Tattoo is Luster's do not steal her! Tattoo has been adopted by .oOEclipseOo.


Tattoo is a RainWing/NightWing hybrid. Her scales are different than a normal NightWing's, though they do not change with her mood, they are dark purple and have a pearlescent sheen about them, almost prismatic. She doesn't have stars under her wings, just a large black membrane. Her claws are almost silver, along with her horns, teeth and neck spines. Her legs are longer than those of a normal NightWing and her tail is slightly curled at the tip. Tattoo is small for her age and her eyes are pale green.  


Tattoo is very curious. She shoves her snout into anything she can find. She has to know what everyone all of the time. She can be rash at times and tends to spread rumors. She is slightly self conscious of her hybrid-ness but doesn't show it. Tattoo can be brave sometimes, shy at others, but she always stands up for her friends.


Tattoo is a hybrid, so she gets mixed powers. She can read minds, but that is all. She can not spit venom or change colors, nor can she see the future.

Tattoo is fully deaf, so she can not hear anything. She communicates only with NightWings using telepathy.


  • She is learning to play the flute, like her father
  • She is a lefty
  • She only pretends to have friends (:c)
    • She has four main friends: Fleshtearer, Bloodspiller, Warender, and Lockjaw. They all represent some of her deepest desires.  

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