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By Kitty

A collection of one-shots and arcs, all about the semi-canon romance of Blister x Morrowseer.

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Authors' Notes

  • Matau: It was I who originally coined the names Doomherald and Quicksand for Morrowseer's and Blister's children. If those are the names people will now use, that's awesome! I am so happy to have developed those names! The arcs are related within themselves, i. e., Arc One Chapter 2 logically follows from Arc One Chapter 1, but Arcs are not related to each other at all. If you have something which doesn't really fit, start another arc.
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Arc One (Transcript Arc)

Chapter 1 (Socrates)

(Comments said by Blister, as overheard by NightWing spies.)

No, I most certainly am NOT in love with Morrowseer! Next I hear of someone saying such a thing, I will cut off their body! No, I don't mean cut off their head, it's the body I cut off!

What!? Morrowseer is coming!? How do my scales look? Er-I must look my best if I'm to charm him into helping our cause.

Ah, hello, it's wonderful to see you Morrowseer! Why don't we discuss our treaty over a rom-er, over dinner. Oh, don't worry. It's not poison. I'd never do that to such a dear friend and ally as yourself.

Chapter 2 (Matau)

(Transcript from meeting by Moray)

Morrowseer: (tears open fresh meat, looks out of corner of eyes) So, let's begin. We need a workable treaty that will leave both of us happy, obviously. Tension is a self-amplifying state of mind.

Blister: (also begins eating) Yes, let's. I know how very powerful you and your NightWings are at everything from persuasive writing to strategy to claw-to-claw combat, so do you think you could start tipping the scales in your scrolls towards me?

Morrowseer: Of course I can! Especially for such a crucial ally and friend like you! I'll see to it personally!

Blister: (smiles) That's wonderful, Morrowseer. I knew I could count on you. I'll make sure our resources are available to you, of course.

Morrowseer: (smiles back) I am very happy to hear it. I'll also urge the scientists to progress with their new experimental technologies. I am sure you would enjoy that, yes?

Blister: (leans in) That's not the only thing I would enjoy, Morrowseer. Perhaps if you don't have any Talon orders... I could discuss some new developments with you?

Morrowseer: (smiles cunningly) I have open time. I will most certainly look forward to it, Blister.

Blister: Until then, my d-I mean, Morrowseer.

(Meeting Adjourned)

Chapter 3 (Socrates)

(Transcript of a conversation on the way to  the NightWing kingdom, as recorded by an anonymous spy)

NightWing apprentice: Morrowseer, is it true that you're in love with Blister?

Morrowseer: Certainly not! What ever gave you that ridiculous idea?

NightWing apprentice: The soldiers were talking about it last night. I can see in your mind that you are lying and you do like her.

Morrowseer: Your mind reading is obviously wrong. You get half rations this month for talking nonsense.

NightWing apprentice: Yes Morrowseer.

Chapter 4 (Matau)

(Transcript of a discussion between Coral and Blister by one of Scarlet's spies)

Coral: Blister, hello dear! It's so good to see you! How did your date with Morrowseer go?

Blister: (raises brow) What do you mean? I didn't go on a date with him!

Coral: I thought you did! Isn't that what happened when you and him had a very romantic dinner together?

Blister: Ummmmm... no. We were just discussing diplomacy and treaties.

Coral: Are you sure?

Blister: Yes, I'm quite sure. I did not just go on a date with Morrowseer. (whispers) Unfortunately.

Coral: So he stood you up for your date?

Blister: No, we weren't even planning a date! I'm not even in love with him!

Coral: That's awful! You're perfect for each other! You should definitely fall in love with him! Why, you might be even better lovers than Tsunami and Whirlpool!

Blister: I'll think about it. (whispers) I'm not crazy! I knew he was perfect for me, and now Coral confirmed it!

Chapter 5 (Socrates)

(Transcript of a conversation overheard by a small NightWing dragonet named Fatespeaker.)

Morrowseer: (Enters Queen Battlewinner's chamber and bows) The meeting with Blister went well, my queen.

Queen Battlewinner: Excellent. How many times did you make out with her?

Morrowseer: (frustrated) None!

Battlewinner: (shakes her head) How long are you going to keep up this facade, Morrowseer? The only NightWings that haven't figured it out yet are stupid ones like Mastermind. It's pretty dang obvious that you're in love. 

Morrowseer: It's not just that. I have always been extremely vocal in my anti-crossbreeding rants. If this becomes common knowledge I'll look like a hypocrite.

Battlewinner: We'll discourage the soldiers from talking about it too much. I'm sure it'll work out fine, provided she doesn't double-cross us.

Chapter 6 (Tundra)

(Transcript of Blister talking to herself, heard by a spy.)

(Blister walked around in a circle in her large room.) Maybe I am in love with Morrowseer... He's so muscular and heroic... (Shakes head.) no... It's just my imagination... Wait! No! I am in love with Morrowseer. I have to tell him somehow... (Thinks.) Morrowseer... I need to speak with you. (Coughs.) nope. Umm... My dearest Morrowseer, you are so wonderful! (Does a face-talon) nope! Nothing is right! How will I tell him? I won't... Wait... Morrowseer, I-I have feelings for you.... I mean that, like, umm... I really li- (door opens a bit.) who's there?! I was doing nothing! Absolutely nothing! Nothing whatsoever! (She smiles a bit embarrassed.) oops... I guess no one was there... Hehe... Ugg! I'm going crazy! (Smashes face onto her bed.) What do I do? What do I say?

Chapter 7 (Socrates)

(Transcript of Coral having Moray write a letter for her)

Coral: Are you ready Moray?

Moray: Yes, your majesty.

Coral: Here's what you write. "Dear Morrowseer, please meet me on the border of the Kingdom of Sand and the Rainforest Kingdom for a special surprise. Sincerely, a secret admirer."

Moray: (finishes writing) Your majesty? (Rolls the letter up)

Coral: Queen Battlewinner promised to send one to Blister. Then they'll have to go out with each other.

Chapter 8 (Lulerb03)

"So it is all about our angles. If we are cautious we can take out one of Burn's largest forces. Is that clear?" Blister asked her small force.

"If we find any opening?" questioned her general. 

"Repeat to me immediately." Blister said. Just then a messenger plew in.

"Message from Morrowseer of the NightWings. Dear Blister it is with the most importance that we meet by the old-"

"Don't.........say the location," Blister growled. The messenger looked taken aback, so that part was skipped.

"We must conference about the war yours truly, Morrowseer," the messenger said.

"All right, I must leave goodbye, and don't go on the mission until I get back." She growled as she flew in the air. She exited her war planning room with a serious look on her face. But, inside she was feeling as giddy as a one year old dragonet getting her first toy.

Chapter 9 (Socrates)

(Morrowseer is in the secret meeting place. I'm not telling you where because they deserve a little privacy in the future. He sees Blister land by him and is startled to see her.)

Morrowseer: I thought this was a trap! The letter was written on seaweed paper, the kind only used in the Sea Kingdom!

Blister: What letter?

(Morrowseer shows her the letter)

Blister: Weird. I got a letter too, one from you. And it's on the super-secret confidential NightWing letterhead.

Morrowseer: Only the great Queen Battlewinner uses the super-secret confidential NightWing letterhead!

Blister: (something dawns on her) We've been duped. These must have been sent by the queens Battlewinner and Coral! They ship Blistorrow, and keep trying to get us together!

Morrowseer: I'll never understand why it's not called Morrister.  I don't have authority over Battlewinner, but when I get my claws on Coral.....

Blister: Yep, she needs to pay.

Chapter 10 (Socrates)

(Transcript of happenings in Queen Coral's summer Palace, as overheard by Whirlpool)

Coral: Hello Blister, Morrowseer.  What brings you here to my palace on this fine day?  Moray! Please bring out the decaying Sperm Whale carcass we've been saving!

Moray: Yes, your Majesty.

Morrowseer: Coral, we know what you did!

Coral: And what might that be?


Coral: (flustered) How did you know?

Blister: You sent it on seaweed paper, which only the SeaWings use, and Queen Battlewinner sent it on the super-secret confidential NightWing letterhead.

Coral: Why does she even HAVE a Super-secret confidential NightWing letterhead?

Morrowseer: It was her idea. I'm still not entirely sure of it's purpose.

Blister: Now what do you have to say for yourself Coral?

Coral: How long are you two going to keep denying?

(Shrieking sounds could be heard at this point, and bits of decaying whale carcass came flying out the doors and windows, and Whirlpool decided it was best to get the heck out of there)

Arc Two (Meeting Arc)

Chapter 1.1 (Luckybird7765)

Blister wandered the charred remains of a once grand palace. She kicked a stone that looked suspiciously like a dragon's skull, and continued along.

As she stopped by the side of the island, next to the sea, she noticed a corpse of a MudWing. On its face, a black, oozing substance ate away at the dragon's scales. The SandWing princess retched a little as she rolled it over, revealing the other side of the dragon's head. There, the ivory gleam of the skull was visible, and the remains of the eye--which disintegrated as she watched--were wide with terror. It is possible that the dragon that killed her was a SandWing.... though the poison that infected her was unlike any that she had seen herself. And the dragon who had inflicted this was very clumsy with their aim.

"RainWing," a gruff voice behind her muttered. Blister whirled around, her tail arching over her instinctively like a scorpion. When she realized who had spoken, it dropped quickly.

Morrowseer stood there, the late light of the day gleaming on his dark blue to black scales. His eyes, dark like his scales, didn't betray his thoughts.

"Did you say, RainWing?" she hissed, walking slowly to him. Although he was her ally, she still didn't like his pompous attitude and the way that all of his kind was so big-headed. Of course, except for the Dragonet that she had met earlier. But he was a different story, and he annoyed her in other ways.

"Yes," He said quietly. All the sudden, the dragon was at her side.

"You see that corpse? Do you see the black remains of the venom?" He asked quickly, and Blister quickly nodded.

His shoulders slumped. "That is why I need your help. To get rid of them. They plan to attack all of Pyrrhia," Morrowseer murmured close to her.

Blister was in shock, something that dragons didn't do easily to her. "But, they only reside in the Forest. They are peaceful, lazy, and fat creatures. Nothing to be afraid of." As she said this, however, she stole a glance at the MudWing. Things like that didn't just happen, and wasn't there a RainWing that had been captured by Coral earlier? Antagonizing her might have resulted in that dragon dead. Not like she thought that it was possible.

"A front," He growled, and grasped her talons. The NightWing stared into her black eyes, and murmured in a low voice. "They will take everything that you knew. They will take over Pyrrhia, and something silly like a SandWing throne would be meaningless compared to what they will ensue. Their army is strong, and after us, who knows what they will take over? The SandWings, perhaps?"

Blister fell to her knees. "Morrowseer.. Is this true?"

He nodded solemnly, and wrapped her in his star-specked wings. His scales were warm, and they helped the cold and scared SandWing calm down a little.

"I need your help. Yours and the SeaWings. When they are defeated, our army will rise once again. Nothing will stop us from making the queen of the SandWings Blister. Besides, you would also get rid of those Dragonets," He whispered in her ear.

"Where are they?" She asked softly.

"In alliance with the enemy. They are with the RainWings, in the camp, and leading them to destroy you."

Blister shuddered and nestled in closer with Morrowseer. The two stared into the setting sun, with the ash floating around them and the waves crashing below them.

"You will help us, correct?" Morrowseer asked finally. The SandWing nodded a little, knowing that this was the only way to win.

"And the NightWing army is strong enough to kill my other sisters?" she asked back. With this, Morrowseer looked into the distance. He finally nodded. Blister smiled a little. They looked off into the distance again, both thinking of what was at hand.

Finally, Blister's eyelids drooped, and a few minutes later she fell asleep on her ally's chest. Morrowseer laid her down carefully, and slept next to her. Their wings drooped over each other to shield them from the wind.

Chapter 1.2 (Luckybird7765)

When the morning came, the SandWing woke up slowly. A dark green face stared down at her in surprise. It was Nautilus, that cowardly leader of the Talons.

She got up slowly, and felt someone else get up with her. Morrowseer heaved himself out of the soot, and he stared down the SeaWing with dismay.

"What are you here for?" he growled. Nautilus cringed, and backed away.

"I.. I was just wondering why you were sleeping with Blister..." he muttered, and the SandWing's barb was under his chin in a flash. At this, the dragon literally jumped into the air.

"Does it matter?" Blister asked softly, and with that Nautilus flew away. No doubt to blab about her and Morrowseer. No matter. She would kill him later anyway.

The NightWing stared at her for a moment, then stretched.

Finally, he said the most unlikely thing that he would ever speak: "We should do this again some time... Blister..." He seemed to stumble over her name, as if he wanted to use a different word.

Blister decided to use the rare emotion bubbling in her to her advantage. She threw her pale yellow wings around the dragon and kissed him.

The NightWing was taken back, but he didn't pull away. They stood there for a long time.

Blister was the first one to drop away, and she was surprised when she saw a rather goofy smile on the stoic NightWing's face. It was swiftly squashed, and he looked like that grumpy old dragon that she knew he was.

Her excitement fell into despair after that, when reality set in. She whirled around to fly away, and perhaps remember this later, when the war was over and she was queen. Then, and only then, she would look back and cherish this moment of happiness.

"Wait," Morrowseer said before she had lifted off. She looked over at him. His eyes were bright, and he flashed a quick smile at her. "Thank you, Blister... Thank you for all you have done.. I will never forget this..."

Her heart pounded in her chest, and the hope flew up through her scales again.

"I hope to see you again. It was nothing," She said, and lifted off.

She felt the gaze of the NightWing follow her until he was out of sight. Then, she began to giggle uncontrollably. Part of her knew she was acting just like Blaze, and she resented herself for letting herself go to such measures.

However, she couldn't stop it. Why should she? She was in love.

Chapter 2.1 (Luckybird7765)

(ATTENTION! This chapter is a sequel of the previous story by me. Enjoy!)

He came to her in a dream.

Blister was sleeping, thoughts of war and calculations of where her troops should go in her dreams. She knew that a normal dragon wouldn't think of something all day and night, but she wasn't a normal dragon. She was the future queen of the SandWings.

Then, as she was calculating the quickest route into the nearest SkyWing base, a shadow flew over her dream.

She looked around, and her eyes landed on a black dragon. It was Morrowseer, her love. All her delicate formulas and plans collapsed as her nonexistent breath was taken away.

His body was see-through, and every so often he flickered and showed the wall behind him.

"Morrowseer..." She rushed forward to embrace him. All the sudden, he was behind her, and she was hugging the wall. The SandWing quickly whipped around, and saw the NightWing stare at her forlornly.

"Is this a nightmare..?" She said aloud, and with that Morrowseer shook his head.

"No.. I really am here, in your dream. Don't think this is a vision that you made up..." He looked at her for a moment, watched a floating mathematical problem fly across his head, and then stared down at the ground.

"Then.. Why can't I feel you?" She waved a wing through his chest, and for a split second got a vision of a pile of molten rock. Blister jerked back.

"I am dead," Morrowseer said simply.

The SandWing stared, suddenly noting the many burns, the disfigured scales, and the fact that his right foreleg was twisted rather brutally.

"Dead..?" She repeated breathlessly. With that, Morrowseer nodded.

Blister was overwhelmed with hysteria. "Dead? Dead? But... how? Why?"

The NightWing adjusted himself so that he was able to embrace her, even though he was transparent.

"They attacked us.. They attacked the NightWings and I.. I thought that our tribe was done for, but strangely they only wanted me.. Once I was dead, they set the others free..." he murmured, almost completely quiet.

Tears, salty thick ones, came from Blister's eyes. "But.. What about the eggs?"

Morrowseer suddenly stopped. He backed away from her for a second. "Eggs?" he repeated.

Blister nodded, sniveling. "The eggs, two of them.. They are due to hatch next year.." She saw his eyes widening with surprise, and as he rushed forward to hug her he passed through.

