Headless Dragon

The Headless Dragon

This is Quarx's OC.


As a ghost, he has a solid black body, but his head is that of a large, orange pumpkin. He is mentally insane and likes to scare, but not kill, any lone adveturers wandering Pyrrhia. He is (extremely) scary. He usually comes every year during mid-fall and goes after winter has started. He also has solid black eyes to show his emptiness. His favorite line to say is, "BY FIRE, BE PURGED!"


A long time ago, during the NightWing-IceWing War, an IceWing, by the name of Distante, was beheaded in a spot near the Claws of the Clouds Mountains. Legend says that, when he came back, as a ghost, he went looking for a pumpkin, in replacement for his, now, unusable head. He did find one, and, since ghosts are rumored to have some animus abilities, magiked it to be part of his body. That is how he got the name.


The Headless Dragon can fly, is very quiet, and its shriek can be heard for miles in either direction. And also some animus abilities. He can also breathe fire; LOTS of fire.