TempestWing Sigil

Description: dark colored scales, bright "transitional" scales, stripes on wings

Abilities: excellent senses, charging, storm sense, occasional Spark

Location: the northern tip of the continent, the "wingtip", bordering SkyWings and DeathWings

Queen (Canon): Queen Nightshade

Diet: Exclusively meat, typically large game and seafood

Alliances: SkyWings, DriftWings



  • Ask NightStrike before creating council members/royalty/hybrids/special dragons.
    • This includes members of the royal guard, elite council, and high-ranking military officers.
    • If you ask for a hybrid please post a description of their abilities. This is for making sure they're not overpowered.
    • royalty and elite council applications are currently OPEN
  • Normal TempestWings are open to make.
    • Normal TempestWings are dark-scaled. Light-scaled are special and are closed.
  • A user can create ONE Spark without NightStrike's permission. Every Spark a user wants to have after that must be approved by NS.


TempestWings can be many colors, mostly darker greens, blues and purples. They can also be white, gray or black. Their underscales can be any shade of blue, green, or purple; tan and white underscales are also possible. TempestWing eyes can be any color and are very bright. Their eyes glow in the dark. TempestWings have a band of scales that separate their main scales from their underscales, called transitional scales. These scales are exclusive to their tribe. They are always a very bright color, and when a TempestWing is fully charged, they'll glow.

They have very long, slim ears for their good hearing. They are able to swivel around and seal tightly if a TempestWing is going to fly really fast. Their nostrils can seal closed as well. They also have a clear membrane that covers their eyes when flying. They have no scales on their feet so they can pick up all of the electrical currents. More on this in the Abilities section.

TempestWings can have horns in any shape, and have a row of long spines running down their backs. TempestWings have an interesting wing pattern; they have vertical, jagged stripes on the membrane. Every pureblooded TempestWing has this, although if they have an ancestor from another tribe, the wings may be a solid color. They take great pride in their wings, and they hate when one has ripped wings.




Sparks are a special kind of TempestWing. A user is allowed to make one without permission, but for every spark after that they need to ask. Sparks look like average TempestWings, except for their wings. Sparks's wings are always feathered, appearing avian. Sometimes they can be looked down upon for not having a vibrant stripe pattern on their wings; however, some actually dye their feathers to appear brighter than normal wings. They're said to be born with too much electricity, resulting in them having to let out all the electricity instead of charging it up. Some can focus this electricity into a breath weapon that they can release at will. However, most tend to have no control of their spontaneous outbursts. Most of the time they keep the eletricity bottled up, and it only comes out during emotional outbreaks. Sparks aren't super rare, being about 1 in 50.

There is a condition, where two sparks born from the same egg will be magnetically pulled together. The force won't let them go a good mile apart without them being dragged back together. The force isn't strong enough to break through walls, and can pin an ususpecting twin spark if they aren't careful. If sparks came from two separate eggs, this condition doesn't apply.



TempestWings have many abilities unique to their tribe, but the average firebreath most dragons posess is not one of them.

Note: every TempestWing CAN charge, but NOT every Tempestwing even HAS a storm sense. TempestWings ALSO have to train to bring out their naturally enhanced senses.


Much like a lightning rod, a TempestWing can absorb electricity. Only small charges, if lightning actually struck them they could still die like a normal dragon. If they are fully charged, they'll have enhanced senses, reflexes, and quicker thought processes. Talented TempestWings can absorb electricity from currents in the ground. They can also "sense" electrical currents through their scales. They absorb electricity through their talons and spines.

They absorb electricty from static mostly, along with siphoning it off from prey when they make a kill.

Due to the small electrical current that most organisims release, TempestWings can sense another's presence. This also helps them hunt, as they can sense their prey's electrical current.

