The SwiftWing Weather Patrol is a group of dragons who practice the art of weather study and high-intensity flying. The Weather Patrol was founded by Starbolt's father, Charybdis.


There are three different guilds in the Weather Patrol. The interpretation guild, tracking guild and flying guild. Each guild has their own job, and all together they make up the Weather Circle. The leader runs all of these guilds.

Tracking Guild

The tracking guild is the "leader" of all the guilds. Trackers (as their name suggests) track storms and other types of weather. They determine where Flyers go to collect data and what data Interpretors need to find. A member of the Tracking Guild must be smart, have leadership, and have at least two years of their life learning about weather science. The Trackers are the "forecasters" of the Weather Patrol. Known Trackers are Nephele.

Flying Guild

Trackers send out Flyers to collect data and/or stop minor storms. Most of the time, Flyers aren't allowed to mess with the storms, because doing so might bring even worse weather, but for big occaisions they can slow down minor storms to prevent trouble. Flyers must be very strong flyers and be very observant. Often times the guild is stereotyped as "blockheaded" and "reckless", but truly Flyers are very important to the Weather Patrol. One known Flyer is Starbolt.

Interpretation Guild

After the Flyers collect the data, Interpretors analyze it. They find out which storms are most powerful and which need to be stopped. They also find information in the experiments they do, trying to successfully precognate data. Then the data goes to the Trackers and the circle starts again.

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