Tarantula is a pale gold female SandWing. She is only to be used by her creator, Peril's Fire.

Powers and Abilities

  • Poisonous Tail Barb

Like all SandWings, Tarantula has a poisonous barb at the end of her tail like a scorpion.

  • Fire-breathing

Tarantula can breathe fire, like all SandWings.

  • Fighting Skills

Tarantula is a very good fighter.


A Life of Lies: The Swamp Island

Tarantula is the mother of Viper and mate of Meerkat. Her and her mate were violent fighters in Burn's army, before Burn decided they were threats and tried to have them killed. They escaped, and helped Camel escape as well. They joined the Talons of Peace, and Tarantula became a mother to Viper, Ironwood, Silver Cholla, Javelina and Bobcat. Tarantula and Meerkat were assigned to train the Dragonets in fighting by Morrowseer and Dreamhealer. She trains the Dragonets with her children, Ochre's siblings and Seahorse. She has them play a fighting game. For round two she and Meerkat put their children, OchreFlame and Seahorse on one team, and everyone else on the other. The team with her children wins, and her and Meerkat call the training off due to a secret meeting they're a part of. It is not known to them that they are followed by the False Dragonets.