Storm Sense

Certain TempestWings can sense when a storm is coming, and even draw off of its power. Not every TempestWing has this skill, and the strength of this sense varies from dragon to dragon. Those who have a weak storm sense can only sense small storms, like a slight drizzle. Those who have a fully developed storm sense are rarer than sparks, only being 1 in 400 odds. It acts like a sixth sense and will cause a nagging feeling in the back of their brains, as if the storm is pulling at them. Those with a fully developed storm sense typically make a living out of it, and start storm/star-reading shops. Those who have accurate storm predictions are more trusted by the public.

Good Senses

TempestWings are semi-nocturnal, resulting in their dark scales and reflective eyes. They also adapted to having big ears that can swivel to pick up sound. They also have a fairly good sense of smell, better than most of the tribes'. However, their eyesight can be worse than your average dragon's. Not all TempestWings have super good senses, only those that try to bring out this ability can achive it.


TempestWings will eat any meat they come across, and aren't omnivores. They eat meat and seafood. Many cook their food, but if they're in a hurry they will just eat it raw.

TempestWings are very good hunters, and often turn finding food into a game. They typically hunt in packs of three or four, but the occasional lone hunter isn't unheard of. There are also TempestWings that are better at catching fish and other seafood, and they usually hunt alone.

TempestWings often climb trees at dusk and hide in the shadows, waiting patiently for prey. One TempestWing usually stays on the ground to keep track of prey through the electical currents they emit. They also use their good hearing and sense of smell to keep track of prey that have especially weak electrical currents.

Snapping twigs and branches to spook the herds into running into the tree ambushers is the most common way the ground ones will start the hunt. From there, the ambushers will take out majority of the herd. They sometimes use electricity to paralyze their prey. This allows even individual TempestWings to take down large prey. They always hunt at sunset, dusk, or at night. Deer, moose, and elk are their favorite treats.

There are those who aren't good at land-hunting, so they take up hunting aquatic prey. These TempestWings are usually faster swimmers than normal dragons of the tribe, and they love showing off. These TempestWings have lightning-quick reflexes, and can snatch smaller fish out of the water with their bare talons.

However, they usually go after bigger prey, and use their good swimming skills to catch up to their prey, although they can only keep it up for a short period of time. Sharks, sailfish, dolphins, and orca whales are the preferred prey of these hunters.

Some TempestWings also study the migration patterns of certain prey, memorizing it until it's ingrained into their minds. The ones who hunt for a living take migration patterns and weather/temperature into account as well.

The two types of hunters often have small disputes over what method feeds more dragons, and sometimes even have small competitions to see who can catch more prey. (They weigh their catches to see who's prey is heavier at the end.)


TempestWings during the scorching were very reclusive and scattered, preferring not to immerse themselves in fighting. They lived deep within the rainforests, having built many temples and other mysterious structures. They were very traditional back then, having sacrifices to the gods and other ceremonies that "protected" the tribe from scavengers. Early TempestWings were said to be very advanced. To this day the temples and structures in the rainforest still stand, and most stay away. There's rumored to be a small clan of TempestWings that live there today, but it hasn't been proven true. Or false.

In the year 363 A.S. TempestWings moved from the rainforest. The Queen at that time, Queen Rune, was said to have done something to anger the gods. To this day no one knows what she did. They sent her seer a sign. The tribe was supposed to go into exile for 2,300 years for her sin, and if they didn't, mass chaos would ensue. Queen Rune called it off as blasphemey, and executed the seer. On that same day, she issued a raid on their neighbors, the RainWings. She was tired of having to share the territory with them.

War soon followed. Queen Rune was driven by a sense of needing more rescources. She believed that they needed to be ready for the imposed 'chaos' the gods were threatening. She was oblivious to the fact that the war was chaos. They were losing to the RainWings' superior abilities. Many lives were lost. Queen Rune led a specialized fighting force into the RainWing capital as a last-ditch attempt to win the war. The whole force was killed by RainWing venom except for Rune. She was struck by lightning after attempting to assassinate the RainWing Queen.

