SwiftWing Sigil

Description: white, gray, or black scales; colorful stripe from eye to tail; colorful feathered mane and tail tuft; retractable claws

Abilities: see in dim lighting; fly fast; born into a telekinesis type (fire, water, air, or earth); control their designated telekinetic element

Location: between Mud and Sky Kingdoms; near Diamond Spray Delta and Diamond River; by ocean

Queen (Canon): Queen Starbolt

Diet: fish, vegetables, berries, birds

Alliances: RainWings, NightWings, DriftWings


SwiftWings belong to StArchaeopteryx! Please read the following:

1) You must ask both tribe parties if you want a hybrid (unless it's a canon tribe, then just ask a manager for the SwiftWing part).

2) The tribe was re-developed by Wings-of-Bloodfire, and is the tribe's official co-owner. Ask her or StArchaeopteryx if questions.

3) You MUST ask for a hybrid or an unusual SwiftWing! Hybrid SwiftWings do not have telekinesis.

4) Main scales can only be black, gray, or white.

5) SwiftWings can only have ONE telekinesis.

6) Dragonets must learn how to use their ability over the span of at least a decade before being allowed to use it on their own without supervision. They will have to pass a final test. If they fail, they have to keep taking it until they pass. No matter how long it takes.

7) There are 8 elemental masters, the Council. Besides them, NO SWIFTWING IS UNSTOPPABLE.

8) Only royalty can have jagged stripes.

9) Animus SwiftWings are nonexistent.



SwiftWings inhabit the area between the Mud Kingdom and the Sky Kingdom's forests, and are able to thrive in a variety of environments. The tribe stands tall, slightly shorter than the average SkyWing. Their manes, when bristled, make the tribe seem taller and more menacing (similar to bird crest feathers).

The tribe itself crosses many different distinctions, as each telekinetic type is a little different. All SwiftWings have a feathered mane and tail tuft. The feathers are soft, like down, and are only on the top of the skull, the neck, and the end of the tail. After evolution over the years, the feathers act more like hair (Modern Pyrrhia). The SwiftWings are physically built lithe and lanky, with short claws and swift feet.

Pureblooded SwiftWings will always have a stripe that starts under their eye and trails to their tail-tip. Many hybrids lack this, although not all of them. SwiftWings can also have some more faint scale markings, although this results from a hybrid ancestor. Pureblood SwiftWings do not have scale markings besides the stripe.


The scale colors are a gradient between white, gray, and black. They can have any shade of those three colors for their main scales. The stripe that runs from eye to tail (on both sides of the dragon) is usually bright colored. The feathered mane and tail tuft can be any color.

Intertribal Differences

The Aeros (Air SwiftWings) are the most lanky and lean type. They usually keep their manes short--if its long it'll blow in their face when flying or using their ability. Not all Aeros practice this, especially in the modern era. They have narrow chests and long, whip-thin tails. Their wings are the largest of the SwiftWing types, and the digits are very flexible for maneuvering in the air. They have more aerodynamic heads, with a pointy snout. In the past, Aeros were distinguished by gray or pale colored eyes.

The Hydros (Water SwiftWings) are built for water. This type has natural fat built in for warmth and storing oxygen. The Hydros have a water-shedding mane and tail tuft, similar to duck feathers. Their wings are narrow for maneuvering in water, and they can hold their breath longer than the other SwiftWing types, due to their deep chests for their lung capacity. In the past eras, Hydras possessed blue eyes.

The Pyros (Fire SwiftWings) are built similarly to the Hydros. They have a higher resistance to heat and high temperatures, although can still get burned if not careful. They have a special oil and water emulsion in their manes and tail tufts to keep them from catching alight, something the other types do not possess. Pyros were distinguished by amber eyes in the past.

The Terras (Earth SwiftWings) are the smallest and strongest (though not significantly). They also have shorter tails. They have normal sized wings, although Terras don't see a reason to fly that much. In the past, Terras could be spotted by their pale green eyes.

After generations of intertribal breeding amongst the types, the eye color lost its significance.


The colors of the mane, tail tuft, and stripe are quite random.