It didn't matter. He was all smiles. "That is amazing, Blister!" He exclaimed. "Two little dragonets... They will have both of our brains! And... Your beauty..." He finished bashfully.

Blister smiled back, but the sadness still lingered. "But... What will it be like to grow up without a father?"

He answered back cheerfully. "You grew up without a mother, and look how you turned out! Don't worry, I will always be near you…"

With that, the dream went dark, and Blister woke up.

Chapter 2.2 (Luckybird7765)

Morrowseer pulled a gem from his forehead, and sighed at it. This plan would have to work. With him presumed to be dead, she will fight even harder. His NightWings will finally emerge in the new Pyrrhia, with her the Queen and him the King.

He had found the little star-shaped sapphire in one of the bunk beds, Starflight's to be exact. He wasn't surprised that it was there, and knew immediately that he had contacted one of his friends through this. How he would know what they are and how they are used, he didn't know. However, as soon as he had found it, they had arrived. This must not be a coincidence. He didn't believe in those.

He touched the burn on his face, the one that Blister had seen. It pulsed tenderly and he winced.

The spots from the fire still danced in his eyes. It had scorched his back and charred his scales off. Then the lava came, and for minutes he scrambled from the flow, white hot with pain.

Now, as he recovered, it still hurt, as he knew it would forever. But he had survived. And he made a promise.

Always stay with Blister, no matter what.

Chapter 3.1 (Luckybird7765)

Blister has survived one of the bloodiest dragon wars with two thirds of Pyrrhia out for her blood.

She has juggled two tribes in her talons, one of which super powerful and extremely dangerous.

She's gotten engaged with one of such dragons, the leader of them.

She could say her life was eventful. And extremely successful, for being barely twenty five at this present day.

However, all of it changed the day she made her first stupid mistake. First bad decision. She would have applauded herself for lasting that long on her instincts and her brain, except for the situation that it got her in.

Her claws closed around the Eye of Onyx, which hummed as it left that idiot Thorn's grasp. She shrank back, and suddenly felt it heat up.

A spark danced between her talons, then another. She felt her arms vibrating with the shuddering going through it.

Oh no. Oh nononono...

She forgot the old story Oasis used to tell them. The Eye only responded to the last dragon that was crowned queen. She had 'taken' it from the 'queen.' It was rejecting her. It didn't understand that she was part of the royal family.

What have I done? She tried desperately to pry her claws off the jewel, but the electricity jolting up her arms froze her joints in place. She couldn't move, or speak. It had frozen her jaw.

Then came the pain. It wracked through her body, throwing her only loose appendages from side to side. Her head swung around against it's will and her tail smacked uselessly against the ground.

The lightning was arching around the jewel, pouring into her. She couldn't take it... Everything was vibrating, yet staying perfectly still. She was wrapped in a glow of orange and white.

It started tearing through her like she was nothing but dust. She couldn't feel anything at all, just the constant jolts as more and more magic was poured into her. Where her scales and body went, she didn't know.

Just before she disappeared altogether, her head swung back. Her wings were bathed in sunset colors. It almost looked like they were ablaze.

Heh, Wings of Fire... A single incoherent thought was all she thought before exploding into a pile of ash, the Eye falling towards the false queen, the dragon that unrightfully took her place.

Blister, it seemed, was gone.

Chapter 3.2

The sound of water droplets falling into some faraway water pool awoke Blister. She groaned a little, feeling the cold stone sap away at her heat. Even though SandWings were endotherms, they still felt effects that the other dragon species had as cold blooded creatures. She felt sleepy, just wanting to dip back into the void. Maybe she could meet Morrowseer there.

But through practice, she pushed aside those desires. She had a job to do. Maybe her plan has deviated off schedule, but it would still happen.

First things first. Where was she?

Blister pushed herself to her feet. Every talon protested, but she ignored them. Wounds can be tended to later.

Everything was dark, only dimly lit by some unknown source. She swung her head around, her eyes slowly adjusting. She seemed to be in a cave of some kind, made of twisted black rock. Upon further inspection it seemed it was volcanic rock. Some areas still had magma peeking through cracks. None of it seemed in immediate danger of spilling in, so she decided to take the light and heat as a good omen.

There was fresh water spilling into one corner, and while rather ashy seemed harmless. She drank her fill, wondering how long she had been out. Well, hopefully she will find out.

Something clattered behind her. She swung around, her tail arching up. Adrenilen went into overdrive as she imagined all sorts of enemies in the shadows.

Nothing. Just a rock that fell from a cranny. She relaxed, her tail drooping.

Then the lava-light caught the stone... And it shown blue.

She rushed over to it, excited. Perhaps a dragon has been down here recently, and left some jewels behind.

Then she picked it up. It vibrated in her claws. She threw it as far as she could, and it dropped with a plunk into her little pool of water.

Animus dragons. I hate them. Why did I ever agree to that plan of Coral's? She had initially been excited about the prospect of magic on her side. Then there was the incident with the Eye and her taste for magic faded rather quickly.

This... thing... was another cursed stone. It might blow up in her face or worse.

She checked around some more to make sure there was no other time bombs. To her sour surprise, there was one more.

And it was one that she had brought herself. After passing by the 'Scorpion Den' on her way to the Stronghold, she ran into a certain artifact. The Obsidian Mirror, one of the many animus objects floating around Pyrrhia.

Now her initial fear of animus artifacts were fading as she touched this somewhat familiar one. She used it several times on her way up to make sure the dragonets weren't going to pull a fast one and lead her into a trap.

It might possibly be the only way that she can access the rest of Pyrrhia.

But who should she look at first?

Her mind immediately switched into gear. Enemies. She needed to know what they had first.

And assuming her ditz of a sister hasn't been killed yet, she might be the most valuable source at the moment. Or not. Her brain is a bunch of rocks. It's a surprise she's so air-headed by how dense she is.

"Blaze," she whispered, her own voice surprising her. It was rough and cracked, nothing like what it used to be. She must have been out for a lot longer than she thought.

She blew a puff of smoke at the mirror, and it sucked it up. Immediately, a sandy cloud formed, and Blaze's soft voice started speaking.

"Maybe I should get the ruby bracelet... I always look good in that!" The tornado paced back and forth on the black landscape, muttering to herself.

"Ooooh! How about the mink robe! Queen Glacier always said I was fabulous in that! Oh, decisions decisions... I should get someone to help me decide. I only have five hours! That is barely enough to get all my makeup on!" She started rushing out the room, and several more wisps came and went, as if she were running down a hall.

A darker tan figure sprouted up at the end of the mirror. Blister narrowed her eyes at it. Then it spoke, and she realized why she recognized it.

"What is it, Blaze?" she sounded tired, as if she was well used to her coming in every two minutes. It was Thorn, that... that...

She didn't even have words to describe her. If... no... when she escaped, Blister will personally rip her to pieces. Perhaps just after killing those self-righteous dragonets.

Alright, seeing Thorn and Blaze chat on didn't help her cause. The two clouds disappeared under a burst of fire. She needed someone else.

How about an old ally?

"Coral," she breathed another plume of smoke across the mirror, and several blue and green tempests rose from the inky black surface.

A quiet voice started murmuring. "I'm so sorry... I was a squid brain.." It was Coral.

Another one answered back. "It's ok. I understand... Blister was deceiving you.." This one was her daughter, Anemone.

Blister swallowed back rage. Ungrateful little...! After all she did for them!

"No... Not just Blister... I've made so many bad mistakes. Your magic, Orca's statue, Tsunami and her friends, Whirlpool..." She broke down in sobs. "I still can't believe that he was out to kill Tsunami... He would have been a good king, but not that way..."

It died back down to silence. Blister has had enough with the sappy stuff. Both of these dragons were useless. But one name stood out. Whirlpool was familiar to her. A scholar and a scribe of the SeaWings. Very smart. As deceptive and willing to sacrifice for what he wants as she is. He had made his mistake long ago, when he was cornered by Anemone, and eventually killed by her. He might be still alive. And if he was, then he could be a valuable source about the goings-on in Pyrrhia.

"Whirlpool," She eventually said, crossing her talons that he wasn't dead.

Sure as the moons rise every night, a green shape appeared.

She listened in closely, hearing deep breathings. He was asleep. Great. Now that she had someone who could potentially give her information through eavesdropping, she couldn't even hear him. All he could see was dreams.



She ran from the mirror over to the pool. The blue gem sparkled at the bottom, in the low magma-light. She plucked it out of the water.

If this was what she thought it was...

It buzzed in agreement when she brought it to her forehead. She knew what it was.

A dreamvisitor. Given her luck so far, she wasn't surprised to see it.

"Whirlpool," She muttered again, pressing the sapphire into her scales.

In a flash of light and a whirl of colors, she found herself...

In another dark room.

She sighed. Then the crackling of paper reached her ears. She spun around to see a desk suddenly sprout out of nowhere. A green SeaWing was at it, scribbling intently.

She coughed after a few awkward moments of the dragon not even noticing her. It looked up, it's pale eyes widening with alarm.

"Your majesty!" It said hurriedly, bowing towards her. It's voice was the same, oily drawl. Yep, this was the right dragon.

"Not now, Whirlpool," She sized him up. "There are more pressing matters to address. We do not need formalities for a crisis."

He looked at her, as if noticing that this was different from a dream. He pointed to the jewel that was in her claws. "Are you...?"

She nodded, impatient. "I need help. Lots of it. It seems my plan has failed." She quickly explained the situation. Whirlpool started to scribble something down. Papers around her shifted and changed as the writing on them began to take in the new information.

Finally, he looked up. "And where are you now?" He asked, a map in his claws. Several locations were already crossed out.

Blister took a deep, ash-filled breath. As she sputtered with coughs, something came to her. Morrowseer, and every other NightWing she saw, had that smell. Bad breath and smoke. Was she... Could she be...

"I have an idea... But you will not like it." She started explaining her half-formed idea. With two animus-touched objects in her grasp, who knew what she could do?

Or imitate?

Whirlpool was positively beaming. "Excellent. Shall we get started immediately?"

Blister grinned, her eyes gleaming like polished obsidian. "I think I have the time to make it dramatic. Keep me informed, I'm going to begin stage one."

And with that, she cut off the connection to the SeaWing scribe. Almost immediately, she began to search her memory for any other NightWing that could help her cause. Someone young. Innocent. Someone that couldn't know the truth that was revealed.

The dreamvisitor seemed to sense her intentions, and whisked her into darkness. She panicked for a minute, before light dappled the darkness, and a young dragonet appeared before her, walking in a rainforest. She looked barely one, probably much less. Blister wondered if for a minute she chose a NightWing too young.

"Hello," She muttered to her. The dragonet jumped and turned around. When she noticed the dragoness, a beam appeared on her face.

"Hi!" She grinned. Blister decided to take up the mystery side of the plan.

"I am the ghost of a dragon that lived long ago, and I am here to show you something..." She tried to summon the shadows around her, making herself more 'spooky' and 'mysterious.' She wondered if this was what it felt like to be a NightWing.

The dragonet stared up with wide eyes. She seemed to be taking in every word. "A prophecy?" She managed.

Exactly. Blister smiled. "Indeed I am. And it will help all of Pyrrhia from a new danger that is coming. I have forseen it, and only a select few dragonets can prevent it." She paused, sweeping a claw under her chin. "Including you."

Before the dragonet could speak, Blister cleared her throat and started shouting in her best mystery voice that reminded her so much of Morrowseer it hurt.

"Something is coming to shake the earth."

"Something is coming to scorch the ground."

"Jade Mountain will fall beneath thunder and ice,"

"Unless the lost city of night can be found."

Yes, the comet overhead is expected to cause earthquakes. Yes, the fury of the NightWings on her side will probably cause them to revolt against the RainWings and attack the Jade Mountain, Queen Glory's base of operations.

But the line that mattered was the lost city of night.

Because if her observations are correct, she might just be stuck in the middle of a volcano. The old home of the NightWings before it exploded.... And took Morrowseer with it.

The NightWing stared up at her, taking it in. Blister took the opportunity to look more genuine. She stepped back into the shadows, ready to break the connection.

"I will be back soon, please help Pyrrhia and make sure this prophecy comes true..." She whispered. Then she took the dreamvisitor off her head. The light of the forest floor dissolved into red magma light.

Blister smiled. All she had to do was wait. Whirlpool and whatever scraps of the Talons that remained will help the dragonets.

Soon, she will be free. Soon, she will have her revenge.

All because of a dragonet named Moonwatcher.

Let the second prophecy begin... Be prepared, Pyrrhia. The Queen of the SandWings is back.

Chapter 3.3 (Luckybird7765)

Two dragonets danced in the oasis. They splashed their tails in the rich cool water and climbed the date trees that grew around it.

Blister watched them proudly, and they ran over to her.

"Mama! Mama! Look what we found!" In one of their claws, the female's, there was a strange white crab. It was turned on it's back, and it's legs kicked wildly.

"That's very good, Quicksand," She smiled at her, and the other one frowned. He was Doomherald, the black and sandy grey one that reminded her so much of Morrowseer. His wings, his eyes, his smile.. She promised herself not to start crying in front of her dragonets.

Quicksand, the one that had her look and her barb, ran off and waved to her brother to join her. They dashed off into the dunes.

Blister expected them to come back soon. Doomherald always complained when sand got between his claws.

When they did, she began to walk forward. But it wasn't a complaint that they had.

"Mama! Mama! There is a strange dragon over there!" Quicksand shoved her brother out of the way and proudly told the news.

Blister got immediately defensive. If that dragon touched her dragonets, they would get the full fury of the SandWing queen.

She marched over the dune, her tail poised over her threateningly.

A dark dragon stood there, uncomfortable in the daylight. Blister stopped cold, and the dragon walked over to her.

She was speechless. He... He looked so much like...

The dragon smiled and looked up at her.

"I'm home," Morrowseer said.

Bonus Chapter (Sunnythesandwingfan23)

"Morrowseer!" Blister squealed in delight. Blister's children followed their mother.

"Who is this, mama?" asked Quicksand curiously.

"Yeah, who?" Doomherald asked.

"This... this is your father."

Quicksand and Doomherald looked at each other. "Daddy!" They cheered, hugging Morrowseer.

"How... how did you..."

"My love for you was so strong, I just couldn't die."

Blister had missed his passion. 

The reunited family walked into their palace.

And Blister sealed her love for Morrowseer with a kiss.

Arc Three (Dark Arc)

Chapter 1 (Matau)

It was going to end this way. There was nothing he could do.

His plans, laid piece by piece over decades, were all destroyed in a few hours.

His hopes, the last traces of who he once had been, were crushed by those he had caused to exist.

His own children, in spirit if not in blood, had turned against him and his kind.

The dragonets of destiny, of the prophecy he himself had spoken, had taken it upon themselves to kill him.

And it seemed they were destined to succeed.

He crawled away, too injured even to speak. He had escaped the lava, but his condition would still kill him. His only friends were on the other side of the world. His allies were almost certainly against him. And his masterstroke, his tribe's salvation, had chosen its side. It wanted him dead. What he didn't understand was why they had only wanted him. Perhaps they held a personal grudge towards them.

Morrowseer looked toward the continent. No doubt the RainWings were preparing to conquer the world. That was what he truly feared. What evidence was there the RainWings wouldn't just imprison all the NightWings as soon as they went through the portal?

He thought back to all he had done. He had accomplished much during his long life. It seemed it was now the end of his life, and he only feared for his fellow NightWings.

He thought back to Blister. Her cunning, her smile, her skill at analysis, her loyalty to those who truly needed her. Some might call her evil, but he knew better. Her condition was similar to his. She too was only trying to lead her people as best she could.

Speaking of Blister... was that her... no... his injuries had to just be making him hallucinate... his eyes closed... at last letting the darkness claim him...

