Szazo is a deceased male NightWing. He honorably gave his life to help make sure that his old friend, Aiden (and his friends), could remain safe.

General Information

  • Unlike most other NightWings, Szazo does not live within the NightWing Kingdom. He is an exile, though he still holds contact with the NightWings and sometimes gives messages from the NightWing Kingdom.
  • All of Szazo's scales, except for the few white ones on the underside of his wings, are pitch black.
  • Szazo rarely shows himself to other dragons.
  • During the night, Szazo keeps himself entertained by watching the activites of other dragons, so he knows much about what is happening across all of Pyrrhia.
  • Szazo spent a better part of his life fighting for survival, so he is advanced in combat.
  • It is said by a few others who have, on those rare occasions, met him that Szazo could control the wind, but this is probably just a myth.
  • Szazo wears a metal necklace with a pitch black crystal hanging from the front.
  • Excellent at remaining unseen. If Szazo does not want others to detect him, odds are, they will not detect him.


  • Szazo does not typically speak much to others dragons unless giving a message from the NightWings.
  • Though Szazo usually only watches dragon activities from affar, he may intervene if he feels the need to.
  • Szazo rarely reveals what he knows.
  • Very shy and enigmatic, yet is very kind.
  • Szazo never stays around long enough to form friendships and he has never let another dragon learn about his past... and probably never will.
  • Szazo is interested in the activities of other NightWings (since the only place he cannot go is the NightWing Kingdom, he does not see many NightWings) and unusual dragons.
  • If Szazo notices a strange event happening in Pyrrhia, he will probably attempt to be there when it happens.