News of the force's failure soon reached Queen Rune's only daughter, Falling Shard. She was the new Queen. Falling told the tribe that they needed to leave immediatly. She knew that the seer's warning had come true. They fled the rainforest, and only those truly devoted to the gods stayed behind at the temples. It is unknown if they survived. They headed up to the mountains in the far north. Many couldn't handle the climate and died, and after many years of living in the mountains, they discovered the northern forests. Queen Falling Shard rounded up the few survivors and started rebuilding. The Exile had begun.

During her time as ruler, Queen Falling devised the elite council, wanting history to never repeat itself. She gave them power over the kingdom alongside her, and decreed that they would rule with even more power than royalty. Queen Falling also noticed how unprepared the TempestWings were for war. They'd lost to the RainWings easily. She trained the TempestWings who were willing in specialized training routines, which eventually evolved into the games and sports TempestWings play today. She instilled a sense of friendly competitiveness into the tribe, and is one of the main reasons why the tribe behaves why it does today.

SkyWings eventually approached the TempestWings and worked out a deal with them. They'd give up the northern corner. But only if the TempestWings would be an unconditional ally. They agreed. The original declaration of the alliance is still in the TempestWings' vault today, and is heavily guarded. During the 20-Year-War, TempestWings aided the SkyWings. They truly believed that Burn should've won, as she was the best fighter and could lead the tribe the best out of the three sisters. TempestWings didn't come out of The Exile, as their time wasn't up, but they did send the SkyWings resources and helped train their troops. They were somewhat upset when Thorn took the throne, but after a few years they stopped caring.

About 30 years after the war, TempestWings came out of exile. Their time was finally up. They had enough military training and the numbers to reveal themselves to the other tribes. The uproar was huge. The news traveled fast, but the SkyWings helped calm down the other tribes. After about a year of denial, the tribes accepted the fact that TempestWings were real. The TempestWings, now free to travel wherever they wanted, left the territory to explore. Some came back, others settled with other tribes. There was peace once again.

Lore and Religion

TempestWings have a very strong set of beliefs, not every individal believes in them, but most of the tribe does. They do not belive in a sigular god, but rather multiple gods, also known as the Pyrrhian Kami.

They have many shrines for the gods, but they worship the twin gods, Raitoningu and Sandaa, way more than any other god. They believe that Sparks were blessed (or cursed) by these two gods. They also believe that the royal family was descended from these two, although no one can prove this correct. They think that storms are a good omen rather than a bad one, and tend to be most active in the rain as a way of respecting the gods.

They don't have a designated time for worship, most just send their prayers and wishes in their free time. The biggest Raitoningu shrine in the TempestWing tribe is deep within the Woodglow forest, and it's said that whoever makes it to the shrine will be blessed by Raitoningu. The biggest Sandaa shrine is located at an island off of the TempestWing coast. There are no maps to its location, same as the Raitoningu shrine. It's said that whoever makes a wish there will have it come true, although it apparently only works for one wish.


TempestWings believe that they were created from storms, and that the first TempestWing queen was Raitoningu's daughter. They think that every TempestWing has an inner storm; a powerful thing that can only be unlocked if they are in extreme peril. They say that each dragon's storm is different, some may be a windstorm or others may be a torrental downpour, but they all have one.

This "storm" guides their actions and path through life. Every time a storm rolls in, they think a past TempestWing has come back to watch over them. If one gets struck by lightning and lives, they are considered holy to some degree, as the spirit that was the storm has judged them worthy of life. They love Raitoningu and Sandaa because they allow their lost ones to come back to them occasionally.


The TempestWings are a very rowdy tribe. They're very daring, and tend to do stuff without thinking it through. They dare each other to do things that the other tribes would think twice about. They love fast-paced, intense games and sports, like racing, martial arts, and soccer. They value skill and quality above speed or quantity. Some TempestWings also paint and chisel, but they're definitely a more action-oriented tribe.


A TempestWing may challenge another TempestWing to a duel over a piece of land or a special item. The challenger must wager something of equal or greater value otherwise, the fight will be seen as a scam and the challenged dragon will quickly resort to violence. The challenged may decline the offer if it isn't to their liking. Others can gamble on a fight if it is made public. There is no bloodshed, and fighting dirty is strictly prohibited.

