Author's notes

Sporidosis may be made if enough people "approve" of her. She is named after the sickness that infects if you drink infected water, but dragons just started to call her "Sporidosis".

Hope you like Sporidosis and this story!


A seaweed green egg shimmered deep under the water's surface. Multicolored fish swam quickly by it, dodging the egg quickly. The egg had been placed upon a reef of coral, forgotten by it's biological parents. They would later claimed it would be "tainted" with the dragon inside..

The unborn SeaWing dragonet's mother held the egg up to the light. Inside, a runt SeaWing laid. Her body looked twisted and her wings looked broken, the membrane was oddly torn. The mother quickly dropped the egg, surprised by the terrible dragonet inside.

She then proceeded to pick it up. She dashed out of the structure and swam deeper into the more dangerous coves. The dragon threw the egg on the coral, not caring if the dragonet inside was fully developed or not. She stared at the egg in disbelief for what felt like hours, then swam away slower, as if the egg caused her attitude to drop from surprised to melancholic.

The egg stilled, and laid silently in the ocean.

The love had vanished now. The egg was alone.

Will be continued.