The inheritance patterns of the main scale color are incomplete dominance or codominance. Incomplete dominance means that the shades of the scales could be a mix from both parents. A good example of this would be that SwiftWing A is black, while SwiftWing B is white. They have offspring, and the dragonet would most likely be gray. Codominance means that the colors exist together. SwiftWing A is black, SwiftWing B is white. Their dragonet could be black AND white due to codominance.

The basic build and type of SwiftWings are genetic. The ability and the build go hand-in-hand: one can't occur without the other. It is about 90% certain that a parents' build and ability will be passed down to the child. The other 10% comes from possible ancestors, such as grandparents. The tree below shows all available options for this type of genetics.

In the 2nd generation, a Terra(f) was born from a Pyro(f) and a Terra(m). The Terra(f) married another Terra(m), and they had a Terra(f) and a Pyro(m) as offspring. But how? Remember that the mother had a mother that was a Pyro, and some genetics can skip generations. If you look to the other side, an Aero(f) and a Hydro(m) had a Hydro son, which is not unusual. The Hydro(m) and the Terra(f) have an offspring. If you read the tree carefully, you would realize that there is a chance that that child could be any of the four types. The highest probability would be a Hydro or Terra, as those are its parents. However, there is a small chance it could be an Aero (grandparent), and an even smaller chance it could be a Pyro (great-grandparent).




Every SwiftWing can see in dim lighting, a valuable skill for moving in the dark. They are also good fliers- the Aeros are on par with the SkyWings. The tribe is nimble and has a high agility and willpower.


There are four telekinesis types: aerokinesis, hydrokinesis, pyrokinesis, and terrakinesis.

Aerokinesis is the ability to manipulate the air around oneself. It's helpful almost all the time, except it is useless when underwater.

Hydrokinesis is the ability to manipulate surrounding water. It is practically impossible to use in dry areas, although skilled hydrokinetics are able to pull water from plants.

Pyrokinesis is the ability to use soul to create fire from nothing. It is also the most destructive and dangerous.

Terrakinesis is the ability to manipulate the surrounding earth. It is particularly helpful when fighting on the ground, but less so in the air.




The basic territory of the SwiftWing tribe is shown in the map. Their kingdom itself isn't very expansive. They live near the Diamond Spray Delta and the River, their borders ending at the ocean and the mountain range. The terrain is somewhat flat in the middle of their marked territory, while forested to the north and marsh-like to the southeast, where the MudWing territory starts. There is a mountainous part in the northwest part of their territory.

The weather changes based on what part of the kingdom you're in. It is pretty humid and muggy near the southern part, especially at the border with the MudWing swamps. Near the ocean, it is cool and often overcast, the water cold until the late afternoon (when it starts to warm up due to the sun). The small mountainous section is rather dry, but temporal. The center and forest regions have a temporal temperature.

The actual Royal Palace is located in the northwestern forest area of the territory, although not far enough to be in the mountains. The palace was created from marble that was shaped by Aeros. It has tall marble column and is decorated with exquisitely stained glass windows. The palace has seven floors, each exhibiting a different purpose. The first floor hosts a beautiful courtyard in the center, as well as a forgery, storage, and workers' quarters. The second floor is home to the elegant dining hall and the vast kitchen. The third floor exhibits the glossy ballroom for throwing parties of all sorts. The fourth floor is for guests, more specifically noble guests. The fifth floor holds the breathtaking throne room, as well as a meeting hall for making alliances or speaking to other higher-ups. No one without special permission (and having the key) can go to the sixth floor. This floor is the living quarters of direct royalty, as well as home to the treasury and important documents.

Petra Mountains

The Petra Mountains is what the SwiftWings call the small amount of mountainous land that is in the northwestern part of their territory. This is rather rough and dry land, and most of the tribe does not like to go there. The Petra Mountains are home to the beautiful waterfall, Safis Ptosi.

These mountains were where Queen Sphinx forced the Terras to move during the Reign of Devastation. However, some small Terra groups (of about 5-6 dragons) still live in dirt huts or underground in these mountains.

Old Villages

The Old Villages are the small villages that were created before the SwiftWings moved to the Rocky Island during the SandWing Succession. A great number of them have been demolished during the Reign of Devastation, but a few still remain. The Old Villages are treasured historic properties, and are protected by guards. They are available for viewing by tourists and SwiftWings alike--just no touching anything.

