This is a fanfic made by EaglestarLight4463.  Please do not use or copy it, and please, please, PLEASE do not edit it!  I know some of the queens and other characters do not exist on the wikia.  You do not have to tell me, I already know.  Tsunami, Clay, Glory, Sunny, and Starflight are being used in the fanfic, as well as other OCs in the original Wings of Fire.  Please enjoy!


Seven queens sat at the marble table.  Queen Swampheart of the MudWings, Queen Sandy of the SandWings, Queen Hawk of the SkyWings, Queen Tsunami of the SeaWings, Queen Rainbow of the RainWings, Queen Crystal of the IceWings, and Queen Dusk of the NightWings.  Dusk stared coldly at all of her fellow queens.

"Why have you brought us here, Dusk?" Tsunami hissed.  "We have a major problem of the queens of Pyrrhia," Dusk snapped at Tsunami.  Tsunami sighed.  "Is it the orcas?" she asked.  "I, er, only wanted to breed them to eat..."  "Orcas?" Dusk asked suspiciously.  "Not orcas, Tsunami."  "Oh."  Tsunami blushed deeply.  "Well, then forget that other thing...."  Tsunami stared at the table in embarrassment.  "Well, then, the new tribes created from the Firestorm are getting wild," Dusk snarled.  "The queens of the SwiftWings and the GeodeWings are trying to control their own tribes, but even they are failing.  It is up to us to stop them."

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