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The Crimson

Some sort of cover art I made


It was a deceptively beautiful night. The sparkling white stars contrasted the deep indigo sky perfectly, shining brighter than they ever had before. Two moons were full, glowing like silver beads inlaid into the heavens. The third was a crescent, a small sliver that still shone gorgeously. The jewel-blue lake mirrored the sky elegantly, so well in fact that it looked like the night had been poured into it.

On this beautiful evening, it seemed that nothing could go wrong.

At least for most dragons.

There was one particular element that didn't fit with the placid calm of the surroundings. A scarlet speck, speeding through the sky like its life depended on it.

And depend on it, it did.

The scarlet dragoness hurtled forward, a deep blood-red egg clutched in her talons. She looked behind her, just for a moment, and her heart dropped out of her chest.

She had a pursuer.

And it was gaining on her.

She frantically flapped her wings, trying desperately to put space between her and the rapidly approaching danger. It was only so far away. So far, and she would be safe. She just had to keep going.

Apparently Mother Nature had different plans. Before the dragoness could flap to safety, there was a sudden change of wind. She was caught by suprise and buffeted around, not enough to knock her out of the sky, but enough to loosen the grip on her fragile package. Before she could react, the egg slipped out of her grasp and plummeted towards the water below. She screeched, and tucked in her wings to dive after the egg.

Unfortunately, she never got to.

Her pursuer caught up to her swiftly, slamming into the dragoness and sending both of them careening towards the ocean. Before she knew it, the figure had pressed its face up to hers, and all she could see was a malicious pair of glowing red eyes. She felt talons rake across her throat, and saw the world around her stain red. The last thing she ever witnessed were those glittering red eyes.

Chapter 1

Click. Click. Click. Click.

"Could you stop?"

Click. Click. Click. Click. Click.

"Would you STOP PACING!"


Click. Click. Click.


Chromata scowled as he heard a cacophony of snarls echoing from the entryway. He whirled around to see a writhing, spitting mass of blue and red.

"Would you two birdbrains knock it off?!"

They immediately broke apart, attempting to look like they were sitting up straight the whole time, yet failing.

Chromata's glare bored into the pair. "I hope you're done fooling around. There are important matters at hand, and we cannot afford to horse around!"

"Apologies, sir." Trident barked out