Background Information
Creator Wolfkeep
Theme Animal type here
Theme Color Purple
Theme Song Einsamkeit- Atsushi Kousaka (English translation here
Character Information
Age Old
Gender Cis Male
Orientation Bisexual
Tribe IceWings
Goal to reunite w/ his bruder
Residence The Ice Kingdom
Relatives IceWing Royalty
Powers and abilities Animus, standard IceWing powers


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Thaler is slender and short. He was malnourished as a child so his scales aren't quite as shiny as they should be.

His eyes are a fading red and blue gradient.


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Thaler was born as the illegitimate son of an IceWing Prince and their mistress. He was outcast from the kingdom and spent his childhood the bare tundra on the outskirts of the Ice territory.