Entity Final

This is my interpretation of The Entity. Its pretty epic isn't it? :D

A very powerful reincarnation of Szazo after he died.

General Info

  • This is not technically considered a living creature. The mind is dead, but the body continues to survive only because of the immense amount of magical energy coursing through its body.
  • There is no trace left of the former NightWing once known as Szazo.
  • Can detect and manipulate energy in the world around it. The creature has the extreme ability to shape the world and the elements, and it is said that The Entity may be able to tap into the life force or living organisms themselves. Of course, this is only if there is enough energy in the world around it, for The Entity to feed off of.
  • It feeds off of the energy in the environment, not needing any of the necessities of the living.
  • Feels no emotions, has no consciousnesses, and has no mind. It acts purely on instinct provided by the magical essence.
  • Considering it has no mind or thought, The Entity has a very unpredictable nature. It may not always kill something that it comes into close contact with. Instead it seems that the creature's actions are based on the overall positive/negative energy within the environment that he is feeding off of. If there are creatures surrounding him with hostile intentions, The Entity will turn aggressive. If the creatures around him are peaceful, then The Entity will remain stotic.


  • After Szazo used a devastating amount of magic to save his old best friend, Aiden, and Aiden's friends, as well as putting Queen Ruby into the right state of mind, Szazo supposedly died.
  • Animus dragons, if they use magic too much, will lose their sanity, and will eventually turn homicidal as a result. Well considering Szazo was never an Animus (a crystal enchanted by an Animus gave him the ability to manipulate energy and magic in the world) these effects were even more sever and damaging.
  • Szazo did not die properly. Instead, his body continued to flow with the magic essence fueled by the enchanted crystal.
  • After waking up, this creature killed nearly all of Ruby's personal guard (over 100 dragons) in the most horrid and gruesome of ways.
  • The Entity now stalks the lands, preying on anything living that comes too close.


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