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Hey, this my second fan-fiction. Hope u enjoy!!!!


This fanfiction is finding the Jewel( like the one in The Raining Jewel). Sunstone also wants to find Sunny, her mother. She sets out with a couple of friends to find them both. But something goes horribly wrong...


It was raining down hard. There was a storm brewing. A golden Sandwing without a barbed tail flew over to the battle site. She landed right next to the bodies.

This is what happens to those who try to find the Raining Jewel. They die horribly. There were decaying bodies of Celestia, Pride, Slaughter, and Blazestorm. These were the last dragons to search for the Jewel. I need to find the Jewel.

Before she could decide what to do, something hard hit her head. Then she blacked out. She was taken hostage.

We Go On a Hopeless Adventure, Sunstone

"Winter, you all packed up and ready to go!" yelled Sunstone.

"Almost ready. Wait for the others!"

Sunstone, with her little bag, went out and waited for their other friends. Mental check. Water. Check. Food. Check. Cactus Juice. Check. Hydrogen bomb that explodes everyone near it in 0.00012 seconds and only using for emergencies. Check. I'm all prepared.

Just then, their friend, Jade came.

"Hey Jade, where's everyone else?" asked Winter.

"They're waiting for you at Jade Mountain. We need to hurry. You know that Earthquake isn't that patient!"

"Well, let's get going."

Funny and Ironic, Winter


It felt like forever since I had a journey with all my friends. But this one is especially important. After all it's been a couple of years since the last dragons to seek for the Jewel were dead. So why do I think that not all of us will return. Oh right, because every dragon to seek it is DEAD!!!

When we reached Jade Mountain, Earthquake was there not looking happy.

"Where were you! I was waiting for like 20 minutes!" growled Earthquake.

"Sorry, but someone was packing too long," replied Jade

She glared pointedly at Sunstone.

"Hey, it's not my fault I wanted to live and you didn't!" yelled Sunstone defensively.

I rolled my eyes. Sometimes I wondered why they were my friends. They were so immature. Obviously, I was the leader of this group.

After five more minutes of arguing, we decided that we would all blame Sunstone because of her weird syndrome. We call it CDS (Cautious Dragon Syndrome). We went out at noon and were going at a fast pace. We would be going to the northern islands near the Ice and Sky Kingdoms.