Swiftstorm, is a  SwiftWing/IceWing hybrid who is in the Fire and Ice Prophecy. He his a dark black with a orange lightning stripe going down his sides,his mane is a dark red, he has a few extra horns on the back of his head( like an IcewWing. ), has a whip thin tail, and has a few silvery-blue scales. He is allied with Flame the SkyWing and Sunset the SwiftWing. ( made by me :D ). He has a secret evil side that has a black mane, white body, black stripe, red eyes, and a deep voice. He would do anything for his friends.And he can't go back in time,I mean like,slowing it down for a few minutes. His telekinesis color is a dark green, but he won't learn to use them for awhile. 01:37, February 25, 2013 (UTC) sincerely, AtinaratheNightWing, presently known as a wikia contributer