Note: she almost always is Death, the original queen.


She walked down the dimly lit hallway. Alongside her were her faithful squires, Shade and Discord. Suddenly the royal messenger ran out.

"Hurry! The SandWings have attacke-

"You are interrupting my quiet stroll for something measly like that?"

"You don't understand. They have the IceWings and SkyWings with them."

"Hmmmmm....... We are at war. FIGHTERS!"

A legion of dark dragons came out. 

"You called?"

"Yes. We are at war." The fighters gasped. She went on. "They have found our hiding spot. We must fight back. Go. Now." The fighters flew away.

Frost was soaring through the air. Along him were Storm and Earth. 

"Now we attack!" "But they know." "So what? We shall still overwhelm them! They must be weak." "They may be strong, for all we know. We've never went up against the likes of them-" "NOW!" "Ok,ok. Geez. Legion of Blood! Report!" Suddenly a mixed party of white, brown and gold flew past them, aiming for a stone bunker. They destroyed it in a matter of seconds. Suddenly, a giant shadow leaped upon them, then flew away. The army was all dead. Frost, Storm and Earth quickly flew away.

While they were running, Earth asked, "What the heck was that?"

Frost said, "The queen of the DeathWings. I never thought she'd attack us. Our plan has backfired. Let's bring a larger army next time."

Storm said, "No way! Did you see what they did to us? That was just one dragon. What about their army?"

Frost replied, "Are you a chicken? There's a reason we made you leader of the Legion of Blood."

"All right!

But we're getting ahead of ourselves, aren't we? We need to start with the beginnings...

Death was born into the royal family, about 20 B.D. (Before Dragonets) (THAT'S A THING NOW) to Queen Strife (HAHA REFERENCE) and her mate, Dusk. THAT'S ALL FOR NOW BECAUSE I'M LAZY

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