Blister flew towards the Night Kingdom, coughing from the smoke. She hated this place, it was awful. She thought she made out the image of someone below, but she could barely see. She moved to turn away, but something made her look one last time. It was a huge dragon, lying, unmoving. She dove down, suspicious. She examined the dragon. He was burned terribly, and she couldn't tell if he was breathing. She looked at the dragon's snout. It was ridged, sharp, and scorched. Despite the terrible injuries, she couldn't help but feel she recognized this dragon.

Blister looked again, this time seeing what wasn't there. She gasped, shocked.

This was Morrowseer.

And something awful had happened to him.

Blister checked over him, panicking. If Morrowseer was dead, her alliances were completely destroyed. Coral had isolated herself, and now her best NightWing contact was gone. She couldn't stop the tears that streamed down her snout. Some distant corner of her mind told her not to do this, that a queen should be more dignified, but all she could think of was Morrowseer, his protectiveness, his brilliance, his eternal drive to help his tribe, his honesty in dealing with her, his promising of the throne to her, and all of the other wonderful things about him.

She sobbed on his still body, thinking of all she had lost. She held his talons, feeling his blood flowing to them...


Blister urgently pressed her talons against the side of his neck, checking for a pulse. She held her breath, hope and reality at war. She felt one, very weak but still there. She gasped, and a wild, ridiculous, wonderful thought shot through her mind--

Maybe he's alive!

She knew she couldn't try to heal him here. The environment was toxic, and she didn't know enough about injuries. But she could take him to a healer, if she was strong enough. She didn't stop to think about the physical impossibility of this feat. She couldn't risk it. She had to succeed, no matter what.

Blister picked up the old, injured dragon and flew towards her hideout. Perhaps he would live, perhaps he wouldn't, but she could at least try.

And she would.

Because she had come to love him.

Chapter 2 (Quarx) (Crossover with Warcraft)

Mal'Ganis watched as the two dragons flew towards the east, completely oblivious to the dreadlord's presence. Ever since his 'defeat' on Azeroth, by Arthas, he was shunned upon for being bested by a mere mortal. He shoved those dreadful thoughts aside, and focused on probing the pale yellow dragon's mind.

What he saw was the perfect slave for the Burning Legion.

The perfect slave and the perfect spy.

Blister's thoughts were buzzing. She did not know why, perhaps because she did not know demonic magic, unlike the dragons of Azeroth, where the dragons there got their fill of demonic magic nearly ten thousand years ago.

She wasn't even alive then.

She wasn't even from Azeroth.

She was Pyrrhian, not Azerothean.

Blister's thoughts were on Morrowseer, when she suddenly heard this mysterious voice, that was both evil-sounding, yet strangely tempting, at the same time. It sounded non-Pyrrhian also. What was even more stranger, was the fact that it sounded inside her head.

She nearly fell out of the sky when she heard the voice.

Blister, the voice said, I know what you want. You want your lover back, do you not?

Waiting just a second for anything else that the mysterious voice might say, Blister replied, “Of course.”

Good, because I can help you bring him back. All you have to do is find me in the Claws of the Clouds Mountains near where the eggs of dragons hatch.

Blister knew exactly where to go. She turned around and headed towards the looming mountain ahead...

Blister landed in the exact same spot that the stranger has shown her. Nobody was in the immediate vicinity, so Blister laid the corpse of Morrowseer down on the ground and silenly mourned upon the limp, black body of her former love. Tears streamed down the side of her face as they welled up, and then were released, like droplets of water inside of a raincloud, during one of those depressing rain showers.

Blister waited, for what she thought was an eternity, for the stranger to arrive. The sun was about to set, and, when it was nearly completely below the horizon and was thinking that this was a bad idea, a bright flash of green, eerie light engulfed her. A stench of sulfur and another substance filled her nostrils to the point where she almost vomited whatever was inside her stomach.

As suddenly as the light appeared, it vanished. When Blister decided to look, when she was sure the light was subdued enough, she was completely awestruck.

She has never seen anything like it before in her life.

The 'thing' in question looked like a Scavenger, except that it was tall (its head nearly reaching the head of a MudWing Bigwing six-year-old dragonet), had curved horns, purplish skin, sharp claws, that looked as if they could rip open her throat with ease, wings, cloven legs, donning purplish armor, and emitting a very powerful aura, yet...unholy aura? Blister could not exactly pinpoint the right word to describe it, so she just dismissed it.

Blister growled, “Exactly who are you?”

“I am the demon, Mal'Ganis,” the 'demon' replied. “I have summoned you here to help you with bringing your beloved back from the undead.”

“ was-”

“Yes,” Mal'Ganis interjected. “It was I that told you to come here. To be more precise, it was fate.”

“Fate,” Blister scoffed. “I don't believe in a such a concept. Such a waste of time just to think about it.”

“Is it, though?” Mal'Ganis sneered. “Then, I guess it a chance of luck, then. If wish to leave your lover for carrion, then I'll gladly leave. All I want, in return, is something else other than your 'treasure.'”

“Name your price.”

“Very well, then. What I want is,” Mal'Ganis took a quick look around for any eavesdroppers; spotting none, he continued, in a small, yet demonic, voice, “your loyal service to the Burning Legion.”

Should she do it? Blister never heard of such a thing, obviously nothing she has encountered before. It sounded nice, but, in order to make a sound decision, she needed to expand her knowledge. And the that was now.

“Before I can make a final decision, I'll need to know more about this 'Burning Legion;' I mean, what is there in joining? Is there lots of treasure involved?”

“More than you can imagine, dragon.” Blister thought. It was very taunting. Having Morrowseer back, along with lots and lots of treasure, she could rule Pyrrhia, with the help of this 'Burning Legion.' She would need proof, first, of this demon's 'resurrection' powers.

“Show me that you could resurrect him, then I'll take on the deal.”

“Very well, then. I'll start the ritual immediately,” Mal'Ganis said with a sneer.

Mal'Ganis started to mumble a few, indistinct words. After a little while, the words start to reverberate off the rocks, and dark swirls of energy began to intertwine with his fingers. Suddenly, at the peak of, what Blister thought it was, the spell, Mal'Ganis struck a dramatic pose, and a magenta tentacle reached out from his hands, striking the dead body of Morrowseer, and encasing it in the same, non-Pyrrhian glow. A burst of light exploded as the tentacle hit the still body. Blister had to shield her eyes in order to protect herself from being blinded from the explosion.

After the light subsided, Blister took a peek at Morrowseer's corpse.

Only to find its chest moving.

Blister gawked.

“Now, welcome to the Burning Legion,” Mal'Ganis replied with an even more sinister smirk upon his face, and not entirely to Blister either.

Arc Four (Rescue Arc)

Chapter 1 (Tsunami)

Sand. Stars. More sand. More stars.

Slowly, the world came into focus.

Where am I? Blister wondered.

All around her, sand stretched as far as she could see.

She closed her eyes with a groan.

It had been mid-day, when she always used to fly over her territory by herself, watching.

She had heard wing beats behind her, but by the time she whipped her head around, everything had gone black.

To her horror, her tail, wings, and talons were all bound to her body.

She hissed, and then everything went black again.

Morrowseer was dreaming.

He stood in the desert. Sand stretched in all directions.

Slowly, he turned around in a circle.


There she lay. A SkyWing was standing close to her, drinking from some sort of jug.

The image disappeared. In its place, a deep, dark blackness.

Out of this void came a voice, a deep, booming voice.

If you save her, it will cost you everything.

If you don’t save her, it will cost her everything.

After a pause, the voice added, Will you save her?

He nodded. “I will.”

Another pause. You will find her -

To Morrowseer’s horror, he felt the dream slipping away. He strained to hear the words.

- sky - palace - week - dead -

He awoke, turned his face northwards, and flew.

He flew to save Blister’s life, and lose his own.

He flew with all he had.

He flew.

Chapter 2 (Tsunami)

After five days traveling, Blister had arrived at the SkyWings’ palace.

“Jasper, you have returned!”

Blister’s captor nodded and bowed low. “Yes, Your Majesty.”

Ruby smiled. “And I see we have a guest!”

Blister hissed, and Ruby laughed. “Take her to her room.”

Jasper bowed again. “Yes, Your Majesty.”

A dozen SkyWings separated themselves from the others and formed a circle around Blister, closing in. Chains were flung around her mouth, wings, and tail.

Slowly, she followed her captors into a small cave, where she was bound to the wall by more chains. Black stones were thrown by the mouth of the cave and set on fire, leaving Blister alone, hungry, tired, and furious.

Morrowseer, she thought, and then fell asleep.

It was the seventh day after Morrowseer’s dream.

More specifically, the sixth night.

Lightning streaked across the sky. Thunder roared.

He landed right in front of the palace, soaked from the top of his head to the tip of his tail. Slowly, he crept along the wall. He couldn’t see the guards; perhaps they had gone inside to help guard Blister - and stay out of the rain.

Quietly he snuck through the doorway. Staying in the shadows, he began to creep towards the prison caves. One was especially heavily guarded, and fire kept the prisoner inside.

That must be Blister’s prison, he thought excitedly.

Taking some silver discs from a pouch around his neck, he crept closer.

There must be… 10 guards! he thought, shuddering.

Silently, he flung all 15 of his discs at the guards, then charged out of the shadows, blasting fire in all directions.

To his delight, 8 of the guards lay wounded.

Only 2 more to deal with.

A jolt of pain tore up his leg, and he whipped his head around, fire ready. He dove at his attacker, but didn’t get very far, as his leg was badly wounded.

The remaining guards circled around him slowly, making hissing fire-breath noises.

He flung himself at the nearest sky dragon, wounding him severly on his neck. He lifted a talon to finish him off, only to find that his other opponent had blasted fire at his back, turning him blacker than before.

He whipped around, roared, pounced, and tore her head off.

He staggered to his feet.

Summoning all his courage, he squeezed his eyes shut and dove straight into the fire.

Searing pain overwhelmed him, and he fell as soon as his head had passed through the fire.

The smell of burning flesh filled the cave.

He gritted his teeth, forcing himself to stay awake even though stars were starting to dance around his head.

With a mighty effort, he pulled himself completely out of the fire.

“Blister?” he gasped.

Blister screamed in fury. “What did they do to you?!

He crept toward her. Carefully holding the chains away from her scales, he melted them with his fire, freeing her.

“Blister,” he gasped.

To his amazement, Blister was crying.

“Morrowseer,” she sobbed, “why did you do this for me?”

He didn’t answer. Instead, he grabbed the black rocks and flung them away, burning his talons.

Blister immediately dashed out. “Morrowseer, hurry! We need to get help for you!”

He shook his head sadly. “No, Blister. My time is over.”

Blister gasped and flung herself at him. “You can’t go, you just can’t!”

He groaned and closed his eyes.

“Don’t go,” she sobbed.

“I love you, Blister,” he whispered.

“I love you too.”

Blister tenderly wrapped her wings around his scorched body.

They lay there together for a long time - Blister listening to Morrowseer’s heartbeat fading, Morrowseer gasping for every breath.

Finally, his heartbeat stopped.

“Morrowseer.” Lifeless eyes stared back at her. “No!” she screamed, and collapsed in sobs.

Gradually, even her sobs died away. She ran her talons over his scales and down to his tail.

He died for me.

Why did he do it?

Because he loved me.

She stepped back, quivering.

As she turned to go, she spotted something.

A single silver scale, still intact, lying on the ground besides the night dragon.

She picked it up and turned it over.

In tiny gold letters, it read:

Perfect love casteth out fear.

Closing her talons around it, she slowly walked out of the cave, and out of the palace.

As she took flight for home, she pondered the message on Morrowseer’s scale.

It was a sign, she knew it.

Treasuring this thought in her heart, she soared away into the rising sun.

Chapter 3 (Tsunami)

Blister stared intently down into the sand at a small gold egg. A few small cracks appeared in the shell, growing larger and larger until a small, dark gold head popped out.

Blister smiled warmly and brought forth Morrowseer’s silver scale on a gold chain. She lovingly fastened it around the newborn dragonet’s neck.

“Welcome to the world, Fearless.”

Arc Five (Aftermath Arc)

Chapter 1 (Talonsofpeace123)

5 years later...

Fearless was fast asleep when a pale yellow bolt galloped by, nearly wiping the golden dragonet off her bed. Fearless yelped to see her mother bolting by, yet was puzzled when she saw her, and the most strangest sight ever, writing a letter. Why is Mommy writing a letter? she wondered. Time to investiate. The dragonet fluttered by, trying to see a glimpse of who see was writing to. She saw just a glimpse, but a glimpse was just enough. The name was strange, yet had a strange familiar feeling to it. The name: Morrowseer.

"Why is Mommy writing to some weird dragon?" she asked herself. "Is she allies with that guy? Or?" She gasped. "Or is she flirting with him? She can't! We already have a Daddy. His name is Morrow-" She gasped again. "Mommy's writing to Daddy."

"But that's impossible!" exclaimed Doomherald. "Father's is already dead."

This Fearless didn't know.

"But I thought Mommy said he was in war with Icewings!" she cried. Her eyes were watering and her voice was shaky. "He is dead," said Quicksand. "I saw him die." "NO QUICK!! THAT'S NOT TRUE!! HE IS STILL ALIVE!!" she screamed. She sobbed and sobbed until she was weak. Doomherald patted Fearless on the back. "I know how it is, Fear," he said. "It's okay." Fearless was laying down, breathing softly. "Now," she said. "Now, I miss him so much." She reached for her necklace, the one her mother gave her when she was first hatched. The golden dragonet gripped it hard and closed her eyes. She whispered something only she could hear. "I wish Daddy was alive and home."

Chapter 2 (Moonshadow the MoonFlyer)

Fearless was afraid.

A large black dragon was walking towards her. 

Slowly backing away, she arched her tail, as if ready to attack. Her eyes narrowed. 

"Who are you?" She trembled, trying to look feirce. The dragon had a calm but stern look that was seeping into Fearless's mind. The NightWing choked, blinking back tears. Why is he like that? Is he who I think- Her thought was interupted by  his voice.

"Fearless?" He managed to cough out. She felt tears rushing to her face. 

"You can't be. Wha- Why are you here? How are you here?" She choked. "Is that you?...... Morrowseer? Daddy?" She felt the slither of his name float across her black forked tongue. 

"Are you Fearless?" He said, talons reaching out. She couldn't bear the thought of this dragon touching her golden scales. 

"Yes....... Father." She said. Morrowseer wrapped his wings around her. "Fearless, I know you think I'm dead, but I'm always here." He whispered lovingly. Fearless clutched his talons, but they started to fade. "No," She whispered. "Don't go." Her blue tears made her golden scales radiant. She sobbed and sobbed, and she remembered his words; I'm always here. Then, she blacked out.

Chapter 2.5 (Moonshadow)

"Fearless! Fearless!" Blister shook her daughter's limp shoulders. Blister prayed that her daughter was okay. Oh Morrowseer, please let her be okay! She was flying to her cave and saw Fearless fall from a cliff, as if in a trance. Fearless' eyes fluttered open. 

"Daddy! Don't leave me!" Fearless wailed. Her talons raked against Blister's dry and sandy colored scales. Blood was splattered across her snout.

"Fearless!" Blister snatched her talons, making her eyes lock into the dragonet's soft black eyes. "Wake up." Blister spat, trying to fling off the maroon liquid of her daughter's horns. "Quicksand!! Get water from the well!" She roared at her.

"Is our little sister okay?" Doomherald asked, with unlikely compassion ringing in his rough voice. "She's fine." Blister replied to her son. "Now shut up and get some bandages. Blister wasn't always this cruel, but sh e couldn't forget the scene with Fearless. "Morrowseer......Morrowseer....." She had been moaning. Now Fearless lay in her bed, all the blood removed from her gold scales. Her delicate snout was rested on her pale yellow claws. Blister was afraid for her daughter's health. That obsession with insisting her father was alive.

She knew he had died.

She knew he wasn't mortal.

She thought Morrowseer was gone forever.

Or was she wrong............ 

