gentle and manipulative dragoness who has her children's best interests at heart and a strict sense of overall loyalty, especially to an now-deceased idealized dragon mate. After the loss of her first dragon love, she starts to discover a life beyond just her first love. Moving through her initial depression and sorrow, trying to keep a broken family together and trying to mask her tears with smiles for the sake of her children, she finds out even more of her true cravings, joys and desires, independent from motherhood and being a good mate, and re-examines her former idealized mate life, catching more nuances now.
"My dear, sweet daughter, I'll be honest with you. I was loyal and steadfast to your father for a long time. I had you and your siblings... surely, you must realize you and your mate are not the first dragons to ever tussle in a nest."
  • A former bullied dragonet, a former shrimp in his dragonet years. Now, through a growth spurt, a strong and large prince who covets power to wipe the weakness of his past clean. An ambitious dragon who covers himself in emotional armor to block out the sting of taunts and remembered insults, but one who understands the power structure that binds him to his current (ill-desired) position. He must learn to consent to other methods of power so he may keep an advantage of influence in his status and further his naive concept of 'power', aka 'kill a bunch of dragons and you're strong'. All throughout that, he must hide a more decent side than he gives himself credit for.
"I've spent a good deal of years building the reputation that I was strong, determined and unwavering. That I am wicked and selfish. Please don't let anyone else know. I'd rather be cruel than weak as I told my dear sister."
  • An old dragoness royal counselor with a penchant for bluntness as rough as a shield to the face. A former soldier that had a front claw chopped off to fighting, she has began the long road to accepting her disability and learn to accommodate her lost talents with using different wits than studying battle tactics. With an unrefined gift in mathematics, she keeps furthering herself, consolidating her newfound power and former reputation before it all goes to waste. A far more vulnerable dragon inside, thanks to her lack of fighting ability now and the realization her 'glory days' are over, the old dragoness still has her pride and a willingness to see new 'glory days' relived again.
"I am your elder to follow, not your cripple to jeer at. What madness compels you to speak back to me? Get out, now before I smack the brains the moons gave a sea sponge into your hollow skull. More than you'll ever hold"
  • A runaway who worries about who he ran away from constantly, but doesn't want to go back.

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