The Three Laws

one shall not kill without reason

one shall not start war, only fight if they challenge thee

one shall defend those they hold dear

If any of these laws are broken the accused will plead their case to the elite council. If they are found guilty, they will send the accused into exile. The only way they can redeem themselves is if they participate in the Trials and survive. There are other laws, but these are the most highly regarded.


Tribal Dominance
Like all tribes, TempestWings have the inheritance system, but with a little twist.

A princess, of any age, can challenge the queen. If there are no female heirs, then a prince must challenge his mother. This is the only way a prince can become king, but he must have a wife. The tribal dominance battles have absolutely no rules so anything can happen. They can happen anywhere at anytime. A TempestWing Queen should always be ready for anything. Other dragons tend to steer clear because it tends to get violent. These battles are often brutal and long, as TempestWings were built to fight. The longest recorded battle lasted an astonishing 2 days and 5 hours, the queen dying from exhaustion. The victors of these long fights are often left mentally or physically scarred.

However, the queen can willingly step down or submit in the middle of the fight. A princess or prince can also submit, but will be looked down apon, as they started the fight. This way is more common in the modern days, as bloodshed is not the best way to go about things.

Talonstone Gathering
Every spring, the royalty, Elite Council, and any other dragon of importance to the tribe go to the Talonstone for a big party. They do this to blow off steam from their normally hard jobs. The security is pretty lax, so most dragons can sneak in--not that they'd want to. It's way too formal and boring for most of the tribe. Some dragons sell some rare merchandise at the party, so that could draw the public in.

The Forest Festival
Every July, the TempestWings throw a huge festival in the Woodglow forest that spans the whole month. Most of the action takes place at sunset and at night, the TempestWings have vibrant fire shows on the more active weeks of the festival. There are lanterns and stands all throughout Woodglow, and many races and parties are held in seprate parts. Every party animal's dream is to attend them all. They hold sport tournaments during the day, and playing in the Woodglow puts an interesting spin on things.

Clawreach Arena
Every winter, the TempestWings go to the ancient Clawreach Arena. They hold a huge fighting tournament as a remembrance to when they lived in the harsh mountain peaks. The fights are strictly martial arts and swordfights, and there is no blood or bone-breaking allowed. Every dragon must contribute something to the winner's cup, unless they are participating. The winner gets a trophy made out of steel, along with the donations of the tribe. Many dragons enter, rich and poor, to have a chance at winning it all with the winner's cup.

The Trials
The Trials are an ancient series of tests said to be judged by Raitoningu and Sandaa themselves. There are three separate tests, one for each sacred law. If a TempestWing completes all three tests, they will be able to redeem themselves from exile. However, if they fail a single test, they would be killed on the spot. No one knows what the tests are, except for the fabled oracle that lurks in the cave where the tests take place. The Trials are in a cave deep in the Woodglow forest. The entrance to the cave has two life-size carvings of Raitoningu and Sandaa guarding the entrance. The cave is old and overgrown. There are three lines carved into the rock floor before one actually goes into the cave.



The TempestWings' territory is located on the edge of the SkyWing territory, at the "point" of the continent. There are many mountains and slopes. Since the SkyWings were blocking them from the other tribes, they're very secluded and elusive.

Woodglow Forest

The Woodglow forest is a tranquil, wooded area spanning across both coasts of TempestWing teritorry. There are many small brooks and caves in this forest. It is cool and moist, the perfect place to go in the summer. Fireflies often come out at night, hence the name Woodglow, as it appears that the bark itself is glowing. It rains quite often abve the forest, and many TempestWing dragonets go there to play games and such.

Talonstone Point

Talonstone Point is on the very edge of the continet, and is very rocky and steep. Most TempestWings come here to race among the spurs of rock jutting out of the ocean. Lots of storms come onto the exposed peak, so many teenage TempestWings come to the stormy point and dare each other to race above the surging waves. The first TempestWing queen was crowned on the edge of the point, and is a very historic place. If you're going to tour the TempestWings' territory, this is a must-go.