Arc Six (Alliance Arc)

Chapter 1: Train of Thought (Bog)

Morrowseer dragged himself painfully onto a spire of rock sticking up out of the sea, keeping his eyes closed. He couldn't bare to see the Night Kingdom in ruins. But his mind's eye was relentless, showing him visions of NightWings turned to charcoal and tunnels filled with ash and lava. He opened one eye cautiously.

Thankfully, he was facing away from the main island. He opened his other eye and examined every inch of his body, making sure not to let his eyes travel to the island. His scales were pulsing painfully, and blacker than usual, but his wings were fine. If he could find the strength to flap them, he should be able to fly. He flexed them. Too painful.




The prophecy.

The RainWings.

He remembered his name. His tribe. His mission. His enemy. But Blister. Her name should not have been in his head. That was curious. He looked out to sea, and realized a terrible thing. He had to leave. And to get his sense of direction back, he would have to look at the Island. He contemplated turning around. He decided not to. Instead, he jumped into the water, and started swimming.

Morrowseer swam until the water started to feel cold and the air stopped smelling toxic, then kept swimming. When he saw the mainland ahead of him, he felt a strange joy that should not have been there. If he had reached the mainland, he should have been at the Sky Kingdom. That was one of his least favorite places, among the Ice Kingdom, the Rainforest, and the Night Kingdom's kitchens. The kitchens were more like decay factories than anything else.

But maybe it was just the fact that it wasn't the sea. Yes, that must be it.

An hour later, Morrowseer had climbed out of the water, and was now climbing up the side of a mountain. He looked to the south and saw the Sky palace. If he could get there, maybe he could use his telepathy to force someone to patch him up. Then he could find Blister.

He nearly lost his grip on the rock. Find Blister? I have no reason to help her anymore. My only objective should be survival. He glided to the next mountain in the direction of the Sky Palace.

"Ow!" Morrowseer was regretting his decision to find a SkyWing to patch his wounds.

The SkyWing gave Morrowseer an indignant look. "Well, what did you expect? Nothing that doesn't hurt works!"

Morrowseer glared at him threateningly. "You could have warned me."

"You know, after a few hours, that look of yours isn't as creepy. That should do." He left the cave without looking back.

Morrowseer looked at the ointment that now covered all of his burns. It burned almost as much as the actual burns had when he escaped the fireball. If that SkyWing was lying to me, I suppose I would have known about it.

He looked out at the ground below. There was a SandWing hiding in a crevice, staring up at the entrance to the cave as if she had wanted Morrowseer to find her. He flicked his tail to signal that he new she was there.

He heard the SandWing think, I'm with Blister. She has soldiers waiting in every kingdom looking for you.

Morrowseer's heart sped up. Blister was looking for him? That should not have excited him. He breathed slowly. When his heart slowed to a normal pace, he yelled down, "Can you take me to her?"

She nodded and took off southwest. Morrowseer flew after her, ignoring the pain in his wings and throat.

Chapter 2: Is Blister Home? (Bog)

They had arrived at the meeting place. Morrowseer hadn't tried to keep track of the days. He simply kept flying. He hadn't stopped or let the SandWing stop for the entire trip. When she said they had arrived, he finally landed and looked around. He had refused to slow down from his fastest speed for the entire journey, and the ointment had been blown away by the wind days ago.

He turned around to give the SandWing his thanks, but she had already fallen over and died. Crap.

He almost smiled at the thought. He hadn't thought the word crap since he was six years old. He pushed it aside, and called out, "Is Blister home?" It made his throat sore.

He looked around while he waited for something to respond. He was at the tip of a peninsula that had been referred to many times as the "foot" of Pyrrhia. He couldn't see a tree for miles, but the sand on the beach was white and warm. 

He reached out with his mind again. He could hear something below him. The thoughts of secure dragons, confident that no dragon would ever be able to find them underground.

Why are there never any cinnamon roles left when I get here?

The dragonets are coming, they're coming to save the day!

Where is that NightWing?

Morrowseer stopped on the last voice. Was that Blister? He stomped the ground, trying to get someone's attention. 

If he was found at any of these marked spots in the last few weeks, he should be here by now.

He jumped up and down, but the sand muffled all atempts to make an audible sound.He started digging around instead.

I wonder if he has been found.

His claws came down on something metal. He scraped and banged on that.

The dragoness he was listening to stopped thinking for a full minute. Morrowseer worried that he might have lost the connection. Someone tried to open the trapdoor, and he stepped off of it. Blister's rattlesnake marked head poked out and looked around until she spotted him.


"Yes, and if I didn't know any better, I would think you were worried about me."

"It's a good thing you know better!"

Morrowseer couldn't help but smile. He quickly washed it off his face as Blister climbed out of the trapdoor.

Only then did Morrowseer realize what horrible stress he had been putting on his body. He wobbled on his talons and fell over, losing consciousness.

Chapter 3: A Dream and a Proportion (Bog)

Morrowseer had not had a single dream since he was a dragonet. Now that he did, he wasn't quite sure why everyone else loved them so much. Dreams were just images of the imagination. They showed him all of his terrible desires. They teased him about the fact that what they showed couldn't be a reality.

He and Blister sat at the peak of a mountain in the middle of a land that was impossibly flat. There were no dragons around. There didn't seem to be to be a war. There was only Morrowseer and Blister, sitting at an impossible height. He should have had trouble breathing. 

When he looked up, he saw millions of stars and only one giant moon. There were some stars that he recognized, but there were also entire constellations that he knew didn't even exist. Galaxies and nebulae that would not have been there in real life.

And Blister. Blister was bejeweled. Her scales reflected the moonlight in such a way that Morrowseer almost couldn't look at her, but couldn't quite look away at the same time. She looked down as if embarrassed. But Blister didn't get embarrassed. Ever.

This isn't real, he thought, Take me out of this, NOW!

He woke up with a jolt. His burns didn't feel like they were there anymore, but when he looked himself over, his scales were still blacker than they should have been. He looked around the room. The only thing in it was the bed.

He got up and walked out the door. There were SandWings all over the place, bustling about, manipulating chemicals, talking amongst themselves. Morrowseer saw a few dragons working on explosive proportions. He walked over to the table, scaring them off. All of the math was done wrong, and there were doodles all over the scrolls. Morrowseer's vision went red. Why would someone neglect and disregard something so important and fascinating as math?

He addressed the entire room. "Who. Did. This?"

Everyone stopped in their tracks. If someone had dropped a feather, everyone would have heard it hit the ground.

He dipped one claw in an inkwell and started to scribble on the paper at hyper-speed. He felt everyone's eyes on him as he corrected the mistakes, solved all the proportions, and scribbled out entire problems. When he was done, he glared at the silent crowd, drilling into their minds.

What is he doing?

When did he get here?

I thought he was in sick bay!

I'll be fired for sure.

Morrowseer froze his gaze upon that SandWing. "You. Come here."

The SandWing stumbled forward immediately. Morrowseer studied him. He was shivering with fear. Morrowseer had always enjoyed having that effect on other dragons. He leaned in close, and whispered, "Do not let this happen again." The SandWing nodded. Morrowseer sensed a great amount of relief from him.

He walked back into the room. A lot of nervous whispers reached his ears as he fell back asleep.

Chapter 4: Flattering words (Bog)

When Morrowseer woke up again, he immediately thought about the strange dream he had the first time he slept in the base. It seemed to be like one of those dreams that other dragons had claimed to have when they were "in love." But Morrowseer couldn't be in love. He was above such things. Blister is my ally, nothing more.

He tried to get up, but fell clumsily out of the bed when he saw that Blister was leaning in the doorway, apparently watching him sleep. She frowned. "That's not usually how you greet me."

Oops. Morrowseer cleared his throat as he got to his feet. "I'm usually the one who is awake when we meet like this."

Blister smiled. "And how does the turn around feel?"

"Well, frankly, it's quite creepy."

She turned to walk out, and Morrowseer noticed a long gash in her side that had been stitched up. "You're hurt!"

She looked back. "Yes, and if I didn't know better, I would think you were worried about me."

That took a while to register in Morrowseer's head. When it did, he started to stutter uncontrollably. "I'm not- I- That's not even-"

He shut up when she started laughing. He noticed several SandWings snickering at him stupidly on an upper level and gave them a menacing look.

She brought him to a room hidden by an empty wall at the end of a hallway that appeared to have no purpose. Once inside, she closed the door. Morrowseer realized that it must be an office. There was a desk crowded with papers, scrolls, and inkwells. He saw an unfinished math puzzle among them, and his talons itched longingly. "A secret room within a secret room? That's awfully untrusting of you, Blister."

She turned and smiled. "I let you in here, didn't I?

Morrowseer didn't exactly think that was a good thing. He suddenly realized that he was in a room alone with Blister. And that the room was a secret to everyone else. And that it was in a base hidden to the rest of the world. It made him feel uncharacteristically claustrophobic.

Blister looked at the floor with an embarrassed smile. Morrowseer was reminded of his dream. Blister didn't get embarressed. She didn't get nervous. And she certainly didn't get embarressed or nervous by Morrowseer. "You talked about me in your sleep."

Morrowseer's heart beat against his ribcage. "Did I?" He suddenly remebered that dragons usually had seven or eight dreams that they didn't remember. How many times had he dreamed about her while he slept?

She inched closer. "It was pretty flattering." 

Morrowseer could feel himself blushing. He looked down at his talons. "Anything that stood out?"

"A few things..." He looked up, and almost had to dig his claws into the stone to keep himself from jumping. She was close enough now to touch his wings. "You said some embarrassing things about me." She was still getting closer. Morrowseer could count the scales on her neck if he wanted to, but he didn't. 

"What did I say exactly?"

Five, six, seven...

"Does it really matter? The message is across."

Fifteen, sixteen, seventeen...

Morrowseer gulped. "Don't you think you're a little close?"



Blister leaned forward and kissed Morrowseer, and he stopped worrying about being too close to her. He stopped worrying about what he had said in his sleep. He stopped worrying about the war, and the prophecy, and both sets of dragonets, and just kissed her back.

Maybe I'm not above love after all.

Chapter 5: A favor from an equal mind (Bog)

A year later...

Morrowseer's mission was complete. His entire mission, even the part of it he hadn't known he had. The NightWings had a safe place to live. The war had ended. Blister was now queen of the SandWIngs. And he had found love. 

Morrowseer walked toward Blister's palace with a new mission. A mission that was more important to him than anything, even the well-being of his tribe.

In the last year, Morrowseer had been happier than he had ever been in all his life. The time he had spent with Blister was amazing, and he would be the first dragon to say it. There was only one thing left to be done now. 

He had arived at the palace. The guards hardly looked up from their conversation. He came here far to often for them to be suspicious of him anymore. He walked straight past the gate and knocked on the palace door. 

A SandWing that Morrowseer had never met before opened the door. "A NightWing? Oh! You must be Morrowseer! Come right in!" Morrowseer looked him over. He was about eleven years old and had a crazy grin that made him look like he was sure he could do anything. His mind was somewhat organized and seemed very powerful, but focused on humor more than information.

He walked in. "What happened to Blister's old doorman?"

"He's still around. I was just really close to the door." He grinned again. Morrowseer lost the insanly small amount of respect he had for the SandWing. He tried to get his name, but he couldn't break back into his mind.

"Big dude, if you could handle the junk in my head, I still wouldn't let you in."

Morrowseer frowned. "How did you know?"

He grinned. "Because you guys always try to do that! Blister's upstairs."

Morrowseer stopped him with a wing. "I was actually hoping for a bit of help. You look like the romantic type, correct?"

He grinned again. There didn't really seem to be a smile to him, just a wide grin and no other expression. "If you're talking about a favor from me, you'll wanna ask my friends about my history with favors."

Morrowseer didn't know what he meant by that. "You seem intelligent. I could use an equal mind on this. One more attuned to what I am trying to achieve."

"You have a way with words. I'm Grain. What did you have in mind? And I swear on my SandWing honor that I won't do anything stupid!"

Morrowseer looked around to make sure noone was listening. "I want to ask Blister to marry me."

Chapter 6: A trail and a proposal (Bog)

Morrowseer waited nervously for Grain to come back with Blister. When he had told him that he wanted to marry her, he had gotten all wide-eyed, and his psychological defenses had dropped. What Morrowseer saw was a brilliant mind with dangerous focus points. His memories were rather disturbing as well. He had released scorpions in a kitchen, glued a dragonet's tail to the floor of a stage, and many more elaborate things that Morrowseer prefered not to think about. But he also didn't appear to have been lying when he swore he wouldn't do anything stupid. That wasn't really as reassuring as it usually was. Grain was obviously a very intelligent dragon.

He heard a door open upstairs, and turned around. Grain was coming down the stairs with Blister behind him. He gave Morrowseer an "It's go time" look, and left through a side door. This was the part Morrowseer was the most nervous about. Grain had said he had a plan, but he hadn't told Morrowseer what it was, and by that time he had already put his mental defenses back up.

Blister smiled warmly at him. "I wasn't expecting you to be here until this afternoon." She didn't sound at all disapointed. 

He smiled back, hoping his talons weren't shaking. "I have a special business here, today."

She reached the bottom of the stairs and gave him a quick kiss. "So you'll stay longer than usual?"

There was a loud bang from somewhere to their left, and they both jumped. It came from behind the door Grain had gone into. Blister became very still, very fast. "What was that?"

Morrowseer reached out with his mind. 

Morrowseer, let's get this party started! Bring her down this way! And Grain's mind locked back up.

Morrowseer didn't know if he should. That bang had almost sounded like an explosion. It might not be safe for Blister. But what could he do about that? She was already walking cautiously toward the door.

"Blister, is that safe?"

She smiled back at him. "I'm not the safest dragon out there."

And she was right. She was always right. Morrowseer followed.

On the other side of the door, there was a broken, blackened chemistry set on a table sitting right in the middle of the hall. Blister wasn't very happy about that. "That was definitely Grain. He did something like this last week, but there was more fire. I believe you met him on your way in."

Morrowseer looked at the wreckage of the chemistry set with distaste. Maybe Grain couldn't be trusted at all. "More fire? Hmm. Perhaps this time, he doesn't mean to do all of his damage in one strike." Morrowseer registered that he had already done this. "Why do you still employ him if you can't keep him from pulling these immature pranks?"

She grunted. "He is intelligent, more so than he lets anyone know. He was on my team in the last inter-tribe trivia championship. He would only be on the team if I gave him a job."

A loud yelp came from a door on their right. Blister ran through, but Morrowseer stayed back and reached out mentally from behind her. 

Morrowseer! There are nine of 'em. They aren't venomous. Don't kill them. Go into the next room. Don't hesitate!

The connection was lost.That didn't make any sense. What isn't venomous?

He went into the next room. It was a large library with high shelves. Morrowseer was rather jealous of Blister because of this. If those shelves had any scrolls on mathematics, he wanted to know.


Morrowseer looked down at a very large, black snake coiled up on the floor. Oh, they're not venomous.

The dragon that had screamed was standing on top of a high shelf, shaking. Morrowseer told her, "Go the way we came. Don't hesitate." She flew out without a backward glance. Morrowseer grabbed Blister's talons and lead her through to the next room as fast as he could.

In this room, there was an empty cage and a pile of black instrument cases of many shapes, but all the same size. He turned to Blister. "Does your palace have a band room?"

She frowned at the cases. "No, those are actually all Grain's. He plays the clarinet and he has over nine thousand of them."

He let that sink in. "Why?"

"I don't know. He plays them when he's not doing anything else. Or he goes goes off to the bar and tells jokes around the beer barrel. But mostly he plays or causes chaos." She glanced at him. "Don't tell him I said this, but he's actually very good."

Morrowseer made a mental note of that. He glimpsed something shiny out of the corner of his eye, and looked around. At the bottom of a flight of stairs, there was a silver harmonica. He walked over and picked it up.