Safis Ptosi

Safis Ptosi (meaning: clear fall) is a large and breathtaking waterfall in the Petra Mountains in the northwest of the territory. It is a popular place for tourists to visit, and many Hydros have performance shows nearby to show off and make some extra money. It is a very elegant waterfall, and it is a popular postcard picture. Safis Ptosi falls into a small river that becomes the Delta River. The river is great for catching fish and finding really cool shells.


Wonderheart is the most lavish and popular city in the SwiftWing territory. It is the melting pot of all the types. There's a statue of Queen Sunray in the center of the square--a reminder of who saved the tribe from the Reign of Devastation. Wonderheart has beautiful Greek and Roman architecture. The buildings are large and stable; pillars are everywhere. There are many beautiful arches and white tiled floors.

Wonderheart has a large park with a big, crystal-water pond and many cherry blossom trees. Many benches dot the grass, and it's a great place to sit down and dragon-watch. Many college students come here to read peacefully, and older folks like to view the younger generations playing in the grass and enjoying themselves. It's a very tranquil place.

Lots of trading is done in Wonderheart; it's the largest and most diverse city in the SwiftWing kingdom. Many tourists from other tribes come to view all that the city has to offer.

Society and Culture


The SwiftWing tribe is very daring and competitive. After Starbolt helped rebuild them, they have a strong sense of tribal pride. They love showing off their skills, especially to tourists.

Sunray created an education policy before she passed--all dragonets must go to school until they are seven years old. The schools are free, unless they are privately run (for the higher-up SwiftWings). In school, the dragonets learn about their history, the other tribes, how to use their telekinesis, sciences, languages, and art.


Like the other tribes, the SwiftWings are ruled by a queen. The queen does not have full authority over the decision-making. There is a council that approves or disapproves of the queen's proposal. This system was created during Queen Sunray's reign to prevent any more incidents like her mother (Queen Sphinx).

The council is made up of:

  • the current queen
  • one male Aero
  • one female Aero
  • one male Hydro
  • one female Hydro
  • one male Pyro
  • one female Pyro
  • one male Terra
  • one female Terra
  • the current king (if there is one)
  • any other important royalty members

Only a princess can become queen. In the past, there have not been any challenges for leadership. However, Starbolt implemented a new rule. A princess can challenge the queen to a duel (in which the queen or the princess must yield to the other or die) or the queen can step down herself. If the queen dies, the princess will ascend the throne (if there is more than one princess, the oldest or the one most direct to the bloodline becomes queen).

The queen is required to produce heirs to preserve the royal bloodline. In the case of Queen Starbolt, she adopted Queen Sunray's son's (Lamos) dragonets when he died on the way back to Pyrrhia. Lamos fathered three dragonets (Elyza, Lucid, and Athena), which are now under Starbolt's care. Since they are genetically royal, it is unknown if Starbolt will have her own dragonets to carry on the bloodline.


The old SwiftWings (under Nike's rule) believed in multiple deities, similar to those of the Greeks. Under Sphinx and Sunray, the SwiftWings seemed to drop their faith. With Starbolt as queen, the SwiftWings can follow whatever religion they desire. Many believe solely in the spirits of their ancestors, while others remained polytheistic. In more modern times, many dragons of the tribe follow the kami religion.

Artisan Row

Every year for two weeks, the SwiftWings host a large-scale festival called "Artisan Row." This festival is to celebrate the Renaissance and display all sorts of art. During this time, there will be glorious parades, lots of parties, activities for all ages, and definitely lots of stands to browse.

Artisan Row brings in lots of dragons from all over Pyrrhia, and the SwiftWings make the most money during these two weeks. There are lots of small stands set up in Wonderheart and around other large cities. These stands can sell different types of snacks or food, but many of them are to display art of some sort to sell it. Weavings, paintings, charcoal drawings, bead work, pottery, and literature are all sold at these stands. Music is played in the streets, and many dragonets like to get face paint with extravagant designs for the holiday.


Early History

The earliest SwiftWings were thought to be recorded around the time that the Scorching occurred. Their numbers were still relatively small and were not considered a "real" tribe until a decade after the Scorching. There are many theories of what the SwiftWings evolved from; some speculate they came from NightWings and SkyWings while others believe they are evolved from birds or even scavengers. The early SwiftWings lived in the bone-dry areas between the mountains in the middle of Pyrrhia.

