Sunshine's Life

Sunshine has a very interesting life. Sunshine was a Swiftwing who was born the Sand Kingdom. Sunshine's parents were very abusive. They hit Sunshine, they yelled at her and worst of all, neglected her. When Sunshine had enough, she ran away and never really found a home. She was wandering all over the place, until she met Summer. Sunshine will be my protagonist and antagonist in The Reborn Saga- Unforgiving

The Description

Sunshine is a very scrawny Swiftwing with a lime colored mane and a crimson stripe. Sunshine is a pyrokinetic, so she can't really go to the Swiftwings for help.

Her Personality

Sunshine is very serious and hardworking, kinda like the opposite of Summer. Sunshine never talks about her past and never really likes Swiftwings. Sunshine can never take a joke as she likes to blow up in dragons' faces.

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