Blister looked at it. "He has lots of those. He gives one to every new prisoner and teaches them to play." 

Morrowseer looked up. There was a trail of other instruments of many shapes and sizes going up the stairs. He couldn't find Grain's mind up there. Did I miss a message?

They followed the trail, Morrowseer still trying to find Grain's mind and wondering what this had to do with him getting married to Blister.

When they reached the top of the stairs, the trail ended with a slide whistle at a room marked Grain in gold letters.

Morrowseer picked up a message, finally.

This is where it's at. Don't step on any of my harmonicas!

Blister opened the door catiously. She gasped, and Morrowseer pushed past her. He was greeted by Grain's insane grin. He smiled back. Grain had really out done himself this time.

He was standing in front of a giant stuffed animal that seemed to have been made by Grain himself. Morrowseer couldn't tell what it was supposed to be, because it was overstuffed and mishapen. It didn't look like Grain had actually ment for it to be anything at all.

He turned his grin on Blister. "'Sup, Your Majesty? I was savin' this for a friend of mine, gonna cover it in kerosene and blow it up in his front yard. Don't worry! I'm not stupid enough to do it in here!"

Morrowseer certainly didn't think he was stupid enough, but he might be demented enough. "Grain, what did any of this have to do with... anything?" He glanced at Blister nervously.

He grinned. Again. "I also have a cake I was gonna throw at another friend's house!" He moved to the left, revieling a cart with a large cake on it.

Blister looked at it suspiciously. "Did you make that?"

"Yeah! Where do you think I was all day yesterday? There's nothing wrong with it, I promise." 

Morrowseer scanned his mind, which was somewhat unguarded. "He speaks the truth. What is the purpose of this?"

He shook his head. "Dude, that is the cake, now. You get it?"

Morrowseer got it. He looked at Grain like he was crazy, which he probably was. "Now? You don't have anything else planned?"

"Yeah! Go ahead!" He nodded eagerly.

Blister didn't seem to like the way they were talking to each other. "What are you two talking about?"

Morrowseer turned to her, and bowed deeply. "Blister..."

She looked down at him in surprise. "Morrowseer, you don't have to bow to me. You've never bowed to anyone."

He stayed down. "This isn't quite the way I wanted this to happen, but I suppose Grain wanted to put his own flare on the occassion."

Grain rolled his eyes at him. "Dude! Would you just pop the freakin' question already?"

"Blister, will you marry me?"

Grain pulled a small cardboard cylinder from a bag in the corner, and pulled the string hanging from the back of it. Colored strings exploded from the other side with a loud pop. Blister didn't seem to be able to say anything.

Grain didn't look discouraged. Morrowseer peered into his mind. Wait for it...

Blister smiled slowly. "Do you even have to ask?"

Morrowseer didn't no what that meant at first. Then he smiled back. Despite several ridiculous moments filled with explosions, snakes, and gigantic stuffed animals, he couldn't ever be as happy as he was now. He got up and kissed her.

Grain popped another cylinder of string. "May I ask, who was it, exactly, who brought you this happy moment? Go on, just say it."

Morrowseer mumbled indistinctly.

"What was that?"

He sighed. "You did?"

"Yes, Your Majesty, I did. And you better not forget it!" And he smashed the cake in Morrowseer's face.

Chapter 7: Wedding guests (Bog)

Mastermind seemed to be more nervous about the wedding than Morrowseer. He was walking around the NightWing catering table and picking out all the rotten food. It earned a lot of dirty looks from the NightWings that had appeared.

Morrowseer tapped him on the shoulder. "Mastermind, if you eat all the food at this table, the other NightWings will have to eat the unspoiled food."

He set a chicken back on the table. "I know. I apologize."

"I didn't even know you ate when you were nervous."

Mastermind looked surprised. "I'm not nervous. It's you who's getting married."

Morrowseer looked around. All the tribe queens were there, and each queen had brought a few guests with them. Queen Coral had brought Whirlpool and Anemone. Anemone was holding the talons of a one year old that must have been Auklet.

Queen Moorhen was standing to the side,  talking with several MudWings Morrowseer had never met.

Queen Glacier was already sitting down. She had brought a dragon who was standing behind her chair protectively, along with a carefully carved statue of an octupus that turned it's head when he did.

Queen Scarlet was at the unspoiled table with Vermilion.

Queen Glory had brought King Deathbringer, who was standing with her talking to another NightWing. She had also brought Clay, Tsunami, and Sunny. Clay was walking around the food table. Sunny was sitting on his back, telling him that it would be rude to eat before anyone else. Starflight suddenly landed next to them, huffing and puffing as if he had been late. Sunny got down from Clay and kissed him on the cheek as he explained what he had been doing.

Clay had brought all of his brothers and sisters and Peril. Peril was riding on Clay's back.

There were also a bunch of other RainWings. Morrowseer regreted making Grain in charge of invitations. Right then, he showed up next to him. "Hey, Dude. How you like your big day so far?"

Morrowseer grunted. "If you've planned anything..."

"Hold on to that thought. Frazil's here." He ran off toward an Icewing who had just landed.

Vermilion spoke up in his announcer's voice. "Dragons and dragonesses, it's time to start!"

Everyone took their seats. Grain made a point of sitting next to the IceWing that was with Queen Glacier.

Morrowseer took his place at the end of the aisle. The IceWing with Queen Glacier waved his talons, and several intruments plus Grain and his base clarinet got up and started playing wedding music.

Chapter 8: Nothing Planned (Bog)

The addition of a base instrument gave the music a deep quality Morrowseer had never imagined in wedding music before. A mournful sound playing a frivolous tune. He enjoyed that.

All dragons stood as Blister came down the aisle wearing a beautiful white dress. Morrowseer was starting to feel like Mastermind had looked. Most of his enemies from the war were here. The dragonets had stood and watched as he supposedly died in that fireball. There weren't very many NightWings there other than King Deathbringer and Mastermind, which he found strange looking at the large amount of RainWings and the three or four IceWings that were there. If anyone from his past wanted to ruin his life, there could not have been a better opportunity.

Blister stopped next to him, and everyone sat down. Starflight took his position to marry them. Starflight?Who planned this wedding anyway?

Mastermind responded, I thought you did.

Starflight cleared his throat. "Dearly beloved, I'm sorry I'm late."

Grain laughed loudly and several others hid smiles.

"Hopefully it will not interfere with the eternal happiness that surely awaits these to two dragons. Does anyone here today object to this union?" Nobody did. "Morrowseer, Prophet of the NightWings, do you take Queen Blister to be your lawfully wedded queen, to rule by her side, and to love her forever?"

Morrowseer didn't hesitate for a second. "I do."

"Queen Blister of the SandWings, do you take Morrowseer to be your lawfully wedded king, to rule by his side, and to return his love forever?"

She looked Morrowseer in the eyes with the same maniacal grin that Morrowseer felt on his own snout. "I do."

Starflight sighed as if he had hoped they would get this far without something happening. "Then with the power vested in me as a dragonet of destiny and, um, an author, I now pronounce you King and Queen. You may kiss the male."

Blister kissed him to surprisingly uproarious cheering.

A few minutes later, it finally registered in Morrowseer's head that he had just become a king. He wondered sadly how many dragons had thought that was why he was getting married. But he supposed noone would have shown up if they thought he was that power-hungry. And a lot of dragons had come.

Glory came into focus in front of him. "Hey, a dragon with a hood said you get ready."

Morrowseer tensed. "For what? And why should I believe you?"

She shrugged. "You shouldn't, but that guy had a pretty snazzy looking hood. I would brace myself if I were you." She disappeared.

Morrowseer scanned the minds of the nearest guests. 

A RainWing in a corner was stroking a sloth thoughtfully. If I concentrate really hard, I wonder if I can remember when I was born...

Clay was standing on his back talons. His troop and Peril and Tsunami and a sky blue SeaWing were egging him on as he dumped a large bowl of very small crabs into his mouth. I wish they wouldn't think I was trying to entertain them.

Queen Glacier had her thoughts written all over her face. She was hiccuping and swaying and occasionally slurring something indistinct to no one in particular. Morrowseer was pretty sure there wasn't a single drink at any of the tables, though.

Glacier's bodyguard was talking with Anemone by the moving statue. If this dragonet can do the things she says she can do, I'm a laughing stock.

Starflight was walking around as if looking for someone. If she's gone, and I don't know how to find her...

Grain was underneath the table. He had a hood. Morrowseer walked towards him. "What are you doing?"

He looked up, saw Morrowseer and grinned. "Sup, Your Majesty? Come in!"

"No. What are you doing?"

"Something that requires an equal mind."

Morrowseer hesitated, then got under the table. Grain started to speak, but it wasn't a moment later that Starflight popped his head underneith the table with them. "Have either of you seen Sunny?"

Grain pulled him in without answering. "Alright, you guys wanna help me pull a prank?"

Morrowseer flared. "You will not play any immature jokes at my wedding!"

"It's on an IceWing."

Both NightWings left, Starflight looking around for Sunny, Morrowseer for Blister. He found her playing a game with a bunch of dragonets, including one who turned out to actually be Sunny.

Morrowseer walked up to them. "Sunny, Starflight is looking for you." She ran off to find him. "Blister, Grain could possibly maybe might be planning to probably do something that could ruin the wedding."

She turned, her tail lashing behind her, spotted Grain under the table, and went in that direction without hesitating. Wow, she has quick eyes, Morrowseer thought.

A moment later, the table flew into the air (Clay groaned hungrily) and landed several lengths away.

Blister only looked at Grain. Morrowseer couldn't see her expression, but it must have been scary for Grain to take off so fast. She called after him, "And you're fired, too!" He was followed by the IceWing he had called Frazil before.

Morrowseer couldn't help but feel that he was incredibly lucky to have married someone who could say that much in one look. This truly was the greatest and happiest of his many acheivments.

Chapter 9: The Herald of Doom and the Sinker of Dragons (Bog)

Over a year later...

Can't be late for this...

Morrowseer had been tardy far too often to far too many important events as of late. There had been an entire celebration held by the staff of the palace right after the wedding. It was to celebrate the fact that Grain would no longer be around to cause chaos around the palace. Morrowseer had simply flopped down and slept in the doorway for no reason at all.

Several beheadings had taken place that Morrowseer had skipped most of to do things that were actually important. There was nothing more stressful than being the king of a tribe that thought you were "creepy."

There were also a few important things Morrowseer had skipped to go to beheadings with Blister. They were more fun than the various bores he was "required" to attend.

Morrowseer was flying to the palace in a hurry. He thought he would be able to make it. He had been at a bar intercepting an illegal package of... Well, Morrowseer didn't know what it was, but it had been intercepted and destroyed nonetheless.

I have to make it. I have to!

He arrived at the palace. He flew over the gate and straight into the window of the hatchery. "Did I miss it? Did I miss it?"

Blister turned all smiles on him. "No."

Morrowseer's smile got wider and wider as he walked toward the nest in the floor. Two eggs sat in it, one black and covered in stars, one pale yellow. Both were twitching. The yellow one cracked.

Morrowseer put one wing around Blister. He wanted to make sure this stuck in his head like glue.

The black egg suddenly burst open, spilling a tiny black dragonet on the desert grass that made up the nest. He blinked up at the two smiling dragons as if confused, then tried to eat the grass.

A small dusty golden head poked free from the other egg. She immediately saw them, and pulled her head back into the eggshell. She had the same rattlesnake marks on her neck that Blister did. He already adored that. The NightWing seemed to have an adorably unstoppable appetite already. He poked curiously at a piece of his egg as the SandWing looked out at him catiously.

Morrowseer remembered the way NightWings came up with their dragonets' names. "Blister?"

She looked up from the dragonets. "Yes?"

"We could have them named very accurately. Do you understand?"

She nodded as if she had guessed. Morrowseer reached down and touched the protesting SandWing's forehead.

Images began to flash in front of his eyes. Lone dragons walking calmly across the desert, or distressed as if trying to evade something, only to be pulled underground by an unseen force. He drew back his talons. "She will be a burrower. She will drown dragons in the earth under their feet."

She thought. "Quicksand."

"I like it." He touched the NightWing's forehead. He saw an image of a NightWing holding the front talons of another dragon with a far off look, then he saw what the NightWing was seeing. Images of dragons dying peacefully in their sleep or honorably in battle. He withdrew.

"He will see the deaths of any dragon through direct contact. He will... not always win the favor of those around him for this." Blister only looked expectant. "Doomherald," he said finally.

They took the dragonets back into the palace. Quicksand didn't like being handled, but Doomherald was in awe of everything. Especially when they gave him food.

Morrowseer thought again how there could be no other day that could make him happier than today. Today was the day he became a father. Surely there trully was no greater happiness to come. He turned to Blister.

"I love you."

She turned with a smile. "I love you, too." He kissed her.

Chapter 10: Doomknower (Bog)

Seven years later...

Morrowseer waited eagerly by the window for his dragonets to arrive. Doomherald was at a competitive eating somthing or other with his friends. Morrowseer and Blister had both pondered for hours trying to figure out where he put all that food, but it didn't seem to be scientificly or mathematically possible. He simply shoveled handfuls of whatever around him was edible into his mouth without a second thought, and since his gut hadn't busted yet, there wasn't any real reason to worry about him, so they didn't.

Quicksand was on her way home from a scouting mission in the Rainforest. Morrowseer would prefer if it was left to those who were sworn to loyalty to the Queen, but Quicksand took after Blister, so she was a dragon of action. She had to go.

Morrowseer spotted a black speck against one of the moons. He squinted at it, and realized it must be Doomherald. He stepped aside as his son landed in the window. "That was awesome!"

He said it in a suspiciously far-off way that didn't quite fit with what he should have been talking about. Morrowseer peered at him. "What excactly was 'awesome?'"

He looked down at the gloves on his talons and blushed, putting up his mental defenses. "Nothing, Dad. Just... the food." Morrowseer couldn't believe that was it. "Is Quicksand here yet?"

"Maybe. She always walks in, so she could have been here for the last several hours for all I know."

They went down the hall and then the stairs. Quicksand was already there, having a conversation with the doorman about the use of ceramic in armor.

She frowned. "Ceramic is used to make pots. I break those things all the time by accident. What would it do against a set of claws?"

The SandWing was not discouraged. "Ceramic is completely fire-proof. It doesn't have to protect a soldier against claws if it can be used at a range!"

Doomherald slid over to them on the slick marble. "Um, I don't think ceramic is used to make pots anymore, Sis. I think it would be a great idea if it worked for claws, too."

The doorman looked at him. "Well, I think the ceramic could be placed over the metal like plating. Then it would still qualify as satisfactory battle armor."

Mrrowseer stepped forward. "I didn't know you were quite this smart. Are you happy with your job?"

He turned to Morrowseer and smiled. "Actually, I was raised by a NightWing. My name is Dooropener."

Dooropener. What?

Quicksand didn't try to hold back the thought. "Who names their dragonet Dooropener?"

"Really?" Even Doomherald. "Someone actually looked down at a dragonet and said, 'Dooropener! It's perfect!'"

His wings drooped. Quicksand noticed before Morrowseer did, and brushed one of them. "Sensical names are over rated." His wings went back up a little bit.

The door opened, and Blister walked in. "Dooropener, someone is here to see you."

Dooropener looked surprised, as if he didn't get very many visitors. He shuffled outside. Blister walked over and briefly kissed Morrowseer (Both dragonets gagged), and beckoned everyone into the dining room.

The table was set with all kinds of cakes, meats, raw food, cooked food, and an entire half of it laid out with unidentifiably rotten wormfilled animals. Morrowseer and Doomherald sat there, while Blister and Quicksand sat down as far away from it as possible.

Doomherald didn't even take off his gloves to eat. He picked up a very large thing that might have been a cyote once, and nibbled one end of it cautiously, then suddenly started ripping it apart with his teeth. Surely he has forgotten about what he was thinking when he got here. His defenses should be down.