Wavebreak Beach

Wavebreak Beach is a very popular beach just off of Talonstone Point. There are high waves, and many dragons come to surf or dive among the rushing tides. When a storm rolls off of the point, most TempestWings go to the beach and hold surfing tournaments on the raging waves. They aren't afraid of the storms or water like other tribes are. This isn't a very relaxing beach, as the yelling from the surfing is very loud and exciting.

Whitesand Cove

Whitesand Cove is the complete opposite of Wavebreak Beach. It is secluded and quiet, mostly because most TempestWings find it "boring" or "dull". It has some of the best scenery in Pyrrhia, and it's very romantic. The sand is silky and white, just like the name implies. There are a couple of waterfalls falling into the ocean on the beach, and there are also many trees overhanging the beach from higher ledges. The trees provide the cove with the perfect amount of shade, causing the cove to be just the right temperature. There is almost always a warm breeze blowing through the cove.

Windchase Plains

Windchase Plains is a very popular spot among dragonets and teenagers. The long, flat ground is a perfect spot to play sports. It can get windy, and many dragonets tend to fly kites. There are many soccer fields set up, as TempestWings love soccer. They also use the soccer fields for another game - Capture the Flag. They love playing Capture the Flag, and many dragons even hold Capture the Flag tournaments.

Clawreach Mountains

The Clawreach Mountains are a sacred place to TempestWings. This is where their tribe began, huddled in the cold, blizzard-prone caves of the Clawreach. They lived here when they fled the main continent, until they realized that there was a paradise beyond the harsh landscape. Every winter, they hold a fighting tournament in an arena they chiseled into one of the mountains as remembrence of the hardships they've faced. In the summer however, it is deserted.

Architecture/Important Cities

TempestWings have a very unique style of building their homes. They vary from dragon to dragon, but most make their homes in trees or under rocky overhangs. Their settlements are very scattered, and most villages are small. Most live on the Windchase-Woodglow border, or are completely within Woodglow. There is also the occasional coastal village. The only really large city is by the palace, called Stormtouch.

Most tend to carve images and patterns into their homes, along with their family's insignia. The result is a highly decorated society, as most turn it intp a competition to see who can carve the best, most complex design. Chiseling things out of the rock/wood is also a nice touch.

There are three styles of buildings, and each is suited for a different habitat. The first, and most common type are the tree-villages. TempestWing build wooden treehouses connected by wooden walkways. In this type of village, buildings are all built at different heights, and some buildings stay on the ground. The walkways are complex and intricate, and most love to race inbetween them.

The second style is adapted more towards the plains. The TempestWings find an abandoned ravine, and build their homes or shops into the sides of the canyon walls. The buildings bear the base of the ravine tend to be shops, and there is always a stream of dragons down there. The buildings higher up are connected by a series of ledges and bridges, and a few even stretch onto the other sides of the ravine wall. Many make a dangerous game of trying to climb around with their wings bound in these villages.

The third style is the most rarely seen, but when it is seen it's breathtaking. This style was adapted to the few coastal towns. Dragons may spend years carving out rocky overhangs that look natural, or they might be lucky and stumble across a cave system. Either way, they make a large cave with an even larger opening to the seaside, and then they build. There are often holes poked in the main cavern's ceiling, snd the result is beams of light on sunny days. There are often rivers or waterfalls in the main cavern that provide a source of fresh water. The main cavern is typically very big, and has a high ceiling. Homes are then carved into the stalactites, stalagmites, and cave walls. Stone bridges are then used to connect the homes, resulting in a breathtaking city of coastal TempestWings.



Stormtouch is the capital. It's the largest tree village, and the trees there are absolutely enormous. Many merchants and nobles live in this city. At night, it's spectacular. There's lanterns hanging from many branches, and it lights the whole city up. Many shops are open all night, and there are nonstop competitions going on all throughout the city.

