About The Beginning

The Beginning is about how the seven tribes came to be.


Rain battered the heads of the seven dragons. They had a prophecy to deal with, and they planned on fulfilling it. The mud coloured dragon loved mud. The pale yellow loved sand. The blueish coloured dragon loved water, the rusty dragon loved it high in the sky more then anything. The icy dragon loved, well, snow and ice, the rainbow scaled dragon loved the rainforest, and the black dragon loved the night.

"Did you each have the dream?" Asked the mud colored dragon. The others nodded. When they were dragonets,  they had each received a dream telling them that they were destined for greatness, and to find each other when they became seven. They had traveled for three years, and now were at the age of ten.

"Now what? We found the land, but what do we do now?" The pale coloured dragon asked. "I don't know.." the night colored dragon said. "But your the smartest-" and then they all got knocked out.

Chapter 1 (Mud): The New Land

The seven dragons lie unconscious, on the floor, on a rainy evening. The amber gold dragon stood up first. Her scales looked almost exactly like mud. Next, a pale dragon awoke. She looked like sand. Next, a sea-looking dragon awoke. Then, a rainbow dragon, then an icy dragon, then the black dragon.

"Where... are we?"

"What are our names?

"Who are we?"

Then, it started coming back to the mud scaled dragon. "Prophecy!" Suddenly, they all remembered. "But what are our names!"  The rainbow dragon cried. "Why don't we make up names?" The sand coloured dragon suggested. "Okay! I'll go first. What should I be called?" The mud coloured dragon asked. "Your scales look like mud... what about Mud?" "That'll do." Next was the sandy coloured dragon. "How about Sand?" "That works!" Then the blue dragon was Sea, the ice dragon was Ice, the rainbow dragon was Rain, the rusty dragon was Sky, the and the black dragon was Night. 

"Now that we have that established, what do we do?" Rain asked.  "Lets check out the land." Mud suggested. "Let's fly!"

First place they found was swamp-filled. "This place is great!" Mud called, jumping into a marsh. Mud covered Mud's body and when she came out and shook off, the mud droplets spelt "MudWing."

"It's a sign!" Night cried. 

Mud was dreaming. A dragon came to her. She recognized the dragon instantly. "Mother!" She cried. Each of the seven dragons families were dead. "When greatness is achieved, MudWing is your Tribe." And the amber dragon faded. "Mother! Please do not go!" Then Mud awoke, and told the other dragons.

Chapter 2 (Sea): Sea's kinda place