Morrowseer didn't like reading his dragonets' minds. It was invasive and untrusting, but he was far too curious to resist. He began to search through Doomherald's memories, careful not to give any sign that he was in his head. He stuffed a turkeyish thing in his mouth and chewed slowly, making it look like he was enjoying the taste.

He saw the landing in the window from Doomherald's point of view. He heard himself say in Doomherald's far off voice, "That was awesome!"

The Morrowseer in the memory squinted at him suspiciously. "What exactly was 'awesome?'"

The memory forced him to look down at Doomherald's gloved talons. "Nothing, Dad. Just... the food," he said. But a name and an associated face came to Doomherald's mind.

The name was Answerknower.

A NightWing name?

The face had dark purple scales and shining moon silver eyes.

Not only did the face belong to a NightWing, but the NightWing was a girl.

He pulled himself out of the memory. He swallowed whatever was in his mouth. He found himself gripping his leg with one front talon, beads of blood appearing under his claws, trying hard not to have a reaction. He got up, surprising the girls on the other end of the table. Doomherald looked up, and Morrowseer put up his mental defenses quickly.

A minute later, he paced in his room with the door locked. Doomherald had a crush. Way out in the middle of the desert, he had found a dragon to have a crush on.

Answerknower. A NightWing. Morrowseer didn't care if she was Queen Battlewinner's daughter, if she hurt Doomherald, someone was going to hear about it from him.

Now that he knew this, what were the chances that Quicksand... He shook his head. Quicksand was sensible, cautious, suspicious of everyone and everything. She wasn't impressionable like Doomherald.

He paced for another four minutes trying to calm down. He eventually gave up and spent the rest of the night at his desk finishing all of his math puzzles.

Chapter 11: Invasive and Untrusting (Bog)

As Doomherald stuffed that last rabbit in his mouth, Morrowseer had to admit that any competative eater had a disgusting, but still impressive, thing to be proud of. Of course, that didn't mean he was about to get up there and start stuffing his own face with food. It really was impossible that any dragon could eat nearly as much as these dragons did.

Doomherald stayed at the table for a few minutes looking around as if he expected more food, then got up and walked out the exit. Morrowseer flew out of the stands and landed on the other side of the stadium, then walked around within earshot of Doomherald. After he had walked for a while, he was joined by the dragonet from his thoughts, Answerknower.

He brightened. "Hey, did you see me in there?"

"Yeah, where did you put all those rabbits?" He shrugged like he didn't know.

Answerknower looked forward shyly. "One of my friends is having a party. You wanna maybe..."

If possible, Doomherald brightened even more. "Oh yeah! I mean..." He looked thoughtful, as if he was weighing several different possibilities. "I mean I would have to ask my dad."

She didn't seem to lose any confidence at that. "I'm sure he'll let you go. Isn't he supposed to be the best king ever or something?"

"I don't know, I'm a prince, not a subject."

Morrowseer didn't know what that meant. Answerknower didn't seem to either. "What do you mean by that?"

Doomherald stopped. "You feel that?"

She looked around. "Feel what?" Uh oh. Morrowseer's defenses went up as fast as he could put them up.

"You don't... Never mind, I think it's gone anyway." She still looked confused. "What... Whatever, just do your best to be there if can. Party's a few hours before sunset. Nice gloves, by the way." She flew off smiling. Doomherald watched her fly for a moment, then took off himself in the direction of the palace.

Morrowseer stayed in the alley that he didn't remember going into. Well, that yeilded absolutely no information at all. I suppose the first thing Doomherald will do is look for me. I wonder if should let him go and follow him there. Then I can make sure nothing happens at least.

He took of for the palace.

When he got there, Dooropener opened the door before he got to it. "Your majesty, Prince Doomherald has been turning the Palace upside down looking for you."

Morrowseer walked in. "Where is he?" 


Dooropener jumped. "Um, there he is?" Morrowseer reached out mentally. Doomherald, you may stop yelling as soon as you're ready.

Dad? Where are you?

In the entrance hall.

A moment later, Doomherald walked in from downstairs. "I need to, uh, ask you something."

Chapter 12: What a surprise (Bog)

When Morrowseer got to the party himself, it seemed like there was nothing going on inside. He almost thought he had the wrong house.

But as he neared the backdoor, he heard the sounds of pots and pans banging together and a lot of yelling. It sounded like someone was trying to steal food from a kitchen. He tried the door, and it was locked, so he knocked on it.

Oh no.

It was Grain. Why? Why did he seem to turn up every single time Morrowseer had a family issue?

His grin faded. "I swear, I wasn't gonna do anything that would've ruined it! I ain't cold enough to ruin a day like that for you-"

"Grain!" he inturupted, "What are you talking about?"

He frowned. "Well, the wedding. I thought you were here to punish me."

Morrowseer almost smiled a little bit. "That was eight years ago, Grain. I'm only here for the party."

Grain studied him suspiciously, then screwed up his face like he was trying desperately not to laugh. "No you're not, you're here to stop Doomknower!"

"What?" He had no idea what Grain was talking about.

He stepped aside. "Never mind, come in. I'm thinking of like nine ways right now for this to go badly and I wanna see number seven. You know, I've lived here for nine years, and I did not know I had a backdoor until just a few weeks ago when Icepick came over. Well, I actually had to kinda drag him over, but whatever."

Morrowseer walked in and looked around. "Where are they?"

Grain walked through a door. He followed.

The room was decorated with several weapons and musical instruments, and a few random objects that were mostly broken or half burned on display in labeled glass cases like trophies. A group of dragons with musical instruments in the corner was playing fast music. One wall was covered in shelves that held a few hundred scrolls. Grain saw him looking at the place questioningly.

"It's uh, my house. Enough said." Indeed...

He pointed to a couple of NightWings talking and laughing next to the dessert table.

Morrowseer began thinking of the best way to get within earshot. Doomherald would eventually sense him. Answerknower didn't seem to be able to for some reason, but he would wonder about that later. He decided the best thing to do would be to get behind the table, which at that point he realized was just a leveled off sandstone block, high enough for Grain to sit at comfortably, it seemed. He sneaked around the guests and crouched low behind the table, listening intently.

Answerknower was talking too fast for Morrowseer to follow. Doomherald stayed quiet, saying yes or no every now and then. Morrowseer wondered if Doomherald was following either. It didn't really seem possible.

In a few minutes, Answerknower finally took a breath and started talking like a normal dragonet should. "So, so you think that was fair at all? 'Cause I didn't." Doomherald only shook his head like he thought it was better to just agree. Answerknower looked like she was going to start talking again, but Grain got everyone's attention with a loud clap of his wings.

"Okay, seeing as how there are quite a few couples in here tonight, I'm gonna change the music to something slow!" he yelled. "All I ask is, if you don't have a dance partner, or if you are a loser, DON'T DANCE! No I'm just playin'." He got down and went over to the band, changing the song.

The band started playing a slow song that Morrowseer had never heard, but was pretty sure was the waltz. Grain was the first dragon to get on the dance floor for the new song. When no one came out to dance with him, he sulked away with a hidden smile, muttering about no one loving him.

Morrowseer ducked farther down behind the table as Answerknower started talking again.

"Have you ever done the waltz?" she asked.

Doomherald looked away uncomfortably. "It's required that the prince learn how, but I have two left talons when it comes to dancing."

"When was the last time you tried?"

Doomherald seemed to think back to his last lesson. "Last week. Remember when that smoke rose up over the palace?"

"Oh." Answerknower looked out at the dance floor as a few couples started waltzing to the music.

Both dragonets stayed silent for a long time. Morrowseer had to look up once just to see if they were still there. At some point Doomherald must have realized there was food behind him, because crumbs and scraps started raining down on Morrowseer's head. This is really the worst place I could have picked to hide, he thought grumpily.

Doomherald's head poked over the table suddenly, making him jump. "Dad, what are you doing here?" whispered Doomherald.

Morrowseer didn't answer for a while, until Answerknower's head was beside Doomherald's. Then he spilled the entire opperation, all of it, even the reason and the objective. When he was done, Doomherald looked disappointed and very embarrassed. Answerknower kept looking at Doomherald and then away.

Doomherald finally spoke. "Wow... Well, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go eat the other table."

But there was no other table. Doomherald went out the front door without even trying to hide it. Morrowseer just stayed behind the table and sulked with his eyes closed until someone talked to him. 

"What are you doing here?" Her voice made him look up. The dragon had rattlesnake marks on her neck and smart eyes, like she was thinking of everything at once and trying to do all the math before anyone else could.

He jumped up to his talons. "Blister! I was here- and then I met Grain- and he played the waltz- Wait..." Morrowseer narrowed his eyes at her suspiciously. "Why are you here?"

She didn't spend too much time stuttering or trying to explain. She simply pointed her tail at a pair of SandWings on the dance floor, dancing slowly, twirling, smiling at eachother with no apparrent knowledge  or caring of their surroundings. 

Morrowseer looked back at Blister with a stunned expression, then back at the couple, first confused, then angry, then confused again, and then... Happy. Morrowseer was happy for those dragonets. They were enjoying, genuinely enjoying eachother's company.

He smiled at the couple for a few more seconds, then put one wing over Blister and left the party with her. They walked all the way back to the palace.

Morrowseer's smile left at the sharp silence of the palace. It had never been this quiet before. The workers weren't making their usual racket in the kitchen and library, nobody was whispering rumors to their friends' ears, no dragon seemed to be doing anything but not be doing anything. 

Morrowseer left Blister in the entrance hall and proceeded into the throne room. Doomherald was sitting sadly on his throne next to Morrowseer's. He had removed his gloves and was staring blankly down at his talons.

That gave him an idea. Morrowseer closed his eyes, looking forward through time until he lost connection to the physical world.

The visions were very shocking.

Chapter 13: Years Ahead (Bog)

Morrowseer's vision flashed and changed, showing him the life ahead of Doomherald. The present with Doomherald staring at his talons as if he wanted to use them for something, then the near future where he would fly away to a small house in the desert and begin shouting at it until a slightly angry dragonet would come out and yell back.

A few minutes later Doomherald would have his wings wrapped around Answerknower, kissing her.

A few months later when Answerknower would be living in the palace, walking with Doomherald everywhere he went, giving him the confidence to always hold his head up high.

Several years after when Doomherald would be wearing a suit of armor and Answerknower a white dress, both staring in confusion at a SandWing with a harmonica.

Not long after when Doomherald would be taking care of a black starry egg, whispering to it.

A Several tens of years after that, Doomherald would be at Morrowseer's own funeral with his three adult dragonets and his wife, mourning with the surprisingly large amount of attending dragons. 

Tens of years after that, Blister's funeral would come around, and Quicksand would be on the other side of her coffin with her head bowed, her husband's wing draped over her.

Tens of years later, Doomherald would be playing with his great-great-grandchildren.

And the last vision. Doomherald stood in front of Answerknower's grave, a single tear rolling down his face. His expression was clear. Doomherald had had everything that life could have possibly given him during his years. Never once had he had anything to regret. And even though life had taken much from him as well, he was happy. Life had been full for him, and now it was close to an end. He could die right there and not have anything he would regret not doing, but there was still time for him to reflect before that happened.

Morrowseer pulled himself out. What he had seen shocked him into silence. When he had looked forward he had hoped to see if Doomherald would be truly happy with this girl, but what the vision gave him...

He walked up to Doomherald's throne. "Doomherald?" he asked.

He didn't look up. "Have you ever wondered why I can do what I do? Why I can only see death, and why it happens when I touch someone?"

Morrowseer didn't see why Doomherald would be thinking about that. He stopped in front of his son.

Doomherald didn't look up. "I think it's a curse more than a blessing. I where the gloves because I can't turn it off, you know. I can only see a dragon's death once, but that first time is always so... I have to avoid the first time. It's too wierd." He looked up. "I haven't touched a dragon outside of my family since I was real little. When I saw your future, and Mom's, and Quicksand's, I must have been a baby. I can't remember what happens."

Morrowseer finally found the strength to speak. "I've had a vision of my own," he said. "Quite recently in fact." Doomherald raised the ridges over his eyes as Morrowseer touched his shoulder, looking forward through time once more, taking Doomherald with him. This time they both saw everything.

As Morrowseer pulled himself out, Doomherald jerked away. "Was that... Was that my future?" Morrowseer nodded. "And that other dragon. That wasn't-"

"Yes," He interupted, "And it looks like you need to go to her house now. I need to go have a talk with your sister."

Doomherald smiled wide and jumped out the open window. Morrowseer turned and went out the door, meeting Blister back in the entrance hall.

Chapter 14: Quickopener (Bog)

Morrowseer found himself back at the party. Blister was standing next to him, looking like she still didn't quite trust him not to do something stupid.

"Are you sure I can let you do this yourself?" she asked doubtfully.

"Yes," he answered, "I swear on my NightWing honor."

"Okay," she said, "But if I have to go in there and get you-"

"You won't." Morrowseer entered the house.

Grain went up to him as soon as the door opened. "So how'd it go?"

Morrowseer walked past him without answering, looking out on the dance floor. The SandWing couple was still there. Morrowseer watched them for a long time, waiting for one of them to go get a drink or something. 

Instead, a large flaming heart shaped object came out of nowhere and flew between them. It landed on a loaf of bread, which caught fire as a large MudWing picked it up, felt the heat, and just looked at it curiously as his scales began to turn bright orange.

Wait, was that a SkyWing on his back? Was that Clay? And Peril?  

The crowd went into chaos, and the two SandWings were seperated. Thankfully, Morrowseer was much taller than most of the crowd. It suddenly struck him how odd it was that Grain would invite so many dragonets to his party. Surely he was some twenty or so years old. 

Nevermind, find one of them!

Morrowseer kept looking around until he found the male, standing by the door looking for his date. He grabbed him and carried him out the door.

He found a small alley-way and put Dooropener down on the sand. He looked frightened to see Morrowseer. He bowed low, trying to think of some way to rxplain, it seemed.

Morrowseer was exausted. He decided to just get this overwith without conversation. That way he would at least be able to get some sleep tonight. He put one front talon Dooropener's shoulder and pulled him to his feet, then looked forward again.

In a few moments, Dooropener would be looking curiously up at Morrowseer, apparantly wondering what was going on. Morrowseer had forgotten that he could only take other NightWings with him on trips through time.

After that, Dooropener would walk one way and Morrowseer would walk the other way. Dooropener would meet Quicksand in the street immediately, and she would start fussing over him like she thought he might be hurt. Really Quicksand? Really?

A month after, Doomherald would be standing over Dooropener in his sleep, holding up a large watermellon and giggling uncontrollably. Morrowseer didn't see why this was relevant.

Dooropener would soonafter chase Doomherald through half the palace with bits of red fruit on his face. Quicksand would stop Doomherald in the mess hall and start yelling at him with that same "I'll cut your head off the next time" look that Morrowseer got from Blister whenever he would display a sense of practical humor.

Arc Seven (Escape Arc)

Chapter 1 (Moonshadow)

Morrowseer had enough time to see the portal starting close when lava concealed his body. Hot red liquid oozed over his obsidian scales. The pain was unbearable, the heat coiling around his wings, scorching his snout, and wasn't helping with knowledge that the prophecy might be unfulfilled. The thought of that dragonet Starflight's betrayal was weighing heavily on his shoulders. Or was that a large rock? He couldn't tell. He swam through the steaming magma and out of the portal just in time. Wait until Blister hears the NightWings went with the RainWings. He grimaced at the thought of his kind on flowery hammocks, drinking coconut milk and eating dragonfruit, papya, and those stupid fruits he couldn't name. Pineapple. He crawled quietly through the rainforest, through a portal, and was closing in on Blister's Stronghold. 

Chapter 2 (Moonshadow)

Blister was more than a little angry.

Yep, she wanted to bite someone's head off.  

