Terra Nova is an IceWing, and an antagonist in the fanfiction Wings of Fire: The Four Flames Saga. She was originally FourFlames' character. Do not use without permission.


Terra Nova is a huge ice-blue IceWing with a dark blue mane and deep black eyes that look like pools of black in her face. She is extremely large for her kind and her tail spikes are the same color as her mane.

She is the sister of Freeze, who was also raised to be a killer. She loves spilling blood and would do anything to dominate Pyrrhia. She will kill anything she sees and her fury is unrivaled. Some victims who have barely survived her attacks say that she has no inner heart. She is part of a secret organization known as the PDFs.


 Like all Icewings, Terra Nova can breathe deadly ice breath and survive cold and blinding light. She also has the usual serrated claws and whip-thin tail. But she knows all weak spots to a dragon's body and could snap a neck with two licks of her talons if she wanted. She likes to drag out the fighting though so her enemies die painfully.


Terra Nova hates practically everyone save for a few dragons.

SHADOWFLANK: Terra Nova doesn't actually care about Shadowflank but she does like him, mostly because of his deceptive and cunning personality, and the fact that he promised her she would be the ruler of Pyrrhia alongside the PDFs if she did what she was told.

FREEZE: Terra Nova has a sisterly overprotection for Freeze, who is the only dragon she actually cares about besides herself. She would kill anyone to save her sister, even Shadowflank himself.

BLUEFIRE: Terra Nova likes to scare Bluefire. She finds him amusing and fun to toy with. She doesn't actually like him, but his cowardly attitude makes him hilarious to her.

THE FOUR FLAMES: Terra Nova likes the Flames, but not really... she just thinks that they make a wonderful addition to Shadowflank's army. She views them only as her pawns.

THE FOUR FLAMES' PARENTS: Terra Nova would kill the Flames' parents if she had the chance. She doesn't think they matter and doesn't need any dragons around who would interfere with her rise to power.


"Knock knock, it's my claws."

"Step one inch closer and you'll find out what 200 degrees below 0 really feels like."

"I don't suppose you'd like to join him."

  • laughs maniacally* "Well it's quite easy when you have knives for talons."


Unlike her sister Freeze, who likes to scare her soldiers by being mean and intimidating, she terrifies her followers by acting fakely sweet yet menacing.