Terracotta is a female MudWing and one of the main protagonists in the fanfiction Trail of Stars.


Terracotta is an average MudWing. She shows no sign of her SeaWing heritage, while her sister Terrawhirl looks mostly like a bulky SeaWing. She is petite and smaller than most other MudWings her size, and is noticeably slimmer. She has warm hazel eyes.


Born as royalty to the king Swamp and queen Marsh, her sister was Terrawhirl. She had been tucked away from the other world, with overprotective parents and no idea about the outside world.

After the earthquake, she helped free Rapid, Kite, and Scorpion. Then she decided to join them on their journey, wanting to see the land beyond the castle walls. 


Terracotta was trained as a proper princess should. She is polite, caring, generous and neat in a MudWing way (Mud is thought of as a remedy to rejuvenate the scales and soothe the mind). She is often self-centered and vain, sometimes picky and a perfectionist. But she is curious and brave, able to stay calm in a situation, and she is also proud.