"Er, a volcano erupted in the NightWing Kingdom, Your Majesty. I don't think Morrowseer got out with the rest." A SandWing told Blister. Her barb was raising menacingly. Though her anger was flashing, inside, her heart was breaking. Please be okay, I never told you I love you, but Morrowseer, you will come back. Blister's eyes were flooding with tears as she tried to choke them back. The thought of her ally-her love's fate was in her talons forced her to take action. 

"Search around the premises." Blister hissed. "Search until you find Morrowseer." She leaped of her throne, talons scraping against the sandstone flooring. Sunlight flooded over her snout as she stepped onto a balcony, her eyes searching for Morrowseer's black scales among the desert sand. She roared 'till her throat was raw, hoping he'd hear her. And she sobbed like a thunderstorm, praying he was okay. She couldn't let her sensitive side take over. 

Then, she had a feeling someone was behind her, watching with pity. Before she turned around, a rough and scratching voice whispered in her ear.

"I'm right here."

Arc Eight (Promise Arc)

Chapter 1: The Truce

A SandWing sat silently, waiting for someone to come. The NightWings and SandWings had just made a truce, and a NightWing was coming over to speak for the tribe. The female SandWing was becoming quite impatient, and a few minutes later she was pacing across her room. Finally, a guard yelled to her, “Your Majesty! The NightWing is here!”

Looks like some of my guards don’t trust him, she thought with an unhappy scowl. She wanted it to come out like a growl, but instead it came out like a squeal. “Let him in! We can talk in my room.” The sound of footsteps filled the palace. “Grrr…. Hurry up!” She growled impatiently. The footsteps sounded quicker. Good, she thought with satisfaction, he’ll listen to me well, no doubt. The NightWing entered the room. He was strutting, trying to show off, which made the SandWing snort in laughter.

He sat down, making himself comfortable. “It’s nice to meet you, err… your majesty.” He stammered at the last words, clearly embarrassed.

“Just call me Blister, please,” she said, unfazed from his stammering. “And you are..?” She asked the NightWing.

“Morrowseer, pleased to meet you,” he announced, a lot braver now.

“So shall we start with the signing?” Her voice wavered a little bit. There was something about this dragon that made her all jittery inside. Humph, I’m not about to let a little fear stop me! she thought.

“Yes, we should,” Morrowseer said quickly, noticing the crease in her face. The paper was lying delicately on a table.

“Duneheart! May I have a pen please?” Blister called to one of the dragons. A big SandWing stood up and gave her a pen. “Thank you,” she said, with a pleasant tint in her voice. “Here you go.” Blister said as she handed the pen to Morrowseer. Morrowseer looked at the paper. It was already signed by Blister. He signed it slowly, hoping that he wasn’t making Blister impatient.

“Well, that ends that.” Morrowseer concluded as he finished signing.

“Yes, maybe I’ll see you again?” Blister asked, a crease in her face tightening.

“I promise.” Morrowseer said.

“A promise…..” Blister whispered as he flew away. Blister spent the next day pacing and thinking. Why did Morrowseer make me so jittery? Grrr... Why am I even thinking about this?!?! She stopped the thoughts in her head. She couldn’t think about this, not now, with the war raging. Her alliance with Queen Coral was set. She planned to attack the SkyWings and drag them down one by one.

She was in the middle of writing a letter to Coral about the attack, when one of her guards yelled something. She scrambled downstairs quickly, not caring if she got a scratch or not. “What’s going on-agh!” Blister was cut off by a SkyWing jumping at her, growling. Pushing her tail forward, she stabbed the SkyWing in the chest with her poisonous tail. The SkyWing backed up and screamed, as though she were an animus-touched dragon.

1…. 2…. 3… Good, he’s dead, she thought happily. She looked around slowly. SkyWings were everywhere, and none of the seawings had come yet. She had to finish the letter. Racing upstairs, she grabbed her pen and scribbled the note quickly. Beckoning to the messenger, she gave it to him hurriedly. “Go to the summer palace, hurry!”

“Defend!” ordered Blister. She fought too. “Urgh…” She said as the SkyWings overpowered them. Blood was everywhere. The SeaWings had arrived, but it wasn’t enough. She had a nasty wound on her chest and a scorch mark on her leg. Too many, she thought. Too... She couldn’t hold herself up anymore. She collapsed to the dusty ground of her castle. The last thing she saw was a... NightWing? Then she fainted.


Morrowseer only felt one thing. The burning pain of the lava. He wanted to open his eyes, but that would result in them getting burned. Morrowseer already had enough pain. But some of it wasn't physical.

It was mental.

His love, Blister. She could possibly never see him again. Blister would be heartbroken. He just had to fight. For her. At last, he lifted his head out of the extremely thick lava. Little droplets of the lava fell from his burned head, making his scales even more darker. Morrowseer laid his talons on his back, pulling out a black rock shard. He threw it deep in the lava, making the lava splash everywhere.

His limbs cut through the lava. Morrowseer felt weak, but he got out anyway. Morrowseer talon's scraped against the stone, forcing himself to pull up on the stone. After long seconds of heaving and pulling, he finally got up on his four legs.

Morrowseer let out a weak and depressed sigh. Pain still surged through his body and every bit of him ached. He looked back at his wing membranes. The starry pattern was replaced with only black, looking as if someone just stole the stars right off his wings. Morrowseer grinded his teeth in pain as he took a step foward and looked towards the burning lava plains.

Lava was only visible. It was almost blinding to Morrowseer. But one thing was on his mind. Getting out of there. He couldn't fly out. He certainly couldn't swim. Getting better over night was very far away. Morrowseer would just have to wait for someone to help him. Hopefully Blister would. Even though she didn't care about the NightWings anyway.

Morrowseer held his head in pain. A large burn was forming on his forehead, and it healing would be even worse. It could even be days before someone found him, but they could just possibly kill him anyway. For the first time in years, tears fell down his eyes. His love didn't know he was alive. If she heard the news, she would be devasted. Maybe even... Morrowseer couldn't believe what he was about to say, but it tragically slipped off his tongue.

"May she would leave her kingdom to go find me, leaving her allies vunderable. But she would be more in danger."

He had to get there.



Arc Nine: Poems and Poetic Writings

Light to the Darkness (FourFlames)

There was sand, in all directions.

There was heat, bright and warm.

But nothing could compare to his scales, to his warmth to me.

He was mine,

And it was just him and I,

Against a world who had never been kind to us.

Together we faced it,

Together we were happy,

And together the world didn't matter.

It shouldn't end here,

I know it can't,

Maybe there is a way.

If we die together,

At least it's together, anyways.

You sheltered me,

You loved me,

And I was your light to the dark world you were in.

I am your light to the darkness,

As you are to mine.

Beside Me (FourFlames)

My internal fire is burning,

This world is burning,

But I still care.

About you.

Even if the dragonets have won.

I find myself,

Yearning for your pale yellow gleam,

Your black diamonds,

Your poisonous barb,

Your dreamy eyes of obsidian black.

And I remember,

How your eyes glitter,

And all of the things you have done,

And I love you no matter what,

Because I will want you only.

And if I just close my eyes,

And picture something,

It will be you.

It will always,


Forever and ever,

Be you.

Beside me.

No Precognition Could Express (FourFlames)

No all-seeing,

No all-knowing,

Could tell me what this feeling is,

No precognition

Or false powers

Would help me know any more,

No tribe-saving,

No prophecies,

Could tear me from this,

Help me,

I don't know what this feeling is.

Is this love?

I've never felt it before.

Not even saving Pyrrhia

Could feel better than this.

No Nightwing pride,

No superiority and power,

Could nurture me better than this,

Wrapping you in my wings,

My heart taking flight.

Desert Storm (FourFlames)

I can see you.

I know you are not there.

The sandy winds whip around me,

And yet I feel you are here.

This storm in my heart,

A stampede of joy,

Of love for you,

And your greatness,

And all that I feel,

Is being lifted off the ground,

Yet I am not flying,

And I know you are here,

Carrying me away,

To a world where we will love,

And be loved,

And never be hated again.

Poetic Acknowledgements Between a Romantic Couple, Part 1 (FourFlames)


You know that you are,

My one and only,

I won't let you ever be lonely,

For you are my sunshine,

My light to the darkness,

My shining star,

And I see you as more than a friend,

More than a best friend.


I know all of those things you have done,

But they are not to be ashamed of,

Because I love you,

And that is all that matters.


Poetic Acknowledgements Between a Romantic Couple, Part 2 (FourFlames)


You are the desert night

Above my head,

That cannot be skipped

For one night,

And your silver scales

Are like the moons,

That I cannot go for one night without.

You do your part,

And be the best you can,

And I am not ashamed

To say that I love you.

You are

The Milky Way, the galaxy, the everything that I need.


You are not darkness.

You are not death or doom or evil.

You are my light.

I love you.


Arc 10: Burned and Broken

Chapter One: Lava (UnFathom)

Morrowseer was dead. Or at least he felt dead. Was there a difference?

He remembered the wave of lava swarming him. Blister would be heartbroken.


"Sorry, dude! You were mega hurt when I found you."

Morrowseer knew that voice. "Grain?"

"Naw, dude, I'm his twin sister, Wheat!" Grain has a twin sister?

Morrowseer tried to sit up. "I know Grain. Where is he?"

"Oh, he's dating this mega-hot dragoness."

"Might I ask who?"

"Your wife, dude!"

"BLISTER!?" Morrowseer screamed.

"Naw, dude, your other wife!"

"Secretkeeper? We're not married."

"Oh, really? Huh. Wait, did you say Blister?"


Wheat sighed. "Do you, by chance, know a dragon named Whirlpool?"

"Yeah. He's got a really good strategic mind. I respect him."

"Blister's been dating him for a couple years now."

What? Blister, you've been going out with Whirlpool?

"That can't be," Morrowseer said. "She married me! I've got the legal records to prove it, too."

Morrowseer felt betrayed, assuming Grain was a trustworthy source. He needed to back it up, though. Time for some mind reading.

He didn't hear any thoughts, but he did see a pretty disturbing sight: Blister making out with Whirlpool. He waited a second, two seconds, until he did gather some thoughts: Blisterpool OTP! That was confusing: Morrowseer wasn't good with abbreviations, and OTP couldn't be arranged to form any significant word. He waited for an explanation, but there was none. Wheat had gone back to examining his body.

"You should get some sleep." Wheat advised.

Morrowseer shook his head. "I'm not tired." He headed out the window.

Wheat sighed as he flew away. "So sorry, Coral, but that was the best way I could find to reunite them."

"It's okay, Wheat." Coral, who had stepped into the room after the sound of glass breaking, shook her head. "I know. I wish I could have hid it from him longer, but..." Coral sighed. "Is Grain really dating Secretkeeper?"

"Last time I saw him, he said he was going to ask her out. Who knows?" Wheat said.

Coral and Wheat shook their heads. This could start getting complicated.



The Wretched day went by slowly making the day worse. Blister laid on her bed the scroll opened beside her her tears formed sparkling pools in he eyes. The scroll that lay beside her held the worse news she had ever heard "Morrowseer," she said, and read the scroll again to see if she read it wrong. "We are sorry to inform you but the great Morrowseer has passed. He died honorably with his tribe, the only way he would have." She got up and slowly walked to her balcony and stared into the sky. She turned around and went inside and took her duty as a leader but it was not the same knowing he was gone the week had passed when she had felt her grief was over but then she came across the last note he had sent her. "Your eyes sparkle like the stars in the night sky and your scales are as warm and joyful as a sunny day," it said. She broke down crying and stared into the sky once again She thought she saw a star move as if it were Morrowseer's pattern under his wings. "Goodbye, my love," she said.

"But why would you say that? I'm not gone." someone said from behind her. She turned around and slapped him in the face. "You scared me half to death!" she yelled then jumped into his arms her eyes tearing up. "But still never do that again or I will cut your head off."


It was fast. Maybe slow. However it happened and there was no changing it. He couldn't remember half of the events that occurred when the chaos began. The earliest of the event that he could recall was ironically darkness. His mind began to try to understand why it was so...Shouldn't the earliest sight be of brightest light? The dragon reconsidered...he didn't know what situation he was fact, as strange as it would sound and seem, he didn't remember who he was.

What followed next was the engulfing of rock and heat. The time frame between darkness and the engulfing took no longer than a blink of his eye. Nothing of it after...did he remember. Until it was told.

A few IceWings on day went north, beyond their home, to study animal behavior. The group had landed on ice when someone has pointed out something...astonishingly enough; a dragon was buried beneath the frozen sea. His pattern from above looked like it was a NightWing. Scientists had configured the data and analyzed him to be at least one hundred ninety-two years old. And surprisingly, he was alive too. On his body he had burned scales and wounds before he went into cryopreservation. "A glimmer of light" Stated one scientist as they explained what they had seen in the ice before exhuming him.

No sort of records in Pyrrhian history was found about this particular dragon. The only thing they could perhaps have found was of the war that had begun two centuries ago disputing over the throne of the SandWings. They examined him every so often as his slowed organs began to properly function again. It took about two months before the dragon had begun to awaken.

Eyes of the dragon had open. And he knew from his vision that there were many dragons around him. All of them were IceWings. He didn't know whether to run or to hide or to not move at all. To begin with...he was weak. He couldn't attack them either, but then he didn't understand why he had that desire to do so. His vision was blurry as he began to get up from a stretcher he was on.

"Aw, uh, uh..." The dragon said as he attempted to spit out some words.

"Don't stress haven't spoken in such a long time that your muscles have to warm up." A scientist said.

A long time went by as he was given water and something to eat. It didn't take long for the NightWing to say, "Where am I?"

Most of the other scientists have already gone to fulfill other of their duties while only this one and another IceWing remained. "Outskirts of the IceWing Kingdom since the Kingdom alone is too cold for you to handle."

The NightWing had already began to gain his balance in walking. He looked around and saw a bed and other advanced equipment he didn't know what it was. He remembered something about a schedule he was going to do for the next day before today. It was a schedule he planned for tomorrow. For the morrow. He saw the morrow...and it made him a seer. He was a Seer for the morrow.

He was Morrowseer.

A flash of memories cam back to him. Who he was, where he came from, his goals, plans, and everything. He knew who he truly was, but since he knew he wouldn't tell anyone. He had a goal now, he wasn't going to give this dragon information, but instead...vice versa.

"How long was I in there?"

"One hundred ninety two years...that makes you over two hundred years. It's 192 A.W. After War."

He nodded, but in his head he was thinking of the possible ways to kill him. IceWings were an enemy to the NightWings and will forever be. Yet the idea of a reformed and peaceful world many years later seemed too strange for him. Something caught his eye on the wall, it was a map of Pyrrhia, but it looked different. The map didn't have borders of the original map Morrowseer remembered.

"Where are the borders on here? Why are there new names for the lands?"

The other IceWing, female, spoke saying, "Your map is different from now, we realized that segregated races and monarchy was a terrible idea which, of course, resulted in the war you lived through. All, well, almost all 'kingdoms' as you would call it, are now homes to many other races. We enjoy a diverse group and all of the seven tribes agreed to communism."

Morrowseer began leaving the room before he was interjected, "You can't go! You don't even know the new geography and orientating through New Pyrrhia!"

"So what? Am I a prisoner?!" He said angrily.

"Oh no, no, no! It's just...we want to know your name."

Morrowseer wasn't going to let him know...especially not an IceWing, but not telling him could cause problems so he decided to say, "I don't remember."

"And to leave without any direction? Do you have a motivation?" Asked the male IceWing.

"Are you going to pester me?"

The argument and worry went for quite a while before the Female IceWing said, "We'll let you go...if you do us a favor."

"I don't do favors."

"You don't do this'll never leave at this rate."

Morrowseer hated this. He never did something for anyone except for two dragons, and they were more than likely dead. And he was mainly the one giving orders to others, but he definitely would not heed himself unto IceWings. Yet he had no choice, unless he would kill them...then he would get much of information he desired and he'd be wanted by IceWings. He was also fatigued, so fighting and escaping wasn't going to do him good.