The palace is located deep within the city, and is built into one of the biggest trees. There are many rooms, most of which are open to the public. 3 of the most notable rooms are the royal library, royal athletics room, and royal hall. The only areas that are off-limits to the public are the smaller treehouses where royalty lives.

The royal hatchery is high up in the tree, and is open to the sky. When it rains, the rainwater is said to cleanse the eggs of impurities. Many other hatcheries have copied this style, but none are quite as breathtaking.



Saltwind is one of the only cities that uses the third style of architecture. It's the largest fishing city, and acts as the TempestWings' main port. It is the largest city in the Kingdom of Storms by a longshot, and has many caverns and bridges that connect it all together.

It's the most tribally diverse city as well, and it's like a big market, with dragons heckling and yelling over the bustle of the crowd. Almost everything is sold there, and it's rumored that the black markets there can hook you up with anything if you've got the funds.


TempestWings take protecting their tribe very seriously. They have a strong sense of patriotism, and many join their tribe's military just because of that. They have one of the strongest militaries, and most soldiers are highly trained. They accept both genders, and military members are treated with the utmost respect from the non military members.

The first, and most common military ranking, is a soldier. These are the ground troops that storm their way through cities with their sheer numbers. They are all highly trained in claw-to-claw combat. They all go through a rigorous training camp, and have the skills practically ingrained into them.

There's also the strike force. This is the TempestWing's airforce. Strike force members are the same as soldiers, but instead of claw-to claw combat, they're trained in aerial maneuvers and combat. They are extremely graceful and can fly in all types of weather. Some are in the air for so long that they walk rather awkwardly.

There's a small team of aquatic fighters who were unfit for being a soldier or a strike force member, but they were highly skilled swimmers. These dragons are very agile and can swim almost as fast as SeaWings. They also know dragon anatomy really well, and can target pressure points and weak spots with ease.

Tacticians are slightly higher ranking than soldiers, and they're not fighters. They're assigned a squadron of between five to ten dragons. They are responsible for coming up with battle plans for the squadron. They take orders from the lieutenants, and the general battle plan is worked on by all tacticians.

Medics are the same rank as tacticians, but there are far less of them. There is only one in a squadron, and even then some squadrons don't have a medic. Medics undergo extensive training on how to treat a variety of wounds, whether it be burns or venom, they know how to treat it (usually). They don't have to take the orders from tacticians as seriously, and most tend to do their own thing when in battle.

Lieutenants oversee a certain division of dragons (thirty to a hundred squadrons) and help fit the battle plans together, along with tacticians. They also advise the generals. They're treated with almost as much respect as the generals as well. There is lots of paperwork involved with this job.

Generals are the highest-ranking position a dragon can earn (besides the war specialist) and are very respected. There are four generals who command the soldiers: two with the strike force, one with the soldiers, and one with the aquatic team. They command their groups, and are overseen by the war specialist. A general can have many lieutenants.

The war specialist (see government for more info) acts as the head general. Their word is law on the battlefield. The war specialist is typically very good at all of the military's different skill sets, and is expected to be a very good tactician. Their ideas can be vetoed if all of the generals come to a majority agreement.

Royal Guard

This is another branch of the military entirely, tasked with protecting vulnerable cities and places susceptible to attack. They are the best-of-the-best and don't operate under anyone besides the head of the royal guard (the current head is Gloria). They specialize in all types of combat, and contrary to popular belief, don't specifically protect royalty. The members of the royal guard live in or near the palace, but the palace guard protects the palace and royalty. Most are only stationed there because the palace is vulnerable.

There is an unofficial second branch of the royal guard, and it was formed by the current Queen, Nightshade. It's called the special guard, and they protect the Queen at all costs. It is unnoficial, and the royal guard members don't like the concept, or even being associated with the special guard. The special guard is made up of Nightshade's two eldest children, Lightningstreak and Shade Fall.


TempestWings have a slightly different government system than the rest of the tribes.

