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The Doctor is a light blue colored Seawing with green horns. His eye color is green. He always wears a bow tie around his neck, and he carries around a sonic screwdriver similar to the one used by the 11th Doctor.

The Doctor always has some form of mark on him that shows that he is not part of the tribes. His current form has a cluster of different random colors under his wings.


The Doctor was once a companion for the original Time Lord. Unfortunately, this was at the time of his last regeneration. Before dying, the original Time Lord transferred his powers to The Doctor, and gave him the Tardis. The Doctor now travels through time and space in the Tardis, defending the Earth and Pyrrhia from the evils that threaten the two worlds.

When he's not defending either worlds from a Dalek invasion (or any invasion), The Doctor travels through space and time searching for his future regenerated selves. So far he has found 9 of them: 2 Mudwings, 1 Seawing (not including himself), 2 Sandwings, 1 Icewing, 1 Rainwing, 1 Skywing, and 1 Nightwing. The Doctor can summon any of his regenrated selves to help aid him in saving the world.

The 10 Doctors

  1. Seawing
  2. Mudwing
  3. Icewing
  4. Skywing
  5. Rainwing
  6. Nightwing
  7. Sandwing
  8. Mudwing
  9. Seawing
  10. Sandwing


The Doctor cares about the safety of Earth and Pyrrhia. This tends to cause him to go out of his way to protect both Humans and Dragons. Despite this fundamental flaw, The Doctor is very intelligent, and is able to find a way out of every predicament that is thrown at him. His high form of intelligence causes others around him to think of him as a madman. The Doctor would surely agree.

His main enemy is the Daleks, because they were the ones that killed the Time Lord that he once served. He has sworn to rid the universe of the Daleks.

Each of the 9 regenerations have their own personalities, but there is very little known about them, as far as The Doctor is concerned.

Origin Story

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