Annoyed by his limited options he asked, "What?"

"We want you to deliver this vial of mercury to a SandWing Professor because he needs a sample of it, he lives in the Summer Village, it's...around where the Kingdom of Sand used to be."

"I suppose you're going to give me a map for this."

Morrowseer is handed (or taloned) a map.

"And don't think you will toss it away and not do what we ask...we can track you. You wouldn't believe how advanced technology has become."

Morrowseer takes note but does not acknowledge. Things has changed since Morrowseer had slept, his life had no significance since he had missed all of his years of planning...sleeping...there isn't much left dragonets, no war, no queens, and no Blister. For some reason he was pained to have the thought of never seeing her again. Perhaps because I failed her? But Morrowseer knew that there was another reason for this ache of his.

He had exited the area and was now outside, it seemed to be like some sort of facility where he was...a vicinity.

It was a bit cold now, but it would get better if he would go south towards this 'Summer Village' place. Now...he was nothing...he lost everything he wanted for himself and tribe. He didn't even know what happened to the dragonets or the NightWings that had crossed over...but one thing was for sure...he lived and soon his life will find a purpose once more.


The sun shone brightly like it did every other day. Queen Oasis was in her royal court with the nobles and her daughters. Princess Blister slowly flew down to her, dressed in an elegant suit of electrum. The royal court bored her, so she asked, “Mother, may I go visit the diplomats?”

Queen Oasis peered at her, and asked, “Why would you want to go there? They’re just a bunch of blubbering fools begging for help from whatever weak kingdom they come from.”

Blister said, sliding a tone of sadness into her voice, “I just like seeing the different tribes of dragons and talking with them. Most of them have very interesting ideas!”

Queen Oasis shrugged. “Alright, if you want.”

Blister smiled, and walked out of the room. The diplomats were in a room at the end of the hall. SeaWings, IceWings, MudWings, and SkyWings filled it. But there was something else in the room too.

A NightWing calmly stood in the corner. Blister’s jaw dropped, and she rushed over to him. She whispered breathlessly, “A real life NightWing!”

The NightWing gave her a confused look. He said, in a cool, unaffected, yet uncertain voice, “Yes, I’m a NightWing. Why are you so amazed?” He corrected himself, more imperiously, “I-I mean, yes, I’m a NightWing.”

She grabbed his wing with her front talon, and stretched it out. With a muttering to herself, she examined him like he was an animal she was dissecting. “You have constellations in your wings!” she exclaimed.

He said prosaically, “Correct. A third of us NightWings do.”

Blister asked, still unable to take her eyes off him, “What’s your name?

The NightWing stated, “I am Morrowseer. I am here for a private meeting with Queen Oasis. What is your name, fair dragoness?”

Blister felt a warm feeling rise into her scales, like the sun rising over the horizon. She said, flattered, “I am Blister, second-eldest princess of the SandWings, and I am eleven years old.” She smiled at him, and continued, “Morrowseer, would you like to have a private discussion with me before you speak with my mother?” He nodded silently, and followed her.

Once inside Blister’s sleeping room, Morrowseer bowed low. He said, more nobly than Blister had ever heard, “It is an honor to meet you, Blister. I have read scrolls about you, and clearly your intelligence was not exaggerated.”

She averted her eyes, embarrassed. “Thank you, Morrowseer. But why have you come here?”

Morrowseer sadly looked down at his talons. “We NightWings are in danger. We live somewhere… unsafe with little food and no clean water to drink. We need a new home, and I was going to ask your mother if she would let us live here in return for an alliance with her.”

Blister felt awful. She’d just met this very kind, sweet, and dare she say handsome, NightWing, and he might not live to see her again. She said, as much to reassure herself as him, “Don’t worry. I won’t let you starve. I will make sure myself that you get a new, safe home with plenty of food.” She took his talon in hers, and said, “I promise.”

He adjusted his wings shyly, and said, “Thank you, Blister. That is a truly heroic thing to do.” He looked outside. It was getting hot. “I’d better be going. I wasn’t able to meet with Oasis, which is unfortunate. But I’ll be back here every day. I’m staying just outside the palace.”

Blister felt her heart leap. She could meet with her new friend whenever she wanted. “I’ll see you soon, Morrowseer!”

And thus a friendship began.



It cracked. The lightning was painful. It coursed up and down Blister's body. She was in definite pain. Not as much as when he died, though. She would never admit the true, to be honest.

Blister opened her mouth. She wanted almost more than anything to scream. She found she couldn't. It was terrifying, even for her.

Am I really going to die like this? I am the true SandWing queen!

Blister felt as though everything was going down, in which it probably was. All the plans she had conspired in her life. The scavengers, the idea of alliances, the plotting with Morrowseer and the Talons of Peace, the idea of locking the dragonets up so they wouldn't interfere with her plans, sending Burn the dragonbite vipers, all those marvelous plans. They were all slipping through her talons like sand.

Heat began to sizzle her body until Blister felt like she was ripped apart, and it all went black.

Blister cracked her eyes open. She was still alive?

Smirking, she pulled to her feet.

"I was correct..." her voiced echoed. Blister's eyes flew open. She looked down. The accursed dragon who was originally given the stone was once again holding it. Blister looked down uneasily. She was standing in a pile of ashes. Ashes were she once stood.


"Dead." a voice finished. Blister whirled around, her barbed tail in a fighting position. She didn't care if she was unable to kill someone in the afterlife, she simply must take precautions.

The dragon she met was surprising. Starry wings, black scales and all. It was Morrowseer.

"Morrowseer!" Blister said. She squished the urge to run over.

"Yes. Hello again, Blister." Morrowseer nodded toward her. His face was fairly expressionless, but Blister could see the small amount of happiness dancing in his eyes.

"Where did you go?" Blister questioned. She had only received recently that he had died, not how he died.

"When the volcano erupted the dragonets stalled me enough to be overtaken by lava. Starflight might be blind, though. I also crushed must of their hope to continue with the fake prophecy, but it appears I wasn't successful." Morrowseer explained.

"It appears not." Blister confirmed.

"Come walk with me." Morrowseer invited. He spread his wings and leaped into the air. Blister did similar.

"It appears we are flying, not walking." Blister pointed out. "But I always enjoy a good fly. It's a shame I wasn't able to kill those blasted dragonets for you."

"It's a shame that you weren't able to become queen." Morrowseer replied. His gaze flickered away.

Blister inhaled. Shrubs jerked in the wind, but she felt none. It was like being in a dream.

The elements in the before life do not effect the afterlife. Interesting.

Blister looked back over at Morrowseer. She had just processed what he said, as before she had been taking in observations.

"You're just saying that because you put so much effort into trying to ensure I became queen." Blister hissed.

"I'm sure I know what I'm saying." Morrowseer said bluntly before glided down. Blister gazed after him. What did that mean? She also noticed they were above Jade Mountain.

Blister flew down after Morrowseer, and landed next to him. For once, she noticed, that there were no signs of war. The land was peaceful and undisturbed.

"Blister...did you ever read Jade in Red?" Morrowseer asked after a long silence.

Blister dug in the recesses of her mind.

"The story about the two runaway dragons that fell in love on Jade Mountain? It came out recently?" Blister asked.

"Yes." Morrowseer nodded as he said that.

"Than yes, I've read it." Blister was still looking at the stars.

"Do you remember the scene when the NightWing confessed his love to the SandWing?" Morrowseer asked.

"Yes. It was vivid, on a cool, dark night when all the moons were in the sky, and..." Blister drifted off.

"I wrote that story for us." Morrowseer whispered into Blister's ear.

Blister smiled softly. A true, genuine smile. Not one of the fake ones she used to appease her SeaWing ally or the dragonets. Morrowseer smiled back.

"I love you."


Dear Morrowseer,

I know you're probably dead, but I'm writing this and having an old friend of mine who is an animus to enchant it to find you, just in case that a miracle bigger than Pyrrhia occurred, and that you are out there somewhere, alive. The sole purpose of this letter is to confess my love, my love that is sharper than a SandWing's barb and more intense than a SkyWings fire, for you. I knew you were the dragon for me ever since I met you, on that cool desert night in the Kingdom of Sand so many years ago. I will never forget that first drink we ever shared, or the time we stole that ruby amulet from the SkyWings. The Dragonets of Destiny have invited me to the stronghold four nights from now, and I can sense that this grueling war will soon come to a close. And with a good chance, the holder of the SandWing throne will be myself. I have the perfect plan to eliminate my sister Burn, and after she's gone, I'll find a way to kill Blaze and take the Eye of Onyx for myself. It will be easier than stealing a mouse from a dragonet. So, if you are alive somewhere, I ask you to join me at my sister's stronghold in four nights. With the throne in my talons, we can live a peaceful life together. I would never admit to any other dragon but you, but I have hated all of this death and bloodshed that has resulted from this terrible war. Please come to the stronghold in four nights. We'll end this war and live out the rest of our lives with each other.

With eternal love,


Dear Blister,

I regret to inform you that I cannot be present at the stronghold. But I hope you will be pleased that I did indeed survive the volcanic eruption. My current residence is a remote island located a ways off the coast of the Ice Kingdom, and it would simply be too far away for me to make it to the Kingdom of Sand in time. I also wish to inform you that your flame for me is definitely mutual. Every night since I met you have I gone to sleep thinking of your beautiful diamond-patterned scales and your obsidian eyes that I have gotten lost in many times over. I will have an acquaintance of mine who is also staying on this island with me to deliver it to you, and hopefully it will arrive within a couple of weeks. Also, I have utmost confidence that you can seize the Eye for yourself and rule the SandWings. I hope I can come visit you soon, and maybe I can stay in the Kingdom of Sand permanently. Oh, one more thing. I think you will like the messenger I am sending with this letter. He is a charming SeaWing scribe who wears a hoop earring.

Love forever,



Blister looked at the SandWing messenger incredulously. Had he just said what she thought he said? She was instantly worried, as this news should never have been heard. She could never believe this dragon until she saw the scroll herself. She snatched the rolled parchment from his talons, reading it hungrily. With every passing word, the knot in her stomach grew. She was biting her tongue painfully just before she read the dreaded words. The messenger hadn’t lied.

The SandWing princess grew dreadfully pale. The soldiers surrounding her backed away slowly, fearing an anger outburst. Contrary to their beliefs, she launched herself into the air with massive beats of her wings, clouds of sand following her, clinging to her wingtips. She ignored the coughing and sputtering of her warriors, her mind only focused on one thought. One terribly dreadful thought. “It can’t be true.” She repeated over and over in a silent whisper. She beat her wings furiously, screaming across the sea of clouds and distant shadows of mountains. She powered on, crossing the great desert with ease.

Within a few days’ time, Blister reached the edge of the thick rainforest. She braced herself and plunged through the canopy. Her sandy scales tore at leaves and branches caught on her wings. Some animal screamed harshly and moved just before the SandWing took thee branch it was resting on. She fell, her eyes closed and her muscles stiffened, she prepared to fall to the ground or hit a tree. She waited for a long time, her eyes clamped tightly shut so she didn’t impale them. She hadn’t hit the ground yet, which confused her. She opened one eye tentatively, and then opened the other. She hissed in annoyance: She was caught in vines, suspened precariously over a shallow stream. She snorted smoke and wriggled, breaking loose of one of the vines. She roared in anger, frustrated that she was wasting time, and thrashed about powerfully. She broke free of the rest of the vines, crashing into the stream. She stood up, bolting from the water and shaking her scales dry. She shot a hateful glare at the chilled substance bubbling along its designated path and then continued into the forest.

She was trying to remain inconspicuous. She crept quietly along the forest floor, few sun rays speckled the ground like freckles. She remembered Morrowseer telling her of a secret entry to the NightWing kingdom somewhere in this forest. He said it was near a stream. Blister growled angrily, backtracking to the stream she now resented. She found it, gurgling happily at her arrival. Blister followed it, making sure to not step near the edge. She shivered when her tail brushed the water’s surface. She jumped away and tracked the river’s path from a safer distance.

Eventually, she came across a small clearing, a large thick tree and a heavy boulder resting on either side of the stream. The ground seemed to have been trampled by many talons, only tightening the pain in her belly. She crept over to the rock, peering into a strange hole that lead to darkness. She felt a strange longing to go into it. She felt the familiar arid heat of the desert waft through it, caressing her snout. She shrugged the urge to go through and home, and turned to the tree. There was another dark hole, but here was a faint glowing red light at the end. And the tunnel radiated heat. It wasn’t the kind of heat she enjoyed, this was raw heat. Flames. Painful heat. But she knew this was the right tunnel, so she dove in. The warmth hit her like a brick wall, but she persevered, the light growing brighter and more orange the more steps she took.

She cried out when she made it to the end of the tunnel, for before her was a horrid scene. A mountain spewing black smoke and ash into the cloudy grey sky, liquid fire pouring down its flanks. Many deep craters scattered around the black sandy beaches, the dying forest, and the thin crust of stone that covered another expanse of liquid flames. And a deep crater was just before her, plunging dangerously through stone and ash, reaching an underground chasm, which only deepened it. Blister took a step back, retreating to the tunnel. How could the NightWings have lived in such a hostile landscape? Even the palace she grew up in with Burn wasn’t this deadly.

Her black eyes searched, looking for anything to prove the messenger wrong. Something to show that he was alive. Anything.

Then she saw it. A glint of black on black. Barely visible. But she saw it and she knew what it was. She hurled her diamond coated scales off the tunnel’s safe ledge and into the crater nearest to her. Against the edge, there was an unusual shape of ash slouched against the wall. The bright dragon, nearly white in this black and red wasteland, crashed next to the unusual form, shielding it from the ash she kicked up with her vast wings. She tentatively outstretched her talon, wiping the thin layer of ash off of the shape. She gasped, but not sure if it was of relief or of sorrow. It was Morrowseer. He was buried in ashes, but alive or not was the question.

Her heart jumped, seeing his golden eyes closed tightly in fear. She dusted the rest of his dark scales off, revealing deep burns and a scorched wing. The stench of burned flesh was unbearable, but Blister dare not leave until she was sure he was gone. Tears fell from her snout. Her fearless, invincible, loving friend was reduced to a frail form, charred and afraid of the home he lived on. She was afraid to touch him, knowing it would only cause pain. She reached her tan scaled talon to the NightWing’s snout gently, slowly tracing down his spine to the base of his neck. She felt for a pulse. She focused hard, trying to feel anything. She was now crying terribly, sobbing loudly. She was the only sound besides the occasional rumble from the mountain.

She might have imagined it, but she thought she felt a weak pulse. She stopped crying to try again, double checking before she rejoiced. Just as she decided to leave, giving up on her lover, she felt another pulse.

He lived.

She smiled through her sorrow, wiping it away as best she could. Morrowseer lived. That was all that mattered. The throne was drowned out by her heart’s cries. She carefully curled up beside the black dragon, avoiding the burns and tears. She rested her wing over him lightly, enveloping him in her safety. And she waited. She waited for him to wake up. She knew he would. He had to.

Blister fell asleep before he ever did. He stirred slightly, alerting the SandWing. She opened her eyes, but remained still. Morrowseer slowly rose his head, his snout melted painfully. He looked at the wing on his back, confused. His scales weren’t tan, were they? He slowly scanned the base of the wing, realizing it wasn’t his. He smiled sleepily to Blister, who smiled back. She cried again, but this time of joy. Her love was alive and well.

Morrowseer opened his mouth to speak, his throat flaming from the intake of ash and soot. His mouth was dry and cracked, but he spoke anyway. “Blister,” his voice rasped painfully. He coughed consistently afterward, shaking his head to clear any leftover pain.

Blister rose her talon to silence him, preventing him from speaking. “Shhhhh,” she crooned, softy shuffling her wings. She spoke no more, and neither did he. They sat and enjoyed each other’s company, basking in the painful heat of the kingdom, safe beneath the shadow of the volcano.