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this is my drawing of Hurricane and Tazz.


A typical RainWing. Art by Joy Ang.

Tasmanian Devil is a female RainWing that lives in the Southern RainWing Kingdom. She is also Lulerb03's character, so please ask my for permission if you want to use her in a fanfic.  She is currently dating Hurricane.


Due to being a RainWing, she is constantly changing colors but one of her main features is that she is deaf in one ear.


Tasmanian Devil is very smart! No, not like that, I mean she has like a high IQ smart anyway. Tasmanian also is very kind and will care for anything from dragons to baby sloths (OMG soooooo cute!!). But mainly she is loyal and will do anything to protect her family, her sloth Tumbles, and her tribe.


Tasmainian Devil had a little rough start in life. She wandered out of the nurserey opon hatching since her parents were fruit picking and talking about names. She stumbled across a tasmanian devil. (Tasmanian Devils are scavengers and normally don't hunt except sometime but she was a baby and no one told her) She ran (or maybe stumbled?) and came across her parents they took her back to the nursery and found out she was theirs then she got the name after the creature. Later on at her first sun time she awoken and found a baby sloth on her naming her stumbles. She excelled at fruit identifying, blow darting, tree gliding and venom spitting, not to mention camoflauge. Now she lives in the villlage, unsure of what to do in her life and playing with stumbles.


A true Tasmanian Devil (CUTNESS OVERLOAD)


  • Stumbles recently gave birth to Cheeky, Shags, and Grazeelda.
  • She once on a dare touched a Poison dart frog. It didn't turn out that well, she had to stay in a healer's hut for a week. 
  • She has an older brother named Amur Leapord who is a guard, like her.
  • her theme animal is a tasmanian devil which you most likely figured out already

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