Sunset is a gray SwiftWing with an orangey-red mane and tail and a violet stripe. She appears in the fanfiction Fire and Ice as an accomplice. She has a massive crush on Swiftstorm and is dating him (eventually is going to marry him.)


She really likes to live with Queen Sunray and is a really good healer and has been found to surf tornadoes. Her mom is taking care of her since her father has been working for the Talons of Peace.The first tornado she ever surfed is when she was seven.Sunset has surfed tornadoes from MudWing territory to SeaWing and RainWing territory.Her wings are almost as strong as a SkyWings.

She also has a NightWing friend called Nightstar. She really loves her job and never wants to retire.Her telekinesis color is blue.


She is a very feisty SwiftWing. Ready to defend her tribe. But,despite her feistiness,she can be caring,somewhat nosy,and even a little bossy.She misses Queen Sunray,Sunset has a sculpture of her in her room.But Starbolt is just as good.Sunset is very loyal to her friends.

More Facts

Her parents thought she was going to be a lightningborn, because of the lightning bolt on her egg. But,(How many But's have I said!?)upon hatching,it turned out she was a normal SwiftWing. She has a sister called, Burst.

Did You know?

Sunset has been known to surf the hurricane Katrina.


Plays the flute perfectly

Fly at a speed of 50 miles per hour

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