Taipan is a SandWing and a OC of Talonsofpeace123.


Taipan is very different than other SandWings. He has large fangs and a large venom barb, essentially giving him more venom than other SandWings. He also is more skinnier and smaller. 


He is very destructive and would like to kill everyone. This explains his quote: "When the land is soaked in blood and tears, look to me, and run." He became an assassin at a young age, avenging his family's death. (More of that in Biography)


Taipan used to be a dragonet who loved everything. He played with his siblings and had very caring parents. Then, a patrol of SkyWings came and killed nearly all of them, leaving Dune (Who ran away) and Taipan. He has been searching for Dune for a while. When Taipan heard that Dune was killed by Scarlet, he became the assassin he is today.