The tribe slowly grew in members, finally being recognized as a "real tribe" to be reckoned with. Their first appointed queen was named Nike; she was the SwiftWing that unified the stragglers into a tribe. She moved their tribe to the flat area between the MudWing and SkyWing territories--a much more adaptable place for the tribe to prosper in future generations.

Reign of Devastation

Queen Nike ruled the tribe for many generations, eventually dying in her sleep. Her daughter, Sphinx, was cunning and cruel--a stark difference to the tribe's previous tranquil ruler.

When Sphinx was crowned queen, the tribe did not know what was about to happen. The outside SwiftWings had never really caught glimpse of the princess, and were rather unaware of how tyrannical she was. With all the power at her clawtips, Sphinx plunged the tribe into despair.

Queen Sphinx separated the subtypes. Contrary to her mother, she believed that each subtype should breed and live with their own kind, and definitely not intermingle. She forced the Terras to move to the mountainous region of the territory and the Pyros to far south of the territory (in isolation). The Hydros were pushed to the eastern border, next to the coast. Queen Sphinx herself was an aerokinetic, and hence believed that Aeros were the pure, most elegant of the subtypes. The Aeros lived in the center of the territory, relaxing in the luxury of temple-like palaces.

The queen knew it wasn't enough. Her paranoia rose with each decision she made, and she put assassins and spies everywhere. A report came back to her of the Pyros planning a revolt against the palaces. Stricken with panic of her "perfect" world crumbling, Sphinx led an attack on the Pyro villages. Her army of aerokinetics strangled dragons and blew down buildings. The fire dragons fought back, but the combination of fire and wind only fueled the flames. Buildings burned, bodies lay dead, and the villages were left in ruins. Satisfied that they wouldn't try a revolt again, the queen and her army confidently continued back to their palaces.

Much to the dismay of Sphinx, she knew she needed a powerful heir to take her place when she passed. It was assumed that she had an Aero male father her eggs (in which she had three). Her oldest daughter was named Victory; she was the perfect specimen of a princess. Her other two dragonets were born Hydros, and Sphinx blamed her Hydro brother, Argus, for their bad blood. She cast them aside, focusing all her attention on Victory.

When Victory was about 8 dragon years old, she led her first raid on a Terra village. Days and nights passed, and the raid party returned with solemn faces and a broken dragoness. Princess Victory died at the talons of the Terras, her bones broken beyond mending. Sphinx was numb with awful feelings of grief and rage.

Her other two dragonets, Sunray and Charybdis, watched fearfully with their uncle as the queen went into fits of fury. Attacks on the other villages became more frequent; the number of SwiftWing deaths climbed higher each day. Sphinx slowly began falling ill; a different healer was called to her about each day. They had varying diagnoses for her mystery disease (the most common theory was that her stress and grief was eating at her physical health). The queen was purely exhausted beyond repair, but Sphinx was as stubborn as a brick. She refused to rest, pushing her plans and leading raids until her body could not take the exhaustion anymore. The queen collapsed and her heart stopped in her chest.

Sunray was only six years old when Sphinx died. She climbed the throne and the Reign of Devastation ended. Sunray had a lot to do, but she knew she would have to fix her mother's terrible path. The SwiftWings would have to be reunited again.

SandWing Succession

When war broke out in Pyrrhia, Queen Sunray was approached by the three sisters at different time intervals. The queen politely declined their request to join their side; the SwiftWings were still mending from the Reign of Devastation. Sunray knew the trust between the royal bloodline and the villages was still broken.

The SandWing sisters were not happy with Sunray's decline, and the SwiftWing knew they would not stop harassing or trying to get her tribe to join the war. The queen called a meeting to her subjects, and she and her council started preparing an execution plan.

The SwiftWings evacuated quickly and quietly--fleeing to a small island that they later named The Rocky Island. The SwiftWings had to rebuild their kingdom, although most dragons were still wary of the Aeros and each other. The subtypes still stayed with their own kind for the most part, much to the dismay of Queen Sunray.

