Hi guys! Sunny here, and this is the second book of The IceWing Diaries! Let my know what you think in the comments section!


It was midnight. "Ok, the plan is going well." the mysterious voice said. It was familiar. "Yes, it is."A second mysterious voice said "Look, we need to discuss the rest of the plan." A third scowled. "Obviously, so shut up!" The first mysterious voice said. "Ok, so now that we have been convinced, we strike." "Who has been convinced?" One said. "Were you at the last meeting, Seal?" Seal shook his head.

"I am so fed up with you, Seal! You are no longer part of TSSI!" Seal gasped. "What!" Seal exclaimed. "You've missed several meetings and you always shirk your work!" The first voice exclaimed. "Well Icicle, I don't need this stupid organization, because I quit! I'm going back to good! For good!" Seal snapped. And with that, Seal was out the door. "Now, on with the plan." "Ok, since they wont see this coming, we have the advantage."

"But Icicle, your daughters have graduated their fighting classes, and are now nine years old! Plus, Avalanche is a very skilled fighter." "I know Icecaps. She is pretty skilled." Icecaps rolled her eyes. She had always loved Icicle. But she could never admit to it. 


Seal kicked the snow ahead of him. "Stupid Icicle..." he mumbled. "And his little rules..." Seal continued. "'Oh you missed a meeting! Well your kicked out! Oh boo and hoo!'" Seal mimiced. He was enraged. "I don't need them! I gotta good reputation to make!"

Chapter 1: Innocence

"Good morning, mom and and dad!" I cheered. It was a great morning. "Hey Popsicle." I greeted. "Hey.." she mumbled. "What's wrong?" I asked curiously. Popsicle grunted. "Rough sleep?" I ask. "Yeah." She replied. I knew she was lying. I look her in the eyes. "Whats wrong?" I asked, poking her in the underbelly with a talon. "Fine. It's Snowslash. It's been tormenting me to find out about her."

"Why don't you ask dad?" I asked Popsicle. Popsicle shrugged. "Snowslash was made a criminal. She could have been innocent. She could have been with us.. we never knew her, or met her." Popsicle went on. "It's not our fault!" I told her. "But.. but.. I want to know