Sunshine has pale yellow scales, but you can always tell they're yellow. On the undersides of her wings, her scales are brighter and you can almost see mini sun scales along the edges of her wings, like a border. These scales are lighter on her wins, but only a bit as it blends decently well, though the color gets to the shade at the tip of her tail. Her tail also gets light at her barb, a few shades lighter then the undersides of her wings. Her underbelly scales also seem to have the sun scale border, but you can tell a bit better on her underbelly as the scales are actually darker versus the scales on her wings that are as lighter then her wing color.. Sunshine is decently tall, but is just a tad shorter then her father, who's the tallest of her family.


Sunshine tends to be happy and think positive, but that was more common when she was younger. Now that she's in the real world fully she tends to be a more logical thinker even if it has a slighter more positive thinking behind it. Sunshine still tends to be a kind, happy person. There are times were she almost shuts down and needs to be left alone, as she's thinking of her sister Zebra or she's having a breakthrough in her hunt for Zebra. There are also times where she tends to be a bit too happy about something, though these moments are rare they still happen.


When Sunshine hatched, she hatched with her sister, who is only round an hour younger than Sunshine. Though she was young, she can still remember the almost sandy stripes that were on Zebras egg. When Sunshine was only three, her and her sister were out and playing tag. Sunshine hid and waited to surprise tag Zebra for nearly an hour before she knew something was wrong. She looked around for another hour, calling out for her sister when the truth hit her. Zebra was missing. She ran home, going to her parents Wildcat and Goanna in tears, explaining what had happened. For at least a week they hunted for her, but they had to call it off because they had no other clues. So for years Sunshine has been on the hunt for her sister, and refuses to quit unless she finds her one day. Of course this is all on the side of her job. When she was 8, Sunshine started trading. To this day she tries to keep that her main focus, and it normally is, but she will always have a desire to look for Zebra.