Elite Council

The Elite Council is six dragons, each excelling in a certain field or skill. They were all picked by the previous Elite Council, and trained their whole lives for the role. They are the decision makers of the tribe. They can overrule royalty, and have slightly more power than the queen. The six positions are as following, war specialist (head of the TempestWing's armed forces), recreation specialist (knows the latest pop culture; knows what the public wants), communication specialist (manages relations with other tribes), nature specialist (keeps the balance between nature and urban areas), resources specialist (manages treasure and other resorces the TempestWings have), education specialist (manages the TempestWing education systems).


TempestWing royalty is still worshipped, and if the Elite Council is corrupted or killed before their apprentices are trained, the queen will take over their role for a temporary period of time. They are the face of the tribe, and normally influence politics quite a lot.


TempestWings typically have nature themed names. They have two parts, and can have a space inbetween. Teen TempestWings typically abbreviate their name with the first letters of their first and second parts. Like if a teen's name was Leafshatter, they might go by LS.

Example names:

  • Rain Sing
  • Flameslash
  • Gladewind
  • Fighting Embers
  • Lashing Waves
  • Windfight
  • Shockwave

Tribe Relations

They have a mixed opinion about this tribe. They think that some of their methods are dishonorable, but their overall devotion to their tribe is admirable. After their move with their RainWings they feel pity for them, as they once had RainWings as neighbors.

They have a strong alliance with the SkyWings, as they helped the TempestWings in their time of need. They think that the SkyWings are a good tribe and will stand up for them if it comes to it. TempestWings supported them during the SandWing War and it would be the same if any other wars broke out.

They think that SeaWing civilization is cool, and they try extra hard not to break any of the SeaWings' awesome architecture. Quite a few TempestWings live down by the SeaWings, and they enjoy surfing. Many have tried to swim to the Deep Palace. Overall, they think SeaWings are a fun tribe to be around.

They don't have a high opinion of SandWings because they started a war and dragged all of the other tribes into it, when the sisters should've fought it out in a three way battle. They think that Burn should've taken the throne, but really don't care about what SandWings do, as long as they don't start another tribe-wide war.

They're neutral to the MudWings, but think that their sibling bonds are admirable. They don't approve of the parenting techniques used by the tribe, but they know it isn't their place to change that. Not many TempestWings live down there, but a select few do love participating in mud sports with the MudWings.

They have a slight grudge towards the RainWings for what happened centuries ago, but it's a new age. They don't think the RainWings pose much of a threat currently, but they aren't going to attack the RainWings because of their honor, and because they think that they wouldn't stand a chance in their current state.

They think that the IceWings have a cool ranking system, but also that they are a bit too full of themselves. The TempestWings think they should have some fun, and many have traveled to the ice kingdom to party and do snow sports. They try to get the IceWings to loosen up, causing some one-sided tension with them, but the TempestWings blow it off.

They think that the AviWings look really cool, and like the fact that they aren't super up-tight. TempestWings and AviWings can be found living together a lot.

TempestWings think SwiftWings are cool. Their bending abilities intrigue TempestWings, and their love of the arts os admired. However, they believe that they shouldn't have a queen so young. It would throw off the balance of things in their minds.

The TempestWings think the DriftWings are awesome. They love racing with them, and many TempestWings live in DriftWing territory. They think that they're one of the best tribes there is. They hope the DriftWings feel the same.



Significant Members

Please put the princes/princesses in order from eldest to youngest.

Queen Nightshade
King Fireblade
Princesses: Windy Springs, Lightningstreak, Duskfighter, Emberspark Fallen-Leaf, Ash SongForest SongAether Eye
Princes: Ocean Storm, Prince Geomagnetic, Shade Fall, Turmoil, Night Ember, Pythonhunter, Fernwind, Firefly

Elite Council
Morning Star [idk] (war specialist)
name (recreation specialist)
Duskfighter (communication specialist)
Singing Dove (nature specialist)
name (resources specialist)
name (education specialist)

There hasn't been a TempestWing animus since Suspended Quartz, who lived centuries ago, when the TempestWings were still rainforest dwellers. That is, until now, and not only that, she's living right under the Queen's nose.

And her name is Lightpledge.


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