The queen thought it would be a good idea to marry a Terra, hoping to start the road to recovery with them. She regretted her sister's death, but knew that it would be wise to try to incorporate all the subtypes into the royal bloodline somehow. Sunray had one daughter, a snotty Terra named Floramundi, and a son named Lamos, a Hydro.

Sunray's brother, Charybdis, became an important figure for reuniting the subtypes. He had a daughter named Starbolt, the first aerokinetic royal since Sphinx. Sunray knew her niece would be a touchy subject for the tribe as a whole. However, Charybdis had created a program called the Weather Patrol; a program to teach Aeros and Hydros how to use their abilities to stop and/or predict the weather.

Sunray ruled for many, many decades. She was the longest reigning queen in SwiftWing history. Unfortunately, old age caught up to her and she died on the island. When the queen was on her deathbed, she appointed her niece queen instead of her daughter. Sunray knew that the SwiftWings needed to go back to the main continent, and she didn't believe Floramundi had enough patience for that sort of daring task.

Return to Pyrrhia

Starbolt was given the task at the dying claws of Sunray to lead the SwiftWings back to their original home on Pyrrhia. She, along with her father, helped rally up the tribe to bring them home. Since Starbolt was only a dragonet when Sunray passed, she needed the assistance of her older father. Starbolt had the council members help their respective types prepare for the move.

The journey was tough, but the tribe grew stronger because of it. The bonds between the different dragon types were strengthened, and Starbolt was proud of her tribe. When they successfully made it back to their own territory, two years after the SandWing Succession ended with Thorn as queen, Starbolt and Charybdis made amends with the SkyWings and the MudWings (their territory partners). Once the SwiftWings regained their previous territory, they started the rebuilding process.

Starbolt had projects that were designed for all the types to be able to contribute to. Pyros smelted metal next to Aeros that stacked pillars; Terras dug ponds and Hydros filled them with water. Harmony was beginning to be restored among them.

Once the palace and cities had been created, Queen Starbolt started a Renaissance movement. Arts and crafts were made; elegant tapestries woven. Music filled the streets of the newly reborn civilization, and the SwiftWings had regained their sense of tribal pride and trust in one another.

Tribal Relations

IceWings: The SwiftWings do not live near the IceWings, thus rarely make contact with them. They heard stories of how stuck-up the IceWings were, and wished to avoid possible tension.

MudWings: They get along pretty well with the MudWings, hence them being border-neighbors. The MudWings and SwiftWings commonly trade with one another.

NightWings: The SwiftWings were approached by the NightWings and RainWings for an alliance. They currently get along rather well, although some NightWings just cannot lose their arrogant streak...

RainWings: The NightWings and the RainWings approached the SwiftWings for an alliance. They get along well, and the SwiftWings love their citrus fruit.

SandWings: They do not like the SandWings much, especially after the sisters kept harassing Queen Sunray to join the war. Many partially blame the SandWing tribe for forcing them to move to the Rocky Island.

SeaWings: The SwiftWings don't share much communication with the SeaWings, although the water tribe seems jealous of the Hydros sometimes. They have quite a bit of competition to see who's better.

SkyWings: The SwiftWings and SkyWings are pretty neutral to one another. They are trade partners, and the telekinetic tribe seems much more at ease with them with Ruby as queen.

AviWings: The SwiftWings and AviWings get along pretty well, and are trade partners. They do not have an alliance, as the bird-dragons prefer to stay out of future war.

DeathWings: They don't see the DeathWings much, or at all. They don't live near the SwiftWings.

DriftWings: The SwiftWings and DriftWings are both competitive and creative, and they love hosting art shows with each other. The two are trade partners and have an alliance.

LeafWings: They think the LeafWings are interesting, but don't see them often.

TrickWings: The SwiftWings and TrickWings have little communication with each other.

Significant Members



  • Victory (historic)

Male Royalty:

  • Argus (brother of Sphinx)
  • Charybdis (brother of Sunray)
  • Lamos (brother of Floramundi)



  • Aion (Pyro)
  • Pallas (Terra)
  • Lyon (Hydro)
  • Silverdash (Aero)


  • Fallen (Pyro)
  • Theia (Terra)
  • Selene (Hydro)
  • Startouch (Aero)

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